Meet Buella and Kelly and Drew

EOnline – Here’s an Awful Truth first: This entire friggin’ cast is in on the Vice! But instead of focusing on the entire group, we decided to introduce you to the three biggest troublemakers, ’cause we know they’ll be making future appearances.

So let’s welcome Buella Bland, Kelly Guten-Shoes and Drew Smolder ‘n’ Such to our Vicey vault for some truly Teddy O’Bong-type behavior…

But before we get to the ganja goodness, let’s set the scene for this trio and their night out on the town. See, Buella, Kelly and Drew work extra hard to maintain their fame. Trust, it’s a full-time gig aside from their full-time jobs as, you know, actors.

So it’s only fair that when the trio clocks out from another long day on the 9 to 5 (or whatever hours they happen to be shooting their sometimes-sexy scenes), they get a little R and R.

And when they relax, they always bring along the rest of the folks they work with. Thoughtful, don’t you think? So refreshing to see a cast (and crew, no less) full of folks who actually like each other—whether Vice-induced or not.

On this particular night, BB, KGS and DS2 took the gang out to celebrate one of their fave directors, and where better to create some mildly wild memories than a strip club? Dudes and ladies, alike, packed the place to peep some babes grinding on the pole and flashing their hoo-has.

And when that director—who, no doubt, has just as much reason to need some dubious downtime as his star threesome—innocently asked the cast if anyone might happen to have a little bit of weed, the answer was a resounding hell yes!

Buella, Kelly and Drew even had pipes and other paraphernalia on ‘em—because there’s nothing like kickin’ back with some g-string types and some not-quite-legal smokes…not when you’re young and hot, that is, which they totally are.

See, we’re not exactly surprised by this kind of behavior from Kell and Drew, totally chill if you know what we mean, but Buella, on the other hand, can be a downright bitch. Tightass, too.

With all that pot puffin’, you’d think her nasty ‘tude would improve, but no. Jeez!

And It Ain’t: The Office, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock

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42 comments to Meet Buella and Kelly and Drew

  • Ruby Red Lips


    Buella is Lea Michele..

    Maybe Diana and Corey for the other 2??

  • sara leigh

    Glee is the first thing that popped in my mind too!

  • Bubblypoo

    Vampire Diaries:
    Ian Somerhalder (Drew Smolder ‘n’ Such)
    Paul Wesley (Kelly Guten-Shoes0
    Nina Dobrev(Buella Bland)

    • ShhDontTell

      I like this guess.
      I have yet to see the entire cast of Glee spend a lot of time together outside of promos.
      But the cast of The Vampire Diaries go out to the beach together, to go a Lakers game, etc…
      Fits better in my eyes.

  • lisbeth

    Buella def. Lea Michele

    • lisbeth

      I think I am going to change my guess to the crew from 90210. Buella might be Annalynne McCord (I can see her being a diva b-itch), Kelly and Drew are maybe Shenae Grimes or Jessica Lowndes and Matt Lanter??

  • davew

    Since Ted revealed Pat Poisonpuss as Lea Michele, she’s eligible for a new nickname so Buella could be her!

  • stinkweed

    Which of the actors on House are “young and hot”?

  • Yuolala

    totally OT

    I wonder if Toothy tile’s BF is not Austin Nichols but his longtime friend Chris Fischer?

    I google “Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boyfriend” and there are several articles about this guy…

  • maybe

    i thought glee too, but i wouldn’t call anything they’ve shot as “sexy.”

  • Cecilia

    So why is this a blind anyways?? a group of friends hanging out and smoking pot…. BIG DEAL Ted!!!

  • memememeeee

    The Vampire Diaries was my first guess.
    Nina is a Canadian girl… we like our ganja here lol!

  • lisbeth

    I think I am going to change my guess to the crew from 90210. Buella might be Annalynne McCord (I can see her being a diva b-itch), Kelly is maybe Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup or Jessica Lowndes and Matt Lanter or Trevor Donovan for Drew??

    From the “and it ain’ts”
    The Office – a spin off of the original. 90210 is also a spin off of the original.
    Gossip Girl and 90210 – both CW shows
    30 Rock and 90210 – both series have number in the title name.

    Sorry if I posted twice!

    • Aperry741

      I agree. The key clue is the initials of the trio B K D.. it’s a call back to Brandon-Kelly-Dylan. Ugh this makes me feel old.

    • Serena van der Woodsen

      30rock is mostly a grownup show….this item sounds like something kids aka 90210 kids, gossip girl kids etc would do

    • Keis

      Also, I’m not sure if “g-string types” represents a euphemism I’m just not aware of, but it seems that the majority of off the set pictures of Annalynne McCord are of her in a (usually barely there) bikini.

      If it is euphemism though, could someone enlighten me? lol.

  • Booby Jones

    I don’t find this to be all that big a deal. Stuff like this happens in almost every office. Strip club and weed, who hasn’t had a night out like this at least once in their life?

    That being said, I say totally Marcia, Greg and Peter Brady.

  • Faye

    I don’t think it’s the cast of “The Vampire Diaries.” Nina Dobrev as a tight-a* bitch? That just doesn’t ring true. Hundreds of fans have met her and posted their accounts online and they say she’s incredibly sweet and genuine. I think the 90210 crew sounds like a better bet. Hasn’t Paul Wesley already been a BI for Ted? The one about the male diva b* on set. Hey, maybe HE’S Buella…

  • rob

    Glee – Lea Michelle has said before that there’s three of them that like to “party” when they’re doing their promos. I’m slightly disappointed this is all they can muster up though!

  • RedStateLesbian

    Two of the three “not it” shows are on NBC. I am going with Chuck because the “hot chick” on it is so friggin boring. She has the screen presence of a desk lamp and the personality of goldfish #7 in a bowl that was last cleaned during the lifespan of goldfish #2.

    • Lilly


      Also, Chuck and Gossip Girl were created and are currently produced by Josh Schwartz, so all 3 of the ‘not its’ fit.

  • Klick Konner

    If anyone mentioned the New Jersey mess, I missed it. Can’t begin to tell you their names, however.

    • stinkweed

      “Young”: check
      “Hot”? Not so much.

      And would ANYONE think Snookie is a tight… anything? Or that it would be a surprise if she was toking?

  • Boo Boo

    I’m thinking the jersey shore crew.
    They really are working extra hard to raise their fame…on top of their regular acting gig


      “acting”, so you mean they’re not skanks in real life?

      • Boo Boo

        Hey Momma
        They sure are skanks…undoubtedly.
        These “reality” shows do require some acting though.
        Filming “9 to 5 or whatever hours” reality shows are 24 hr days
        I95 gets u to the jersey shore???

  • Jason

    90210-so many # references throughout.

  • Bucketsofrain

    I don’t think it’s Glee… only because I know a lot of musical theater people who rely on their classically trained voices and are afraid that smoking pot would ruin them. Maybe one or two people in the cast smoke, but it’s doubtful that they all light up.

  • butbutsee

    wow, i can´t even read this, not in the mood to interpret snadu shoes gatty kidder blahumbug TGB BGTR SDF stirretander blander writings today…

  • moneybags

    I like the CHUCK idea, esp. since the cast is a rag tag bunch of oddballs. And they have a lot of “guest” directors, which is what the BI seems to refer to (i.e., not a regular director who would know the cast well)

    btw, my first time post !!