Parrish Does The Opposite

EOnline – How does the saying go? Hell hath no fury like a young pretty boy scorned? Yeah, pretty sure that’s it. And, girlfriends, is Parrish Maguire ever pissed!

First, it’s important to note, we rarely, if ever, run the same Blind Vice star on concurrent Fridays. But Parrish must be so peeved these days—as we noted in last week’s installment—that he’s taken to…

Doing the exact opposite of what his worried handlers have been telling him to!

Now, remember how we told you the hunky celeb Maquire’s handlers chastised him for too openly getting his (closeted) gay on at parties and select guys-only events? Yep, and Parrish did not like being told to curb his natural man-on-man desires, and, as a result, started getting pretty nasty with his friends—taking his bad mood out on an unlucky few.

But now, Parrish seems to have had a change of heart, and more recently, is directing the frustrations of living a closeted celeb life out on the very people who told him to watch it: his peeps.

Fabulously passive-aggressively, Parrish can be seen riding around town in a ridiculously expensive toy that belongs to one of the primary folks Parrish’s management team told him to stay the hell away from.

Love it! It’s like a daughter who decides to marry the bad-boy because her ‘rents told her not to!

You keep the rebel up, Mr. M! We’re likin’ you a whole lot better all of a sudden.

And it Ain’t: Joe Jonas, Xavier Samuel, Daniel Radcliffe

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  1. Nxpierdo says

    Lautner is the main guess for Parrish. Perhaps he’s been riding around in Bryan Singer’s “ridiculously expensive toy”?

    • Blake J says

      Taylor seems so obvious, however Parrish Maguire has not been listed as solved yet.

      I am relatively new to this site, but how many guesses need to be made before they provide the answer?

      • anonymous says

        Don’t expect Ted’s over the top scandalous blind to be solved ever.
        Expect the solved only from other webs like CDAN, BG, and BuzzFoto

      • Anonymous says

        I don’t need Ted to confirm the solution. He gave me the data and I solved it. That’s good enough for me. Now stop using my name, you stupid little troll.

      • amagod121 says

        Dear Anonymous with a capital A:
        People at this site tend to speak to one another with civility. It’s nice to be able to come to a site where people aren’t yelling at one another. It’s a little haven away from the usual grumpiness found elsewhere on the net.

      • Anonymous says

        I’ve been here for over a year, so I certainly know the prevailing approach. I’ve run out of civility for “anonymous”, who’s been trolling on every Ted item here claiming that Ted makes everything up. I’m sick of it, and I don’t care whose toes I step on. I don’t treat anyone like a special snowflake in real life, and I’m not going to do it here. If you don’t like it, boo hoo to you.

    • Gitano says

      This site only links to solved items on other sites. Other sites fairly rarely reveal when people have guessed correctly, usually for fear of being sued.

      • Blake J says

        I thought it would be too bold of them to be (frequently) publishing names of the celebrities, since they tend to be ‘sue happy’.

        But surely they have a ‘non-commital’ way of confirming the guesses; so they can avoid legal troubles and not lose readers at the same time.

        I know I would give up on this ‘gossip’ if it was never ‘proven true’.

  2. xxx MEOW xxx says

    taytay loves those west hollywood gay parties.
    I just hope he sets a positive and respectful example of young gay america. and not like lindsay lohan or adam lambert.

    • Badhorsie says

      What has Adam Lambert done to be a negative role model??? Kiss a guy on stage? Oooo bad boy. Sheesh. Seriously people, let’s grow up.

      I love him. Sex personified, he is. And I’m a straight female and I don’t care he’s gay. He’s still delicious.

  3. Yuolala says

    “Parrish can be seen riding around town in a ridiculously expensive toy that belongs to one of the primary folks Parrish’s management team told him to stay the hell away from”

    I fond this…
    the article is old.
    weeks before reports got out that he was spotted at Bryans parties:

    “Sources tell us that Bryan Singer took new IT muscle boy Taylor “Gaylor” Lautner to the Super Bowl game last month “for business.” Just recently, Gaylor was seen driving Bryan’s Lamborghini around town looking pretty damn good……”


  4. delcodave says

    you mean it is not Katherine Hiegl? I thought all blinds were Katherine Hiegl. oh well. Maybe next one…

  5. Divide by Zero says


    I wonder what his handlers would do if he managed to get himself a live interview and just flat out said I’M GAAAAYYY~~

  6. michelle says

    i just dont understand why there are no pictures of taylor at this partys

    but i guess is just a matter of time till one of the guys makes a pic of tay with his phone and sends it to tmz or something

    but we all know he will come out after the twilight saga ends
    so coming out is planed for 2013

    • Sleuth says

      I often wonder about this regarding all closeted stars. Why hasn’t ANYONE outed them? With all of the phone cameras…not a one. This is very odd.

      • Yuolala says

        I heard reports that the celebs bodyguards/handlers would literally yank the camera phones out of the person hands and delete/remove the evidence..

        and I also heard stars PR FIRM would pay or make a deal with the paps when they have questionable evidence in their hands.

        Here’s one about Justin Timberlake
        “It was mayhem. Justin narrowly missed being punched in the face when a fan tried to take a photo of him on her camera, and his minder kicked off, screaming at the girl and snatching the camera off her to delete the pic”

      • YoGo says

        You cannot get a named internet/print publication to print incriminating pics because it would not be worth it to them to ‘out’ someone and have that person’s agency ban the print publication from getting any interviews with their clients. They would rather sell such pics back to the agencies on the quiet for a nice fat payment or a deal that included exclusives and scoops on a star – and hush it all up. Quicker, easier, less messy, everyone wins.

      • Malou says

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I know that Toothy Tile (for example) is out in Hollywood and as far as I can remember, he has brought his bf along to Hollywood parties before.

        Do you really think that anyone invited to one of those parties would be welcome back if they wipped up a camera and took pics of him kissing his bf? Not very likely.

  7. LittleT says

    I’m not sure I completely believe what Ted writes. I think it’s fact-based fiction. He gets a teeny morsel of truth (or not), and embellishes the rest. It is entertaining though.

    • Caro says

      I agree. Most of his blinds are based on talked about rumors, like John Travolta’s, Jake Gyllenhaal’s or Tom Cruise’s sexuality, they have always been questioned… The fact that Nicole Kidman or Reese Witherspoon are not the sweet polite personas they seem to be in real life, or the Twilight rumors… When pictures of Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson surfaced and people started wondering the nature of their relationship the whole “Trouble/Secret Romance/Backstabbing on set of Twilight movies” blinds started, then after being seen with Tom Sturridge everywhere, he’s always hinting that Robert is Nevis Divine, but at the same time he’s writing weekly columns about Robert and Kristen and their Robsten Love… That being said, I do believe Taylor Lautner is gay, but believed it way before the Parrish Maguire blinds.

      • Anonymous says

        It’s more than hinting about Nevis being RPattz. It’s been proven by more than one person, myself included.

      • Caro says

        Oh no! I do believe Nevis is Robert Pattinson, every single clue in those blind items point towards him… What I meant is that the Nevis blind items came up just when people started to get suspicious about his relationship with Tom Studrrige and rumors about his past with other guys surfaced… Now, I wouldn’t mind if you give some details of that proof you talk about :p

      • Rafael says

        Thats what I don’t get.. He wants us to think Rpatz is Nevis, but at the same time keeps going on and on about how Robsten is so real. And then he went batsh*t when those “kissing” photos came out. I just don’t buy it. He even posted a question I asked in one of his b*tch backs. I had said I didn’t believe the photos, and that I had started to wonder if they were paying him to constantly shove Robsten at us. He obviously got mad and tried to rip me a knew one, but, yeah. I think he was trying to make it seem like they weren’t paying him more then he was actually mad that I don’t believe the kissing BS. Honestly, I think they are paying him.. I think it is sort of like how they will pay, Perez Hilton, for example.. to change his web sites background to that of a movie and host the movie trailer on his web site. I don’t think anything really shady is going on… Its all PR.

        I also think its funny how a rumor that someone is gay will pop up.. then, Suddenly! They are dating their co-star/dance partner/whatever!! Come on, we aren’t stupid. :\

      • Yuolala says

        Ted Casablanca sold out when he became a giddy teenage shipper for Robsten..

        his blogs are all filled with twilight fans who only cares about rob and kristen..

        what happened to Cynical ted?

      • anonymous says

        This is why his blinds sound shady as hell. Seriously Ted kept on saying one thing about Robsten on his blog then said the opposite things on his blind, the credibility of his blind’s so in question.

    • anonymous says

      Agree with Little T and Caro, Ted’s blind more like fictions that he claims as truth and he spices it up with his enigma words to make it sounds scandalous.
      Seems like he running out of fiction now, that’s why he kept on hanging on the obvious fact that everyone already know except Twihard fans that Taylor is gay

      • anonymous says

        Learn how to discuss the topic instead of bashing other poster, then we’ll take you seriously

      • Anonymous says

        There’s no need to discuss the topic. Parrish is Lautner. That was settled two items ago. The topic here is you going after Ted at every opportunity, and doing so in what is, quite frankly, pathetic English.

  8. anonymous says

    I was convinced reading this that it was pointing towards Zac Efron who has been hanging out with Tom Cruise lately. Maybe the Maguire name threw me off.