Skinny with The Runs

DailyMirror – Which skinny female celeb has lost weight through a new US ‘wonder drug’ designed to stop food being absorbed but resulting in awful diarrhoea?

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56 comments to Skinny with The Runs

  • miss dixie

    kelly osborne

  • Laura Palmer's Hooha

    sarah rue

  • Jess

    Kelly Osbourne duhhh

  • anna

    sounds like kelly. i wonder what this wonder drug is?

  • anonymous

    I see the skinny gal herself, betthany, but shes nursing isnt she? would she put the baby in danger?

  • anonymous

    rue is red hmmm

  • Reggie

    It could be Kelly Osborne, Sara Rue or Marie Osmond

  • Liz D.

    Anna, the drug is Alli (orlistat), approved in Feb. 2007 in U.S.

  • Veronica

    Going with Kelly Osbourne, as diarrhoea is the British way of spelling the condition…

  • paniikd

    This has to Be Kelly! Also It can’t be Alli, Alli just absorbs some of the fat and while it does give one gross BM’s, it doesn’t really make you lose weight, you still have to eat right and diet some.

    • davew

      The item doesn’t necessarily say that our celebrity hasn’t dieted properly as well as taking Alli, just that she has been using it (with the well-known side effects).

  • Energica

    We’ve had that drug for ages in Canada. It stops the body from absorbing the fat in food. You have to be very careful with how much fat you take in, because it goes in and then straight back out again! It’s called Xenical here.

    • WaxDiva

      The prescription medication is Xenical… the OTC is Alli. Xenical does not absorb 30% of the fat intake, which results in immediate diarrhea, leakage and/or an uncontrollable combination of both. Whoever this is has to wear pads because you never know when it’s gonna happen.

  • Ruby

    I vaguely recall an interview with Kelly Osborne, maybe from last year, where she said that she’d lost a lot of weight because of gastrointestinal trouble. I think she complained of diarreah.

    No, I don’t have a link.

  • Sant

    Funny true stories with Alli… We used to know ir as xenical and it has been around the block for a looooooong time. You could buy it over the counter in Mexico since the 90’s.
    My mom tried it 13 years ago (mind you she is a size six) and she ended up in the bathroom for the whole night. The toilet bowl ended up being greasy and yellow. It was actually nasty.
    Also a friend of mine took in in College and she thought that it would be ok to take 5 pills at once so it would take effect. She went to eat at Chilli’s with her boyfriend. You are NOT supposed to eat fatty unhealthy foods with Alli, toherwise it creates turmoil in your stomach. She obviously ate burger, fries and wings. When she came back home she was in the kitchen. She felt something wet trickling. It was all of this brownish liquid on the floor. Her boyfriend thought she had spilled coca cola on the floor!!

  • kgirl42

    Longtime reader, first guess! I’m going to say Demi Lovato on this one. I’m thinking “Skinny with The Runs” is the operative clue here because it sounds a lot like “Sonny with a Chance,” which is the show Demi currently stars in.

  • guest

    Alli is probably not new in the USA but it is certainly relatively new to us folks in the UK. It came out last year, but you can only get it if your BMI is overweight. She could easily get hold of it though. My friend at work took it by getting her overweight friend to go in for her. Rue does mean Street. Rouge does mean red. Kelly lost a lot of weight a few years ago and blamed it on a thyroid problem – it later turned out she was abusing drugs again. Alli is reported only to really help you stop absorbing new fat going in and essentially lose all the s* in your body UNLESS you make strict diet changes as well. Kelly may well have done that and in a healthy way this time but I fear she is abusing much more than Alli. She’s just split with her man.

  • Cuddlebutt

    Anyone considering Alli or the like, please read

    • Dydear

      This one was my absolute favorite:

      “You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it’s probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work.”

      Just like I have to do with my toddler! ROFL This stuff is ridiculous!

  • Sleuth

    Dear God!…is all this grossness worth it?!? I much as I would like to end my battle of the bulge, I don’t think I would take the chance with this drug.

    • MyCatLovesTV

      I would think that the smart user would read the package instructions as well as the media hype and DON’T EAT FAT. Sounds like if you don’t eat fat, you won’t make nasties in your panties. But then again….don’t take the drug and don’t eat fat. Save the dough and save yourself the embarrassment. Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than liquid poop running down your leg????

  • WhatWasMyNameOnHere

    I took Alli and it wasn’t so bad. The reason I stopped taking it was because it gave me a super bad hangover if I drank. I guess people think it is a magic pill. Keep shoving bacon down your throat all day and you will be sorry. It’s like the pill that they give drunks that make them super sick if they drink—your own fault!

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    What’s the name of the pill? I want it!

  • Shellbell

    Skinny with the Runs = Dancing with the Stars. Kelly Osbourne competed in it. It has to be her.

  • BrightStar

    Yeah, Alli/Xenical is not meant to help you lost weight strictly by blocking fat so much as to MOTIVATE you to eat healthfully WHILE blocking some fat. If, as many people can attest to, you slip up and eat crap, it will later come zooming out of you.

    This blind doesn’t really do that much for me. If a “heavier” celeb used a diet drug that many of the rest of us have used, then fine. At least she wasn’t starving herself, vomiting, or using meth.