She is Happy to Play the Family Beard

BlindGossip – This actress and her famous boyfriend make an attractive and playfully romantic couple. However, they are not exactly getting romantic with each other. She is actually a beard for her brother, who is really the one in the relationship with the boyfriend. It’s actually rather sweet. The actress and boyfriend genuinely enjoy each other’s company, the brother and boyfriend get to spend a lot of time together, and everyone in the family is in on the secret and is happy with the relationship. The situation seems to be benefiting everyone for now.

UPDATE: They are taking their relationship to the next level! She’s getting a ring, mega-bucks, and a career boost, and he’s getting a beard and a brother-in-law who he really loves. Everybody knows their role and everybody is laughing and singing and dancing for joy. How sweet!

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  1. The Irony says

    I think it’s Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. The Blind screams the movie” The Proposal” ( I guess).