Reality Stars Caught Smooching

BuzzFoto – These two reality TV contestants from a show that just started up again this week, were seen smooching in a car when they didn’t think anyone was watching. Our source tried to call the paps to get a photo but when the photog got there, they were gone. The thing that makes this scandalous is that one is married and the other is in a relationship. Not for long we think. 404

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  1. Ralphie says

    This has got to be DwtS…but the question is is it a celeb and his/her partner or two celebs. Disney owns ABC.

    Karina Smirnoff will get with anyone, supposedly she’s been dating Brad Penny…not many of the celebs are married. Kurt Warner and Jennifer Grey are, Rick Fox was and is dating Eliza Dushku. Pro Tony Dovlani is married.

    Meh, I’ll go with Mrs Brady and Corky Ballas!!!!

  2. Hampton says

    Derek always seems to have a romance with his partners as does Max. Probably for publicity. Even though Mrs Bady was hot in her day Corky is married. And ae not 2 of the male dancers supposed to be an item. Its not Louis as he has a long term bf.

    • GrassIsGreener says

      Doesn’t that fact in itself make one suspicious? The only time Derek or Maks are ever visibly paired up with a woman is during the dwts season. If they liked women wouldn’t they be seen out with more women? Maks is always out with his roomie Dennis and that guy is as gay as they come. Open your eyes people!

  3. Lauren says

    Derek Hough is gay as rainbow sprinkles so he can be safely eliminated. Anna Trebyunskya (spelling?) is married. Maybe she and Maksim are doing it? I know that Ted Casablanca at eonline thinks Maks is still with his old partner Erin, so maybe that counts as the relationship. Hah, that’d be hot, I’d ship them.

  4. Claire says

    It says two contestants, so if it’s someone from DWTS, it doesn’t involve a dancer. Who are the married contestants this year?

    • Claire says

      Although, technically, I guess the dancers are also in the contest for the mirror ball, so that would also make them contestants, in a way. It would be more likely for the “star” and his pro dancer partner to be hooking up rather than two “stars”.

  5. Jane says

    The picture looks like Maks an Anna…even though I know you can’t necessarily get clues from non-BG pics, right?

  6. Mishy says

    First post, faithful lurker — Hi BG! And I am proud to say I watched DWTS for the first time this week ever, which couldn’t have been nicer time because I have a guess though I am not catching any clues ATM — Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya. Watch them dance on the video, it reminds me of the end of the Little Mermaid, like the photo, when Ariel gets her legs and Eric is twirling her around on the shore. Not to mention he’s the typical tall dark & handsome, and she is a redhead in that purple, flowing dress.

  7. SayItAintSo says

    Hi BG,
    Long time lurker, first time poster. Absolutely luv bg..
    I hope this isn’t true but what about
    Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya. The girl in the picture has red hair like Anna and the guy has Dark hair like Kurt..

  8. lily says

    have i missed derek and his partner jennifer grey mentioned?

    i know people say he is gay, but does anyone have proof?

    her hubby is clark gregg who was on the canceled show the new adventures of old christine – as julia louis dreyfuss ex-hubby.

    he was not in the front row this past wk, but in the second row, behind jamie leigh curtis w/their daughter…looked kind of odd, but he seemed to be totally in love with his wife, and for 50 years old, she looks GREAT!

  9. lisali says

    DWTS celebs/pros in Relationships:
    Rick Fox
    Derek Hough
    Maksim (according to Ted,although Maks says hes single)
    Louis Van Amstel

    Jennifer Gray
    Tony Dovolani
    Anna Trebunskya
    Kurt Warner

    I don’t know if Audrina Patridge is in a relationship or not..if she is than she & Tony or Maksim& Anna make the most sense.
    And although I do know for certain Derek is straight..I doubt he’d be passing his tiny member to Jennifer Gray..shes 25 years older than him.
    This picture makes me think the Maks Anna thing could be:

    The rest of the people I’m quite sure are single:
    The Situation
    Lacey Swchimmer
    Kyle Massey
    Cheryl Burke
    Micheal Bolton
    Chelsie Hightower
    Bristol Palin
    Mark Ballas
    Margaret Cho
    David Hasselhoff
    Kym Johnson
    Corky Ballas
    Florence Henderson

    • Arabesque says

      The 25-year difference between Derek and Jennifer might be a serious impediment to a long-term relationship, but to two people looking for a good time, not so much. Fifty is not what it used to be. Jennifer’s body can probably beat that of most thirty-year olds. That’s not to say that anything is going on between her and Derek…I’m just giggling at your assumptions.

  10. ChrissyS says

    First post – here it goes
    I’m not sure if the picture has anything to do with the blind, but, Audrina was named after one of Ariel’s (the Little Mermaid) sisters. Maybe that means it’s Audrina and Tony?

  11. antiaphrodite says

    Aw, the married/in a relationship clue disappointed me- I was so hoping this would be Situation and Bristol Palin!

    Other than that, I’m going with Kurt and Anna. She did look like Ariel, and they seemed to have chemistry.

  12. Hampton says

    Kurt Warner is a conservative christian “family values” guy with 7 kids. I don’t think he would hurt his image esp. with 7 kids. Tony is married as well. Mark Ballas is busy learning how to sing with Derek so they can send a CD to Perez. Probably one of the girls.Max would hit on a lamp post. Wait! How about the new Fashion Police. Joan Rivers and Gaycrest.

  13. UncleEntity says

    Watching DWTS last night I noticed that Rick Fox’s partner was very touchy feely with him when they weren’t dancing. I thought that strange since his girlfriend was in the audience.

  14. mbm2 says

    Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are secretly a couple, it’s kind of an open secret. Brandy’s partner on DWTS Maxim, I’ve heard gay rumors about him as well.

  15. Anonymous says

    Anybody that thinks Derek is not gay needs to get their head examined. Maks is as fruity as a pineapple as well. I guess it is Audrina and Tony. Audrina would bed anything that moves and Tony is not known to be the most faithful husband.