Oded Pulls a Toothy

EOnline – So last time we checked, multi-talent stud dude Oded Good-Head gave his manager the surprise of a life-time by getting serviced in his dressing room by a male fan. Could that be—as we correctly predicted—why Oded was soon thereafter seen going on (and on) about the joys of the female sex in the media?


But, it’s getting weirder:

Not only is Oded, a truly handsome and gifted artist, arranging debauched and crazy sex scenes with gals like our beloved Toothy Tile has done (to be fair, Tooth didn’t make it a habit like Oded’s currently doing), but, he’s making a little bit too much out of these hook-ups.

He Twitters things like:

“baby get that sweet stuff back on my box banger”

Or something more Shakespearean, when he’s really feelin’ the love:

“u k after I blew u wide open @carayzcoochie?”

And, of course, the result is exactly what Oded and his management team want: Good-Head’s fans and followers are getting in on it—debating whether or not Oded is going too far. With the chicks, that is. Some famous, some not. Mission accomplished!

Meanwhile, everybody who isn’t in the know (and doesn’t realize he’s talking about boning guys half the time) is staying away from what already quite a few of Good-Head’s colleagues are hip to: the fact that Oded’s getting sloppier and sloppier about “banging” his boy-entourage on the down low. Like, all the time.

Guess a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, right?

Just start being honest about it on Twitter, jerk. Hey, you may lose your fan-base, Oded, but, you’ll replace it with a whole new one!

It Ain’t: Will Smith, Robert Pattinson, Chris Brown

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80 comments to Oded Pulls a Toothy

  • Anonymous

    Okay, from the previous Oded BV, this is 50 Cent. Here’s the people eliminated:

    Ludacris, Timbaland, James Marsden, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Jeremy Piven, Adam Levine, Bow Wow, LL Cool J, Ray-J, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Nelly, Eminem, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Tyrese, Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Common, P-Diddy, Bow Wow, Omarion, Ne-Yo, Usher, Will Smith, Robert Pattinson

    • Shamon

      James Marsden needed to be eliminated?

      • Anonymous

        Ted has a habit of printing the weirdest eliminations. Marsden and Eminem for this one, LeBron James for Pepper Harthman, etc. Some of his readers are whacked-out brain-damage cases. Others, on the other hand, write in with weird eliminations in order to see if they can get more info out of Ted which can lead to a more accurate guess, and sometimes Ted obliges. Some of the weird guesses with the first Oded item got Ted to admit that it was a rapper/hip-hop artist.

      • JustMe

        Robert Pattinson is also a bizarre AIA!

        “baby get that sweet stuff back on my box banger”

        Like RP would tweet that!

        Funny stuff.

    • Serena van der Woodsen

      it’s definitely NOT Eminem

  • davew

    I love Ted C’s sarcastic description of 50 Cent as “a truly handsome and gifted artist”! :)


  • amagod121

    Funny but Ted always claims that his subjects are on the verge of being outed from being too careless…but they never are. In fact, many of his stories seem almost identical in subject matter and means and resolution. Yeah, I’m a Doubting Thomasina.

  • LolaMilano

    0.50 is on the DL? Seriously?

  • I Love DListed

    I dont think its 50, i follow on twitter ( lame i know) but there is nothing about banging women, etc

  • LaPerla

    I agree with the 50 guess, but what has me stumped is the twitter references. I went through several days of his tweets, & I don’t see anything to match what Ted is hinting towards. The closed I found was:

    “I’m feeling down now. If u b*tches on twitter really love me send me a s*xy pictures take it with ur phone right quick” http://twitter.com/50cent/status/24495058516

    It’s such a slow day at the office and reading 50’s tweets made time fly. He def drops the N bomb ALOT. Reading his tweets made my eyes bleed.

    Have a great weekend everyone :)

  • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

    Whatever happened to romance.

    • sneezy

      “If u b*tches on twitter really love me send me a s*xy pictures”

      Guess I gotta cross off using that one at the bar over the weekend….

      Yeah – guess it’s 50.

  • Sleuth

    50 cent for sure. Not sure if I’m allowed to post twitter links…if you Google his twitter, check out his Sept.14th postings. Not only does he post 3 links of male photos saying ” something gay something for girls” he then posts comments along the same vain as in Ted’s blind.

  • Megan

    I think this is 50 cent…

    p.s. Hi John! I loved your John Mayer Trio album. Play more blues!

  • I know

    TEd Casablanca tries too hard to be clever. He is smart however his post are tired.

  • Caro

    I have no clue who this could be, but it’s wayyyy too funny, especially if it’s everyone’s guess, 50 Cent.

    • Anonymous

      Was he even known in 2008 when the first Oded item came out?

    • Things That Make You Say

      A long time back there was a clue that TS fit perfectly. It had something to do with a remix of a song. I’ll have to look it up, but I remember being pretty damn sure it couldn’t be anyone else.

  • TruTru1

    I HAVE NEVER EVER read anything on 50’s twitter, where he is claiming to have banged anyone–he stays on twiiter throwing pot chots at other entertainers, rappers, etc.he never EVER has mentioned a chick EVER.–he is too secretive to even admit anything sexual with anyone.

    not seeing 50 on this one.

    Bow Wow I can beleive, he’s always talking about wearing someone out etc.
    I’d beleive Luda before 50–because of what I have seen, his girl is a beard that is in med school….he brags about puttin it down on the bedroom, and being well endowed…LOL

    Jamie Fox really nds to come out of the closet, it bound to get out sooner or later..

  • TruTru1

    If its 50, then why hasn’t he claimed Ciara–when its obvious they are sneaking around & sexing and have been for at least 2+yrs, surely he take the chance to brag about tearing that up–if not just for the notches on his belt…and to throw everyone off.

  • SorryCharlie

    Ok at the risk of getting crucified on here for having a totally incorrect guess…how about Kanye West? I feel that he is way closeted and I do not follow his twitter much but he seems to be defending his sexuality way more than just ignoring the ‘bad’ press…

    • Anonymous

      If you read my post above, the first post on this piece, you’ll notice that Kanye was AIAed during the period of the original BV. So grab your cross and prep for the nails.

  • AngelinaTwilightTomCruise is the answer

    Sometime last month 50 actually started using his twitter after a long period of some lackey posting general lame stuff about upcoming projects. He started posting crazy stuff to the point that Twitter shut him down thinking he was hacked. So I ended up adding him around then and as of that time..50% of his text are about gettin in some girls ‘cooter’ so to all those saying they don’t see you probably can’t decipher the horrible writing. I think this BI is written based on that but I don’t think the twitters are being written based on a cover up. I think this BI is backlash because the other 50% of his tweets are anti gay slurs from a fight that started with Perez Hilton. Ted is probably just trying to get back at him for the garbage and hate 50 has been spewing

  • hampton

    Well there were always lots of rumors in the Hamptons about P. Diddy. He acts like a nouveau riche queen. I mean he runs around his house with a white glove looking for dirt before he has his apple pie.. I would like to ask Chelsea Handler as she says she has the hots for all the rappers and probably knows who it is. I don’t like rap music so to me only 50 and usher might be possible-drake is too preppy.

  • Truth Saya

    i don’t think it’s 50. bow wow had a sex scene in lottery ticket with teirra marie and has been linked to one of the rev run’s daughters and cierra.

  • angel

    Jamie Fox did that going on (and on) about the joys of the female sex in the media on an award show with Holly Berry.

  • Strange4SumChange

    srry i keep changing my name BG,
    bad memory….lol

    anyway i think this has pretty little bow wow written all over it. im not too sure about Ted’s previous entries about oded but i see clues like boy-entourage (he was in entourage) and calling him a jerk (he was in that wretched jerk remix song) and the pic of sunshine willie leads me to believe he is a rapper/actor. theres been a recent increase with his overtly sexual tweets since that whole scandal with that nasty video rat kat stacks who outed him for being into anal sex and admitting to her that he was into men. And this all happen right before he had a new movie coming out called lottery ticket which also leads me to belive that him and his management set up a fake reunion with angela simmons through twitter to help clear his name and get people to see the movie… i tried to do alot of research for this one and i hope im right!!!! =D

    or… i could be totally wrong and its actually trey songz the whole time!! *kanye-shug*

    Love You Blind Gossip

  • davew

    Well, if anyone doesn’t think this is 50 Cent I suggest they go back and read the last 24 hours worth of his tweets.

    I feel like I now know his penis in intimate detail.

  • lalalinda

    Definitely 50…holla…

  • Aceticle

    If he hadn’t been previously eliminated, I would have guessed Kanye–which is kind of too bad, because I liked the idea of Kanye speaking out for gay rights without being a closet case.

  • jburger

    jamie foxx

    • Really

      I agree with you completely on this:
      1. Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for a biography and Will Smith (photo hint) was Oscar nominated for a biography
      2.Both were on television in the 1990’s

      I’m sure there are other similarities, but my mind is drawing a blank. There was also a “flare up” between Howard Stern and Jamie Foxx. Howard Stern stated something to the effect that he has too much dirt on Jamie Foxx (for the feud to continue) and that Jamie Foxx had too many skeletons “in the closet” that Howard would happily expose if push came to shove.

  • Emby

    Reading 50 cents twitter really reaffirms that guess to be honest.

  • Nina

    From the AIA, just Googled fiddy cent and Robert Pattinson and back in April, 50 wanted to do a duet with Rob or have Rob join G-Unit. It’s definitely 50 cent. Wow!

  • anonymous

    How about Drake?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Drake’s manager would have been surprised to see him fellating someone in his dressing room (see the first Oded item). No one would be surprised to see Drake fellating someone.

  • Spikearoo

    I recently saw the rerun of 50 Cent’s Cribs episode and I thought it was a bit weird that he lived with a bunch of his “boys”. Not to mention that the other guys’ rooms seemed rather small and impersonal, like they didn’t spend much time there. Also guessing here that Ciara was a nice double beard covering up a possible relationship with Missy Eliot. But that’s probably old news to y’all…

  • Eric Shinn

    Soulja Boy

  • Topov

    robbie willams or david walliams

  • SisterMI

    If this is a reference from a while back..Chris Martin. Did he not profess “he didn’t know he loved breasts until he met his wife?” I do not believe he had any relationships before Paltrow.

  • La Llorona

    I kind of agree with the 50 cent guess, although deep down, I believe it’s probably a long shot. I remember for a while he was in the news for crazy tweets, including the one to Michelle Obama. For a while, he had a ghost writer, so it was weird to see all of a sudden some weird, misogynistic tweets coming his account, considering how private he is and how he tries to keep out of the spotlight, aside from feuds.

    Anyway, wasn’t there a Boondocks episode about a gay rapper that was supposedly indirectly about him?

  • okay

    Yup. Fif is a sausage lover. Evidence via Twitter:
    “The b*tches would be going to see rnb singers Perform n**gas up there dancing wit a little d*ck talking bout all this love for you”
    2:45 AM Sep 18th via ÜberTwitter
    -Why does he care about the size of another man’s penis?
    “..I been looking at these porn clips and I think I could be a big porn star cause I be stroking.”
    -psuedo macho man farce. Also, watching porn is semi homosexual if you’re watching someone of the same sex performing sexually(reguardless of what they’re doing)
    “I just don’t go with gay people and kick it — we don’t have that much in common. I’d rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that’s cool.”
    -repeated bashing of gay people for NO DAMN REASON! What heterosexual man talks about gays all of the time??
    It’s him…..

  • weslyn

    Trey Songz or Bow Wow..they both always OD on the sex talk in interviews, etc.

  • Anon

    50’s tweets are so funny I don’t care if he’s gay, straight or closeted.

  • ODDandOFFputting

    dlisted just posted a 50-tweet where he talks about tying a popsicle to his johnson to make the blowies taste good for the ladies.

    seems like 50. Although i think MOST rappers talk about sex and their “members” so much they must all be comphensating for something.. we can see right through you all!

  • sara

    50 cent said “Ayaheyescry you a freak girl you said tie a ice pop to the d* I’m try that s* tomorrow that a make a b* job taste better for b* lol”

    was an a*

  • Bella

    Hello, Long time reader here… Think I just solved this :)

    Article has just been posted on an Australian News site referring to 50 Cents sexual tweets to females


  • LiLMissM

    My guess is 50 cent. I read his tweets after I read this blind… He posted pictures of guys in their underwear. Plus, posts sexual tweets. I agree with the previous post.

  • ODDandOFFputting

    totally, LILmiss! nice link. 50 just gives TooMuchInfo on his twitta!