She is Happy to Play the Family Beard

BlindGossip – This actress and her famous boyfriend make an attractive and playfully romantic couple. However, they are not exactly getting romantic with each other. She is actually a beard for her brother, who is really the one in the relationship with the boyfriend. It’s actually rather sweet. The actress and boyfriend genuinely enjoy each other’s company, the brother and boyfriend get to spend a lot of time together, and everyone in the family is in on the secret and is happy with the relationship. The situation seems to be benefiting everyone for now.

UPDATE: They are taking their relationship to the next level! She’s getting a ring, mega-bucks, and a career boost, and he’s getting a beard and a brother-in-law who he really loves. Everybody knows their role and everybody is laughing and singing and dancing for joy. How sweet!

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196 comments to She is Happy to Play the Family Beard

  • NotAnonymous

    Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. Just a guess. She does have a brother.

    • Bubbles

      Have you seen Renee’s brother? Not exactly in the same league as Bradley Cooper. He is in my league. :)

  • Tart Queen

    I am pitiful at guesses. but how about the Gyllenhaal duo with Peter as the bf?
    BG, this site is my guilty pleasure!

  • xotitaniaox

    Vanessa doesn’t have brothers only a sister. Ashley Greene?

  • ZigZagZoey

    Long time lurker ~ First time poster!

    FUN website!

    Khloe Kardashian.
    The only problem is that they are married already.

  • MsGQ01

    I don’t think it’s Zanessa. I think Efron is way more popular than Hudgens.

    I dare say Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. K.Stew has three older brothers.

    • Britt

      I don’t think it’s Rob or Kristen. She’s supposed to be the gay one, right?

      • Ally

        They both are gay and his boyfriend is always with him. Tom Sturridge.

      • loon

        This is where I always laugh though – Is any man allowed to have a good, close friend these days without people assuming they’re gay? As a woman, I have close friends as well, but it’s funny how no one would even thinks I’m a lesbian – I don’t like double standards.

      • MissCurious

        I agree. I also think it’s funny that EVERY attractve male actor is gay. Is anyone straight?

      • MissCurious

        *Correction, supposedly gay

      • Dydear

        Nice come-back Loon! I know where that line comes from and I give you a virtual high five! 😉

  • anonymous

    I feel at this point it would be easier just to list WHO DOESN’T HAVE A BEARD IN HOLLYWOOD! I fee like every young guy in Hollywood is in the closet according to all these Blinds…it’s sad, i know in their minds they think it will hurt thier careers but they have to hide and lie about their true sexuality which is horrible. If they are truly talented it should not matter!

    • Jamie

      LOL Sad, but true. Although, I will say that I tend to doubt most blinds except for the ones that are pretty much expounding on rumors that have already been in the mainstream press/tabloids a ton (like John Travolta for example). The rest are entertaining, but I don’t really believe them.

    • MyCatLovesTV

      Three words: Neil Patrick Harris

      Openly gay and super successful. I adore him! OK…maybe “Undercover Brother” was not his best work but it, too, was funny.

    • I guess

      As long as the world is a hugely homophobic sess pool you will have plenty of Hollywood people bearding. There are too many “out” actors that have been locked out of hetero roles for the closeted ones to be comfortable enough to be free.

    • Caz1310

      Agree. Audiences need to believe the characters on screen are real – look at the following of Zac as Troy in HSM and Rob as Edward in Twilight. A majority of fans want to think that Troy/Gabriella and Edward/Bella are real (especially kids in relation to HSM just assume they’re real if they are young) To come out publicly would massively confuse their fanbase. Loss of fanbase = loss of movie dollars. Look at the concerted effor to make Jake cool for Prince of Persia. As with all of you I think it’s a shame that people can’t be who they want to be. Bearding is certainly the latest (somewhat) solution to please most of the people. The public who don’t read gossip mags or participate in blogs such as this would have probably no inkling of what goes on behind the scenes and do accept things at face value.

      • La Llorona

        It’s pretty much this. Hollywood is in the business of selling a fantasy. Not only that, they see things in numbers. All these staged relationships are done according to which demographic they’re trying to reach. And if they want to be able to make a movie that sells to everyone between the ages of 13 to 21, they need to make the characters bland enough that they’re relatable. And they don’t want to compromise and make emulate this as much as possible.

      • La Llorona

        Meant to say, they don’t want reality to compromise this. Which is why they try to have their actors act this out in real life and emulate it as much as possible. I could have worded that better but yeah.

  • ItsAJ

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
    I’ve seen pics of Justin with a guy named as Jessica’s brother…
    Thats all I have to go on lol

    Here is a story of Justin casting Jessica’s brother (also called Justin) in his tequila ad and it mentions he works at the tequila company too

    This is the brother:

  • Kelly P

    I think this is Khloe Kardashian (is that the one? I always mix them up) and her husband Lamarr Odam and her brother Robb.

    He lives with them and the clues about the whole family being in on it, plus it doesn’t say her husband is an actor.

  • MarcyMM

    Oooh…Brad Pitt gettin’ it on with Jolie’s brother?

    Seriously, I have no clue.

  • Ruby Red Lips

    No idea but is the ‘playfully’ some sort of clue??

  • Ohplease

    Ryan, Julianne and Derrick…I am seriously…

  • boobytrap

    khloe is not an actrees. can’t be them.

  • xotitaniaox

    Well Khloe and Lamar are married so it’s not her boyfriend. Ashley seems like a good choice both are equally famous for different reasons, she loves the publicity so does he. Pattison and Stewart are anything but sweet but it could be. Justin T is too * for my gaydar.

    BG why comments are always waiting? Am I a bad girl?

  • nicole12

    Hmmm the picture reminds me of Drew Barrymore with a beard. She and Justin Long may be considered a playful couple and she has a half brother. Perhaps?

    • insider1970

      I thought it was them initially, but then, her half-brother was born in 1954!! I don’t think it’s them, unless Justin really likes older men.

  • MalR

    This is so juicy, I love Blinds like this. =) Stars… they’re NOT like us!

    Of all the guesses given, I think the one that makes the most sense is Ashley and Joe… though I’m hoping it’s someone even more high profile.

  • Howabout

    Ryan Seacrest and Julianna H. Brother?

    I know I spelled those names all wrong sorry.

  • Howabout

    Thanks, as I am new!!! Love the site (it use a little makeover, as I think it needs to be more clean lines and different fonts)

    But I do love it!!!!

    Just my two cents….

    : )

    • ams511

      bg is awesome! if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

    • Sleuth

      Talk about a backhanded compliment. If someone came to my house and proceeded to criticize my decor, I don’t think I would be inviting them back…I don’t care how much they said they loved me.

      • Howabout

        I have forwarded the site on to a handfull of friends already today. Not sure how I even found the site…I just ran across the site, I think it’s great! And a super fun concept!!!! I just want the site to be around for years…Remember Mark Z owns facebook, but it wasn’t his idea! That’s all I am saying, I love love love ove love the site!!! Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

        Just making a suggestion! That’s all. BG I love this site I really do!!!!!

        : )


      • Sleuth

        Wasn’t offended Howabout. Just found it funny (odd funny, not funny ha!ha!) :-)

      • Corinna_bella

        Its already been around for ages and gets a heaps of hits everyday even if you only just found it, the suprising thing is that things actually manage to exist without you and your friends involved.


    • Welcome, Howabout…I’d like an easier way to search by Solve subjects, but I’m not very computer literate. I have the same issue with Ted C’s stuff, and just love getting the links and interpretations at this site. It’s fun…and there are some VERY nice people on this site with a wickedly funny sense of humor.

  • cassandra

    serena vanderwoodsen and penn badgley! i would say they are both equally famous and she has a brother and half-brother

  • help me Rhonda

    Drew Zellweger is the one seeing Bradley Cooper! It all now makes sense!!!

  • Bouillon

    Ashley Greene took Joe Jonas on a much publicized weekend vacation to her hometown in Florida to supposedly “meet the family”.

    • bees

      And that was the first time he met her family, including her brother adn her brother’s gf. Joe Greene has a twitter and he hasn’t been in LA since early last year.I don’t know how they could have start to date if they have never even met.Besides, they are not gay.

  • rkh

    Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel. If you look at her brother Justin Beil’s Linked-in profile it says that he runs 901 Tequila…isn’t that the company Justin Timberlake did a recently risque commercial for? check it out on youtube…food for thought, it could be them.

  • nope

    It is definitely not Joe Greene.. he has a gf here in Jax and just met Joe Jonas for the first time when he was here 2 weeks ago

  • Sleuth

    Just to throw something different into the mix…Mila Kunis and McCaulay Culkin? She has a brother Michael.

  • ODDandOFFputting

    this might be the nicest beardy story yet! i kinda like it! also sounds like it has been happening for a while..

    the word “actually” is used twice in back-to-back sentances. maybe someone from that rom-com “love actually”? i’m not familiar…

    • amagod121

      It’s the nicest beard story yet…until this young woman meets and falls in love with the real deal. And then what? Does she stay with Mr. Beard or leave him?

  • Jalisa

    Don’t kill me guys but I have to bring up Bragelina!!

    I know, I know. But they fit. Her brother is rumored or confirmed to be gay.

    IDK they fit though.

    • Irulan

      But I thought Pitt and Cloney were secretly (secret to us, not to them) in love with each other. I’ll be really disappointed if that turns out to be untrue…

    • SnarkyPants

      James is NOT gay. He’s a devout Christian who does missionary and charity work.

      • sassypants

        Since when is being a Christian and being gay incompatible? Maybe you mean “evangelical” Christian.

  • luvprue1

    This has Kardashian all over it !

    Scott, Lamar,or whoever Kim is dating right now might be secretly dating Robert Kardashian Jr,and one of his sisters are playing the part of family beard.

  • WannaPlayToo

    I don’t think the Houghs (Derek/Julianne) are very likely candidates, since it says that the whole family is in on it. The Houghs are Mormons, and I really don’t see a whole Mormon family being supportive of a gay relationship.

    • Curious

      If I remember correctly, Derek has said he hasn’t followed the Mormon religion in quite some time. Not sure how much Julianne is into it since she left home at 18 years old. Papa Hough is certainly Mormon and possibly the two oldest daughters. Just recently the third daughter was very much pregnant when she married outside of the church. All in all, the Houghs don’t seem to be strict Mormons like some would think.

      btw….I think this blind could very well be Julianne bearding for Ryan and Derek. She’s very close to her brother. Plus all the photo ops of her and Ryan are obviously staged as well as the “sources” giving all the inside scoop courtesy of Ryan’s PR department. I heard that Julianne was getting paid very well to be Ryan’s beard and she’ll do anything to be more famous.

  • twinkNYC

    boo boo and fivel stewart for the win BG !

  • anon2

    This blind makes me think the couple is new. I don’t understand these beards who give up a lot of their lives to cover for someone. When do the beards get a chance to date? How do they explain the situation to someone they date in the future? It is nice to care enough about someone that you want to protect them, but it just seems to be very complicated and I don’t know if these beards are thinking about the future. My guess is Joe and Ashley.

  • Candi

    Hmmm, what about Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christianson? She has several older brothers.

  • Cherise

    I thought of ScarJo and Reynolds but they’re married. ScarJo’s twin brother is pretty cute, though :p

  • USofAsh

    The brother and sister on DWTS.

  • Minx

    Anne Hathaway??????????

  • Yunome

    How about Julieanne Hough/Ryan Seacrest/Dereck Hough??

  • Vidahl

    Can Seacrest dance?

  • holmes

    Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox? Her brother is gay.

    • Venison Furs

      Well, I like this guess – here’s a TMZ story about Eliza and Rick driving a LONG way to support her brother at a court appearance:
      He’s good looking and gay…although the “singing and dancing” really does sound more like the Seacrest triangle…

  • maus

    it’s Derek Hough, the brother of Ryan Seacrest’s girfriend, Julianne Hough, approves of the new couple.

    Read More: Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton
    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

  • wouldntyouknowit

    ryan reynolds, scarjo and her twin brother?

  • Sleuth

    Taylor Swift, her brother Austin…and?????

  • Britt

    I think it’s Julianne and Derek Houghe and Ryan Seacrest. The “laughing, singing, dancing for joy” part gave it away. Ryan being the host of a singing show, Derek being on DWTS, and Julianne in Footloose.

  • Katie

    Definitely going with Julianne and Ryan!

    Might fit with the guesses on a previous blind about Cheryl Cole bearding for Derek Hough.

  • juju

    Seacrest.. Julianne Hough… posted on gossip sites… FTW

  • MissLiz

    My guess is also Derek Houghe, Julianne, and Ryan Seacrest. I didn’t really think it was them until the update about the engagement ring. There was a story today about Ryan buying Julianne the ring.

  • davew

    What a coincidence that BG lets us have this juicy update just as reports break of Ryan Seacrest preparing to put a ring on Julianne Hough’s finger! Do you think she’ll accept his proposal?

  • Leah

    Renee and Bradley ftw

  • Emmy

    RYAN SEACREST/JULIANNE HOUGH/DEREK HOUGH Who is being bearded by Chezza.
    Calling it now.

    Why do they do this?

  • BrightStar

    “The situation is benefitting everyone for now” — I think that must’ve been a clue to DWTS, since The Situation was the show on last fall.

  • isaedna

    Julianne and Derek Houghe and Ryan Seacrest

  • Zippity

    “Everybody knows their role and everybody is laughing and singing and dancing for joy.”

    This makes me think of Ryan and the DWTS sis/bro duo.

  • It says actress. Isn’t that Renee vs. Julianne?

  • Melina

    Ryan Seacreast and fiancee.

  • Brando

    I know it says actress and I’ll preface my answer by saying I know she’s signed for a movie but I think actress is a stretch, considering she’s better known as a singer and dancer. But this reeks of Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest, and Julianne’s brother, Derek, to me.

    Especially considering that Derek’s romance was supposidly a beard for Cheryl’s relationship with Simon Cowell.

    Pieces seem to add up.

    • Fandago

      Except Cheryl Cole isn’t sleeping with Simon Cowell, because she is gay and so is he.

      I think the Hough/Seacrest thing may be true though.

      • the great chrysanthemum

        Neither Cheryl nor Simon are gay, just because a few posters on gossip boards say someone is gay it doesn’t make it so.

        It makes just as much sense to say Prince William is gay and Katie is his beard.

      • JamesAA

        LOL, keep fantasizing, it’s free. Cheryl likes men too much.

  • queenoffierceness

    ashely greene and joe jonas! ashley has a brother

  • suedechik79

    ryan, julianne, and derek, def

  • Buttercup

    I’m just so hung up on Julianne being considered an actress…otherwise this seems like a lock.

  • TruTru2

    Ryan Seacrest and his supposed girlfriend..what a joke!!

  • rmp1017

    I want to say Ryan/Julianne/Derek…
    The only thing stopping me is that I met Ryan’s mom once in ATL at a mutual friend’s house, and one of the other ladies there blantaly asked me, “Do you think he’s gay?” I said, “Uh, no, i don’t think so…” and she said, “Good, ’cause he’s not. Everyone thinks he is, but he’s not.”
    It was weird, LOL. But I don’t know why she would have brought that up to li’l ol me if he really was gay.

    • Linlin

      Well do you really think if he is gay and keeping it a secret that his MOM would out him to a random person? She’s in on the act. I have heard stories about him from “mutual friends” that he IS 100% GAY. I would respect him more for coming out then putting on this fake romance.

  • mymy's mama

    ryan seacrest?

  • two cents

    Ryan Seacrest and Julianne? Come on “dancing for joy”?

  • Klv20

    Ryan Seacrest+Julliane Hough+Derek Hough.
    There are rumours swirling over the internet he bought her a huge four carat engagement ring.

  • MsRedLipz

    Derek, Ryan, and Julianne.

    The clue is here: “everybody is laughing and singing and dancing for joy.”

    Ryan= Laughing. He’s known for his cracking wise as AI host.
    Julianne= Singing. She’s released a country album.
    Derek= Dancing. Both Hough siblings have dance careers, and dabble in singing.

  • Bree

    I think BG made the woman in the blind an “actress” because it’s technically not a lie and if she’d said anything else, it would have been way too easy to guess the Houghs and Ryan Seacrest. Because this is so them.

  • ally cat

    ginnifer goodwin

  • Linlin

    100% Ryan and Julianne. This is insane! Will they actually go through with the wedding? What if he breaks up with Derek, will he be stuck with her?

  • JamesAA

    I would like to say Ryan/Derek/Julianne but I thought Julianne was a country singer and I can’t imagine what Derek would see in Ryan if this blind item was about them

  • procrastinator girl

    I wonder why Ryan Seacrest can’t come out? He just does interviews – can’t possibly have a straight female fanbase…time for Seacrest OUT to mean something.

    • FzFz

      I agree. Maybe fans of American Idol are more conservative? I’m not sure who actually watches that show, but maybe that’s why.

      • santfrancesc

        Its a shame but it seems that a significant chunk of America is pretty conservative. What a polarised nation – if Hollywood were just Hollywood then I don’t think half of the celeb closeteds would be closeted, but unfortunately Hollywood also has to cater to everybody in between the significantly more liberal coasts. In Britain there are so many out actors and celebrities – Elton John, Rupert Everett, Will Young, Graham Norton, Paul O’Grady, Simon Amstell, Russell Tovey (Being Human), Joe McElderry etc etc the list goes on and on and yet nobody gives a hoot. Why are there hardly any in the States? NPH, Adam Lambert…who else?

      • amagod121

        I am wondering if the proponents of “OUT” are people in their 20’s? Because to those of us older than that, there is a definite concept of privacy involved, as well as the consideration that not all of the audience is going to go for this. You have to look at the whole picture. Not everyone is 20. Not everyone is going to think it’s cool for him to admit to being gay. Not every star wants his private life splashed in front of the papers, even if they are stars. There are many considerations here. This is someone’s life…the repercussions could be immense…so they have to be very careful about what they do. Just saying that there’s a lot at stake.

  • Sleuth

    Ryan, Julianne, and Derek!

  • Opie

    Yes what will happen if they get married and then Ryan and Derek break up? I guess a hell of a pre nup but this is sooooooo taking it to the extremes. Although I wish I had a gay BF myself :)

  • Heymama

    Seacrest and the Houghs were the first that came to mind.

  • luvprue1

    Who else recently got engage besides Seacrest and Houghs?

  • floopeygurl

    it’s TOTALLY got to be Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough and Derick Hough … which is pretty funny since Derick is acting as a beard for Cheryl Cole

  • Michele

    Julianne Hough is dating Seacrest OUT, who is really dating her brother, Derek. Read an article today about how Ryan bought Jules a big ol rock and is planning on popping the question. Wow, Hollywood is a freaky, whole ‘nother planet. The day I would pretend to date someone in exchange for money or fame? Life’s too short, and Julianne is too pretty, young and talented to pretend to be someone’s girlfriend. What are these people thinking? I wonder what her Mormon parents feel about all of this fake business. It’s like She’s selling her soul to the Devil. It’s creepy.

  • chica

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  • La Llorona

    Yup, I’m jumping on board the Ryan, Julianne and Derek guess. It totally fits. Since Derek is also a dancer, this totally fits.

  • krys

    i wonder how this works out for the beard. her boyfriend and brother end up together but shes technically married. is she allowed to find love or date or anything? i figure paps would be all over her if they caught her out with another man which could ruin things for the brother and boyfriend. plus wont she eventually have to tell any potential real boyfriends the situation? this seems like it has the potential to get really messy

    but i guess its worked for travolta somewhat right?

  • Anon

    Celebitchy has the Ryan ring report also. It is so solved and so them. Singing and dancing?
    Totally Ryan and Julianne with Ryan and Derrick in the relationship and Cole bearding for Derrick.

    She gets a massive career boost, the ring, the lifestyle, etc. Ryan and Derrick get their cover, everyone happy.

  • Nella

    Totally on board with the Seacrest/Hough thing. They always look so overly posed and giddy. Add the news that he is going to propose, and viola! We have our answer!

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Even my 79-year old father knows that Ryan Seacrest is gay. He lives in Florida and one of his friend’s sons was propositioned by Seacrest a few years ago. My guess is also for Seacrest, Hough and Hough.

  • Dino

    Julianne’s Ryan’s beard who’s really with Derek who has Cheryl as a beard who’s really sleeping with Simon. Shameless

  • laila

    Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest and Derek Hough

  • chicky

    It’s gotta be the Houghs and Ryan Seacrest – if you notice, the original blind says “It’s actually rather sweet,” and then “How sweet!” in the update. Gotta be a reference to Julianne Hough’s juicy fruit commercials. I also think they said ‘actress’ because dancer/singer would be too obvious.

  • The Irony

    I think it’s Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. The Blind screams the movie” The Proposal” ( I guess).