Pepper Has a Pants Problem

EOnline – You didn’t think Tiger Woods was the only “nice guy” athlete playing way dirty behind the scenes, did ya?

Meet Pepper Harthman, an all-American ball player, praised for his charitable work and family-man demeanor. At least that’s the public’s opinion of this idolized star and, clearly, appearances aren’t always what they seem if you’ve wound up in our Blind Vice section.

But, poor Pepper just doesn’t know how to curb his naughty desires:

Good-lookin’ Pep, like most famous athletes, just can’t keep it in his über tight pants. So what else is new, right?

Well, the fact that he’s got a doting family, as well as an apple-pie image, doesn’t exactly helps things here. Also problematic to Pepper’s PR image would be his myriad cheating hook-ups while he’s on the road and one of those chicks who’s now blabbing about it!

How unfortunate it is when a girl who you’ve been sticking it to—and who has messages to prove such—is threatening to go to the media with these electronic boobie-traps? Uh, then Mr. Harthman, it’s time to get out your checkbook.

Which is exactly what we’re hearing Pepper and his handlers may be scrambling to do.

Harthman’s teammates (owners included) know about his extracurricular activities and are way worried what will happen when this all gets exposed, because, trust us, it is.

“It’s only a matter of time before it all comes out,” says our super worried sports source on the inside.

P.H.’s team is one of the best of the best, thanks to Harthman’s skills, and they all know how quickly that will go away if their star’s good-guy demeanor is shattered. His head will never be in the game, and considering he is one of the most valuable players, you can kiss those championship rings goodbye.

Woods is the prime example! We’re approaching a year since Tiger’s escapades were exposed, and the onetime all-star has hardly recovered.

So can money really fix Pepper’s probs? Clock’s a tickin’, and we’re dying to find out.

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