A Female Tweener’s First Time

CDAN – It wouldn’t be a teen party if there was not some behavior that was unexpected. This A/B list female tweener has a squeaky reputation. I mean really squeaky and clean. Never been a blind item before and never been in trouble. Anyway, one of the cast of Glee brought a flask to the party. Actually more like a bottle. You know, just to make the night more fun. Well, our tweener has a big crush on this cast member so when he suggested she have a drink she did. Well, two hours later she was silly drunk and spent the last part of the night in the bathroom regretting the drinking. Apparently it was the first time she ever drank booze.

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55 comments to A Female Tweener’s First Time

  • I Love Dlisted

    Dakota Fanning

  • stinkweed

    Taylor Swift

  • Maybe

    I think think Selena and Taylor would be solid A tweeners, so I’ll pass on them.
    Miranda Cosgrove seems an A/B to me, and maybe the Mohawk guy.

    • Keis

      I agree with this guess – I feel like she’s one of the few tween stars who hasn’t been plagued with rumors. I don’t watch Glee though, so no guesses there.

    • luvd80s2

      Taylor Swift is 20, sounds to me like Selena Gomez plus she knows Corey Montheith.

  • anonymous

    Selena Gomez?

  • lisbeth

    Selena Gomez, guy Cory Monteith. They just finished a movies together, so I could see them hanging out.

  • Sexual Elf

    Well, I’d say Taylor Swift is definitely A-list. I mean, is there any question? But also, ‘squeaky’ is used twice – mickey mouse? Sooo….Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez? I wonder what age Selena will be before she looks older than 12? :)
    Either of them been a blind before? Definitely?

    • xxx MEOW xxx

      Demi is not squeaky clean. if you have an ‘in’ with that crowd, its common knowledge she drinks and is very sexually active

  • missgoss

    Miranda Crossgrove or Victoria Justice…sticking to the Nick kids since the A-List Disney kids have all been in the game for too long to have this be their first time drinking.

  • teen choice awards happened yesterday…

    so there was prob a private after-party

    I’ll go with Selena Gomez

    and her Monte Carlo costar Cory Monteith

  • Camembert

    This is what we call a rite of passage. Boring, but good for Miss Gomez; she needs to have a little fun now lest she turn into one of those good-girl-gone-bad types who lose their minds when they reach 21.

    • anonymous

      I don’t know what country you are from. But in the USA it is illegal to give alcohol to someone under 21. Glee is Fox’s cornerstone. If this is true, I hope whoever it is gets slammed.

  • davew

    Ted C. reported a while back that Cory Monteith didn’t drink all evening at a party, so I’m going to guess Mark Salling is more likely for the, er, enabler. And I’ll go with Selena Gomez for the newbie drinker.

    • Shawn

      I agree. Mark Salling and Selena Gomez. They were just at the teen choice awards together and rumored to be an item.

  • Gitano

    I agree with Mark Salling (“the mohawk guy”) and either Cosgrove or Gomez.

  • wpolochick

    Mark Salling and Miranda Cosgrove. Gomez was suspected for a blind involving Nick Jonas and his womanizing ways, but Cosgrove has a very, very low profile in the gossip universe.

    • Lilly

      That blind was from a different source.

      I think the writer of this blind was saying that this particular website has never written a blind about her, not that no one has — after all how would they know?

      Miranda Cosgrove is assumed to be pretty good because she has such a low profile, but Selena Gomez (like most Disney stars) literally has an image based completely on being wholesome. She also seems to be the only Disney star that hasn’t been caught straying from her image yet, so I’m sticking with her for this blind.

  • Sally

    Isn’t Taylor Swift 20 years old? A Tweener is a very young teen.

    • stinkweed

      Tweener celebs are usually those that *appeal* to tweens. A tween is someone between 8 and 12.

      • anonymous

        Even if this was Taylor she is too close to 21 and known for more than tweens (Grammys etc) for this to be her. I vote for someone younger like Cosgrove for this to be shocking at all.

  • summer

    Well Cory doesn’t drink at all so I would go with Mark as the “enabler”. There are pictures of the guys (Cory, Mark and new guy Chord) out with some of the people from an ABC Family show (the gymnastic one).

  • Lilly

    Its Selena Gomez.

    Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus weren’t there, so it can’t be them.

    Miranda Cosgrove didn’t seem drunk at all. She could have been hiding it, but it seems unlikely that a newbie drinker could hide it quite that well.

    Because so many of the big tweeners weren’t there (Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber — even though he performed via webcam or whatever) Selena Gomez should have gotten a lot more reaction shots. However, they didn’t even show her after she got her award at the beginning of the night. This makes me think she didn’t spend much time in her seat.

    She just finished filming a movie with Cory Monteith, and she hangs out with him a lot considering he is 10 years older than her — so she probably has quite the crush.

    And most of all she seemed totally tipsy when she accepted her award. She was teary eyed (who gets emotional about a Teen Choice Award surfboard?!), and she thanked her all-male cast of teenage boys for being so beautiful before she wandered off back stage!

    • luvd80s2

      LOL! wish to have seen that!

    • deena

      while i agree with it being gomez, she is very, very fake and rehearsed so the tears were most likely all part of an act.

      cory doesn’t drink anymore since he was pretty wild during his teen years. i’d go with mark and selena.

      • Lilly

        I stand corrected. You’re right about Mark.

        Radar posted a story today about Selena and Mark hooking up.

    • anonymous

      But Selena was left before the show was over and her mother was there with her, doubt that she’s drinking in front of her overprotective Mom.

      • Lilly

        If her mom was there I’m probably wrong, she probably was not drinking, and this blind is either made up or about someone else.

        Her parents are super strict and the last good parents in hollyweird.

        But with her hookup with Mark leaked today it seems like something went on…

    • ashley

      except she didn’t go to a party though, and was photographed with a friend of hers in a car after the show, not looking wasted at all.

      • Lilly

        I thought the blind was referring to the Teen Choice Awards in general as the ‘party’ rather than an after party???

        It could be Miranda too (or really any other popular tweeners there given that the one’s with the bad reps were no-shows), but it just seemed to fit Selena so perfectly.

        Or CDAN could have read a few stories about Selena and Cory made it up as usual…

  • Yuolala

    OMG? Is this blind item solve?

    check this out guys

    Mark Selling( Glee) and Selena Gomez: Hot New Hookup


    • Maybe

      I think I’d call it solved as a blind but the story is made up. Selena had her strict mom beside her during the show so would not be drinking there and Mark was off to Katsuya after the show prowling. CDAN annoys me with their blinds usually fake, or as they say rumors, conjecture, and fiction. Buzz seems better, they seem to have less guesses/fiction.

      • Yuolala

        IDK This BI was from 2 days ago…and this article came from yesterday night…I think theres some truth to it.

      • Maybe

        Yeah I agree like always there is some truth to it, But with C Dan it seems 10% real to 90% spec.
        My only issues with this is that she was with her mom during the show, you see her beside her all night, and they went home early before show ended, and after the show Mark went to Katsua, he was photoed there directly after the show. So the truth is maybe she had one swig backstage at the show, then went back to seat with mom and people speculate from that.
        Lol also this week gossip pages link her from “friend reports” to Justin Beiber, Hutch Dano, Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, David Henrie, Mark Salling and Corey Montieth, so I think a lot of people are just making stuff up since she is now 18.

    • myth

      yuolala, i think you are correct. it’s selena gomez and mark salling. not only did radaronline have that story, but perez also has a post that selena doesn’t like the good girl image that has been attributed to her.

  • alphalove

    Couldn’t have been Taylor Swift, because she wasn’t there. The only one who I can think of, just because she was in attendance and has such a clean reputation, Selena Gomez. And she did star alongside Cory in Monte Carlo, and if the thing about texting Mark is true…. hmmm. But neither of them were even there. Interesting.

  • TiffanyB

    I suppose I’ll chime in on one for once. I think it’s Selena Gomez. She’s known as the good girl to Miley’s slut!