The Really Real Reason She was Fired

BlindGossip – There are the usual vague press releases when someone gets fired, and then there’s the naked truth, which in this case, is much more interesting. This TV series cast member brought exactly the kind of drama to the series that producers dream about. Not surprisingly, it resulted in great ratings for this show. However, the rest of the cast members gave the producers an ultimatum: Either she goes or we ALL say arrivederci. Faced with the prospect of recasting the entire show, they reluctantly released their star. By the way, now that she is gone, an old cast member is seriously considering a return to the show.

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69 comments to The Really Real Reason She was Fired

  • Lucy

    Sounds like “Real Housewives” but it’s not a tv series. If it was, I was thinking of that prostitution w* with the long face and lips practically on her chin.

  • Lucy

    What about “Grey’s Anatomy”? Katherine Heigl?

  • tvb23

    Danielle Staub from Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    First time poster, by the way. Long time lurker. :)

    • TVB! Glad you’re here! Love, BG

    • Lola

      That’s who I think it is, too. I just read on D-Listed Afternoon Crumbs that Danielle Staub got fired from RHoNJ and I’m thinking that one blonde chick (don’t know her name, but her sister is also on the show) may be the one returning since she’s gone…?

    • Serenity

      Yup! it’s Danielle!

      “the naked truth” — name of her memoir

  • Junior Mint

    Ok, I don’t watch the Office, but I looked up the old TV series The Naked Truth (w/ Tea Leoni) and found that an actress from that series, Amy Ryan, was on The Office for 7 eps from 08-09….

    Ok, a reach :)

  • MissRenee

    Danielle Staub with Dina coming back!

  • titoincali

    Danielle Staub from Real Housewives of New Jersey??

  • misskee

    This is definitely the NJ Housewives. Danielle is leaving and Dina may return. Another piece of evidence is that Danielle wrote a book titled The Naked Truth. Also the word arrivderci is used which is likely a reference to their Italian roots.

    • Could It Be....

      …plus the fact that their (minus Danielle) trip to Italy has just been televised over the past two weeks, hence the arrivederci. I completely agree – RHONJ, Danielle leaving and Dina returning.

  • Lisbeth

    Arrivederci is Italian as are the ladies on RHONJ. Danielle out, Dina back in?

  • Sea Turtle

    Being a BlindGossip item, the picture is a clue. Donald Trump was born and raised and currently lives in New York.

  • suedechik79

    if this was real housewives of nj, i wouldnt see why recasting the entire show would be an issue. as much as danielle needs to go check into a mental institution, the show isnt anything without her. its a yawnfest about a sopranos family.

  • Sheila K used to be just Sheila

    One of those Jersey Shore skanks?

  • Erin

    Def Danielle Staub. The Apprentice photo references a reality show.

  • Charlotte Winter

    It’s definitely RHONJ but I don’t understand why it is blind. has this as their most read story this morning.

    • Lizzard

      Probably because it hasn’t been confirmed that it’s Dina that’s back. Although who else would it be?

  • Rafael

    You know, I really liked Danielle Staub. I think the other women on that show are being real female dogs about everything. I mean, they say she is a horrible person, and yet they seem to spend way too much energy trying to make her look worse then she really is. They will cling to ANYTHING from her past. The SMALLEST thing. They act like she shot the pope or something. If this is true, it just proves me right, all those w****s are total c***s!! (yes.. self censorship. I think you can figure out what I said.)

    • Kayla

      Umm, okay Danielle…

      • Rafael

        In an older thread people thought I was someone else.. I can’t even remember. Maybe it was John Mayer. I wonder who you all will think I am next? Just, FYI I am really K.Stew. Obviously.

  • Sally

    It’s definitely Danielle. It’s all over the tabloids that she was fired.

  • Karen

    Real housewives of new jersey. Danielle out Dina back

  • LooLoo

    Solved- here’s a link to info. about Danielle Staub being fired:

    That just came out yesterday and it’s pretty vague, so it’s a good bet that this is the fired series star.


    housewives of new jersey danielle got fired and dina is coming kinda foul the other cast members have that much power to get someone fired…there show is not that good.

  • CodyB

    For sure, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and HBIC Dina needs to come back!!

  • CodyB

    Also, Danielle Staubs’ book is called the ‘Naked Truth’

  • I Love DListed

    Housewives, look at the title!

  • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

    Now that Theresa is crazy, they don’t need Danielle.

  • Doesn’t it look like it was Taylor Momsem from Gossip Girl? I thought everyone hated her since she was so jealous and everything.

  • Yeas

    Real housewives of NJ. They just released Danielle Staub, who brough all the drama to the show. I hope Dina comes back, she was my fav besides Teresa

  • this is obv. Danielle from RHONJ. TV series – RHOOC, RHONY, RHONJ, RHODC. None of the other “cast members” like her. Dina left the show because of her. And the whole “arrivederci” is an obvious clue to the italian cast.

  • gossiplover

    All of the older real housewives casts have much more interesting women than the Soprano wannabes. As much as I like watching most of the Housewives shows, I could never get interested in the NJ one. I totally agree it’s Danielle.

  • krys

    i love blindgossip blinds, bg is always so nice to us by making them so easy :)

  • Luscious

    Nicolette Sheridan!

  • wubbzy

    you mean ppl actually watch The Real Housewives? pfft.

    i thought someone from Jersey Shore (even tho i dont watch that c* show, either)

  • Definitely Danielle leaving, Dina coming back.

  • Cuddlebutt

    Danielle, for sure. Though I hate to see her go because she is the reason I watched the show. I think she has a personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder to be specific. It is fun to watch but horrible to be around I’m sure.

  • Opie

    I was just thinking of and missing Grandma Wrinkles today. When they gave Andy C. Grandma Wrinkles his expression was highlarious!

  • josepe

    danielle from the housewives from new jersey
    even i knew that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NorthNJ

    The show is going to be a bore without Danielle and her antics. I think we all know she has a personality disorder – but she does make for good tv! The other RHONJ are well….not that interesting. However, would love to see Teresa get what’s coming to her though. She’s acted like a spoiled teenager with a no limit credit card.

  • padocle

    Danielle is too obvious…How about Kelly Bensimon from RHONY?

  • Lovebuugg

    Wasn’t danielle’s book called The Naked Truth?

  • comeonpeople

    This is easy.
    RHNJ, Danielle Staub.
    Dina will now come back.
    Naked truth: Danielle’s sex tape (s)
    Arrivederci: Everyone in cat went to Italy except Danielle.

  • comeonpeople

    This is easy.
    RHNJ, Danielle Staub.
    Dina will now come back.
    Naked truth: Danielle’s sex tape (s)
    Arrivederci: Everyone in cast went to Italy except Danielle.