From Up and Comer to Down and Outer

CDAN – Not too long ago, this actress was an up and comer. She had worked her way up to B list and was the star of a hit network drama. Since the show was canceled a few years ago, our actress has gone from guest shot to guest shot and getting third or fourth tiers roles in movies. In order to get more attention she has now resorted to what she vowed in many interviews she would never do. She wants to be a tabloid sensation. Our actress who is still young spent most of a party Friday night telling everyone she was going to the bathroom to do drugs. Yep, out loud. She made out with random guys and even flashed some paps.

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      • UncleEntity says

        While I agree it’s probably not her, I’m not sure why it’s doubtful simply because she is married with children. It’s a little silly that because she’s married she is somehow a saint. IMO.

  1. davew says

    For some reason Lucy Liu springs to mind; apart from Dirty Sexy Money and Charlie’s Angels, her work has been patchy since the end of Ally McBeal. But is she “still young” at 41?

      • davew says

        Er, well I messed that up. Anyway, I’m onboard with Sarah Michelle Gellar now.

        (Sorry about the snarky comment earlier BG…)

      • luvprue1 says

        Sarah Michelle Geller just had a baby (a little girl name Grace) not that long ago. Her baby is not yet one years old. Besides I believe if the person in question was married, they would be reporting problem within the marriage…..which it would be , if the married person is hooking up with random guys.

  2. boobytrap says

    i vote for mischa barton. she did work her way up b/c i remember she did some bit parts in movies before she made it big with the OC. and even though she is a nobody (currently), she still gets papped from time to time and i don’t personally believe it’s b/c the paps are follwing her – rather, i think she tips them off and they show up when they have nothing better to do.

    • luvprue1 says

      I doubt it Eliza Dushku. She wouldn’t be able to hide that,since she dating DWTS Rick Fox,it would have been front page news in the tabloid .

    • DownUnderChick says

      I agree. I’ve read a few Interviews with her and she has said she’s not a party girl . . . Unlike mischa. Plus Mischa left the show before it was cancelled

    • Sleuth says

      I just read somewhere that she’s getting her own show? She’s barely if at all on my radar so the details of the story didn’t stick.

    • DontHugThePorcupine says

      My guess too! The blind doesn’t say that she was a party girl from before (which it would) or that she had drug problems (Mischa has been in and out of rehab). Sounds as though this failing celebrity has a reasonably wholesome image to make the gossip that she wants to be a tabloid star more shocking. Mischa has always been in the tabloids for her antics so it’s unlikely to be her. Bilson, on the other hand has gone from fail to nothing. Minor supporting roles in a bare handful of films (none good) and a few minor supporting guest shots (blink and you’ll miss her) on a couple of TV hows. Plus she has lost her publicity relationship now as her ex has bailed. Definitely Bilson.

    • MalR says

      Was Heroes cancelled?

      this makes sense.. have you seen her in that Bring It On sequel?? That girl was terrrrrrrriiible….. so she probably is hurting for a job. She’s just not that great.

  3. jjll says

    Sarah marshall girl?? Hope not but maybe.. She’s making lots of comments about wantingthat mars movie to happen

  4. luvprue1 says

    I thought “Neve Campbell”, from “Party of five”. However , that show has been on in years. So what shows was cancel a few (3 Years) years ago?

  5. pinkchips says

    No way is it Buffy. She seems to stay out of the public eye and just enjoy her family. I’m on board with Marissa Cooper. Just did a guest spot on Law and Order SVU.

  6. suedechik79 says

    mischa barton seems to have been acting in the way described for the past few years. this wouldnt be new behavior.

    • Barry says

      this would be hillarious. she was such a snob on that show. her interviews were always with her bemoaning fame and lack of art in the biz. i could see her doing this bc her post college movie was a huge dud (who greenlit that thing?).

  7. Serena van der Woodsen says

    man SMG’s people are really concerned with getting it across that this BI is NOT SMG…which makes me think that it is actually her! Ha!

  8. Irulan says

    Amanda Peet? (I hope not because I love her.) She’s had several shows cancelled, most recently—Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. (Great show. That it was cancelled is something I have a hard time speaking about without tearing up.)

  9. Vidahl says

    I just know it is not SMG. In Hollywood her reputation is golden. she is taking a break. Wants to be a good mom, like the one she had. Stellar work ethic. Not her.