He Wants You to Believe He’s Straight

CDAN – This singer is probably A list. He has had number one albums including one album that holds lots of records for sales. Anyway, he is always trying to be Mr. Straight and recently he even has been pretending to date this B- list actress. Oh, she has done some television but even her biggest series no one apparently watched because it was over in the blink of an eye. OK, well our singer goes through this charade despite the fact that everyone in town knows he just ended an affair with a male publicist.

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91 comments to He Wants You to Believe He’s Straight

  • AnMaSt

    50 cent and Chelsea Handler LOL!

  • all1sonwonderland


  • Iamthecheese

    John Mayer. No wait. James Blunt. Ugh I don’t know. Hm….actresses, actresses……JM & Rashida Jones

    • Bella

      Don’t know the singer but the actress is definitely not Rashida Jones. She’s known for The Office, which is super popular and still running, and Parks and Rec, which is also still in production.

      She didn’t even date John Mayer anyway? They were at the same party or restaurant or something one time.

  • Ceela

    Timberlake and Jessica Biel?

  • Drod

    Jared Leto comes to mind however I don’t think he is A-list

  • darkcisnelle

    justin timberlake, and Jessica Biel?


    John Mayer

  • xxgatorxx


  • blink of an eye…. clue there

  • Elizabeth

    Can’t be timberlake and biel, her show was on for 10 seasons (she wasn’t on that long but did at least 3 or 4 years).

  • blue eyes

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for sure!

  • UncleEntity

    Looking over the best selling albums of all time, there’s really nobody who fits this clue. Michael Jackson dead. Garth Brooks married. Billy Joel not linked to an actress who fits the clue. Meat Loaf is married too.

    N’Sync did have the record for best selling album in the first week, but that was a decade ago and I think that record has been broken.


  • Jennifer

    It says “recently” pretending to date this actress..no way is this blind Timberlake

  • kjs75

    can’t be biel 7th heaven was on for a long time. Like 10 years…

  • Stange4SumChange

    idk…. but this gives me usher vibes…. EVERYONE in the industry knows about usher… as for the actress i have no clue but this is usher. for sure

  • Julie

    It’s obviously not Timberlake/Biel. He is DEFINITELY A-list, his albums went to #1 but never set any big records, and 7th Heaven was on for like 17 years (it felt like)

  • Keis

    Josh Groban? Is he A?
    Well, he’s been rumored to be dating Selma Blair, and ‘Kath and Kim’ was hyped, but still failed quickly.

    • Emmy

      Josh Groban used to go out with January Jones before she got Mad Men famous,so I don’t think this is him.

    • ladymarmalade

      Really? I always thought he was gay.

    • Dizzle

      I love the Josh Groban and Selma Blair (‘Kath and Kim’)guess.
      Josh Groban “Each of his four solo albums has been certified at least multi-platinum, and, in 2007, was charted as the number one best selling artist in the United States.” – Wikipedia

    • Gitano

      I think this is the best guess so far.

    • Mike

      I say this is the best guess. I would think or guess the male pubicist might be Guy Oseary? The female actress would be Selma Blair. It’s been long known that Josh Groban is gay & he has been going the “straight route” lately because of his new Album drop & his loads of female fans buying his music. There has been long hushed wispers that January Jones was a beard for Josh to ward off his mounting rumors that he was in fact gay during his early years.

    • Harlow

      In fact, the parameters of this BlindGossip post don’t fit Josh Groban, who is undeniably straight. Not only is JG strongly supportive of gay marriage and equality, he has publicly stated that if he WERE gay, he would have come out “loud and proud” many years ago. Despite whispers that his 2003-2006 relationship with January Jones was some sort of double beard arrangement, the couple had countless unpublicized outings together and many PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) as documented by scores of ‘Grobanites’ who, in their loyalty and obsessiveness, truly remind us that the word ‘fan’ derives from the word ‘fanatical'; for the interested, there are online threads dedicated to the subject of JG’s ongoing love life including well-informed discussion regarding a number of women with whom he has been seen traveling with, caught in Facebook photos with, etc., and about whom he has very assiduously avoided making public comment. Some have speculated that the (at times) very bitter and personal backlash against January Jones by a small number of Grobanites took its toll not only on his and her privacy, but (possibly) proved corrosive to their sustained relationship — Groban stated in a fairly recent interview that dating another celebrity was “like having two circuses under one tent”. In any event, the experience led to a resolution on his part to protect the privacy of the women he dates, and he has generally been successful despite the rise and rise of Twitter, Facebook, and social media phenomena.

      it’s also worth mentioning that January Jones was and is hardly a small-time actress whose TV series lasted briefly and was little seen, and she has hardly needed the support of a closeted gay man — or any man for that matter — to achieve her Hollywood success. This blind item is not about Josh Groban, who in any case deserves credit for being a class act, and as gay-supportive as any straight music industry celebrity who might come to mind.

  • collifish

    Someone on Blink 182 based on the clues, but I don’t know any of the players.

  • xxgatorxx

    sounds to me like someone who is lead singer of a band-someone whodosent standout as a singer on their own

  • gena

    Travis Barker!

  • insulator

    Kanye West & Selita Ebanks? She’s done some non-memorable TV even though she’s primarily a model I think, and they’ve been linked together recently (I think).

    • insulator

      Oh, and one of his songs (Through the Wire) features the lyrics “blink of an eye”, though that might be a tenuous connection…

      • third

        I agree that its Kanye. He rants about how he’s not a mo, but that just makes me think he’s even more of one.

  • ferrd69

    michael jackson & brooke shields. CDAN’s just slow.

  • Dizzle

    Adam Levine or Jason Mraz?

  • janeygotagun

    Robbie Williams

    • jack

      Robbie and Ayda Fields I guess works. She was on a couple of shows now adn then, usually ended after half a season. But they are married, not dating.

      I think a lot of CDAN’s are made up.

    • Razbo

      Eminem can stay for how ever long he likes in my closet…he is one hot mumma and I would be in there with him all day…and night…HOT…phew

  • Alana

    After the first few sentences my gut screamed, Kanye

    The album that holds a lot of records for sales being, “Graduation”

    I’m most likely wrong lol

  • Queen of the Harpies

    The singer sounds like Usher to me. ‘Yeah’ was a big hit. Is he supposed to be dating an actress now?

  • Sheila

    Come on people…we are better than this! We should be able to solve this one…

  • Barry

    Kanye or 50 Cent. It is tough to admit that these guys are hugely successful artists since they suck at being good human beings (enormous egos, closeted activities and for 50, a life of crime). They are both gay, apparently, but blacks are living in 1951 when it comes to gay acceptance. Not sure who the chick is.

    • jack

      I know Kanye’s European Publicist, he was the guy who took that fashion week photo of kanye and all the village people dressed entourage, btu he isn’t gay, I’m quite sure.

      • Camembert

        The item doesn’t say the singer — and neither Kanya nor 50 are singers — was diddling his male publicist, just a male publicist.

  • cassandra

    maybe this is michael buble and his fiance? otherwise i think bow wow fits the singer clues

  • HobartttDavid

    “blink of an eye” a reference to CBS? Don’t know how much that helps.

  • Rosario

    Blink of an eye= Someone from Third Eye Blind? Blink 182?

  • Mal

    I think it’s Kanye and Selita. Given that “blink of an eye” is a lyric of Kanye’s, and that he’s broken numerous records… it fits so well.

    Also, I did some research on Selita – she was on the Apprentice for only 5 episodes, and she also on a show called South Beach, which didn’t even last two months. She’s apparently a Victoria Secret Angel, but I don’t think that qualifies as A list… B- list sounds pretty accurate.

  • walter winchell fan

    i am back from my summer sleep now that the fall is here. i will raise you your kanye west and fifty cent and present a fresh guess try NELLY AND ASHANTI IT SEEMS WAY OFF BUT ANY THING IS POSSIBLE

  • JustMe

    I like the Kanye and $0.50 guesses but that “Blink of an eye” along with the pic that sooooo reminds me of Travis Barker makes me think Blink 182. I know the pic is not necessarily a clue, but it could be. Plus Blink 182 broke records for punk, bringing punk back into the mainstream in the mid to late ’90s. I got bored searching for info about his personal life. Everything’s all Shanna Moakler…. and then some “unnamed actress” he was dating August 2009. Plus the clue says nothing about being previously married, so that is troubling. I just can’t get past the picture!

    I am quite unfamiliar with the hip hop and rap genres so I didn’t know about Kanye’s lyric “blink of an eye.”

    I’m on the fence with this one….

  • ODDandOFFputting

    it seems like everyone and their mothers are having a secret gay affair with a publicist. is this the same publicist every time, or are they all so very w*-ish and secretive?

  • Jenna

    Travis Barker is not a singer is he? I thought he was a drummer only?

  • yepimbored

    I think it’s Kanye. It can’t be 50 Cent because he is dating Ciara.

  • Hampton

    I went onto the Billboard charts and could only find a few names that were not dead or age-wise over the hill. So Usher is on most of the recent top lists along with Emminen, George Straight, Michael Bolton and a good guess might be Kenny Chesney. Could be one of the gay Jonas Bros.(you pick) Not f the present tween sensations have made record popping chart history. In the meantime think of Wino, Doherty, Blunt and Wonky sharing a pipe while you solve this

  • ODDandOFFputting

    this pic of kayne on dlisted looks just like bruno in the pic!


    this solves it for me somehow….

  • Calder

    Josh Groban, singer; April Bowlby, tv actress. Don’t know the male publicist’s name.

  • Bamagirl

    Its Kenny Chesney…had a song called Dont Blink..girl maybe is Jenn Brown who was a host of a travel TV show on HDNet called The Wild Side..now on ESPN–does that make her Blist? My best guess.

  • everyoneknowsushersgay


    • Lady

      Usher is an awesome guess. He is always marrying older women. And after his last wife popped out 2 kids, usher divorced her and I am pretty sure he and his mother keep them a lot.

      AND he is super secretive. Super secretive. Which is fair, but I have got to mention it 😛

  • ODDandOFFputting

    someone over on Dlisted guessed one of the Jonases. the one “dating” ashley greene. said she was on a TV show that lasted for like 2 days. i’m stealing this guess!

  • Chrissy

    Kanye and 50 Cent are singers?

  • Bouillon

    Yes!! On Dlisted, it said that Ashley Greene was in a TV series called Desire on MyNetwork that aired for a really short time.. I know its Joe Jonas, because you know.. its Joe we’re talking about here. Waiting for him to come out when his solo album does.. apparent;y a lot of the music’s gonna be about “breaking free” and coming out 😀

  • La Llorona

    I second what everyone says, this HAS to be Justin Timberlake, considering his “Dick in a Box”/”Mother Love” Macho dude SNL sketches that he’s always doing.

    Although it could also be Joe Jonas. But I thought Justin when I read this.

  • Dakota

    Josh Groban & Selma Blair or April Bowlby. Yes he was with January Jones for three years but that means nothing in gayland. Plus that ended in 2006 & he hasn’t been with anyone until just this year with April & then Selma. He has a CD about to drop now.

  • grobanfan

    At Josh Groban’s web-site there is a woman claiming to be Josh’s fiancée, with a very interesting story. But he hasn’t made an announcement, publically. I don’t think he is gay. I suppose he could be bisexual. Anyway he is a very talented singer, and big hearted philanthropist.

  • mira76

    I know, I’m waaaaaay late, but I just remembered this blind… why did nobody say Bruno Mars? ‘Bruno’ must be the clue here!