Two Country Stars Hook Up for Affair

CDAN – I don’t know if it is because it has been awhile since I had a blind item about country music singers or the fact of who this is about, but I love this one. Two country singers. The male is A++ list. Married. To a celebrity. Can’t say too much about the wife or it would totally give it away. The other singer is a woman. Probably a B list in the country singing world. Maybe that is just because of her name recognition though. She is also in a significant relationship. Anyway, the two have known each other for a few years. They met in a meeting if you know what I mean. Her for one reason and him for another. The next thing you know, they are trying to arrange tour dates close to each other and meeting at a place in Nashville when his wife is out of town. She has said the sex is kind of boring and quiet but really likes him and feels sorry for him. What about your boyfriend or his wife? I wonder if she feels sorry for them.

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86 comments to Two Country Stars Hook Up for Affair

  • Heather

    Keith Urban and ????

    • ceetray

      “met in a meeting” is that referring to AA?

      • stan the guessing man

        Keith Urban and the Wyonna Judd or the white trash Mindy McCready. Mindy & Keith could of become friends at AA meetings

      • amagod121

        Keith and whatherface, the one with the wonky eyes who’s cheating with Cibriani?

      • ladymarmalade

        I thought Keith and Wynonna, too.

        I think I just want it to be Wynonna because I like the idea of Keith being an undercover big-lady lover.

        Come out of the big-lady lover closet, Keith!!!

      • Beans

        Wynonna doesn’t qualify as “Probably a B list in the country singing world. Maybe that is just because of her name recognition.” She’d be an A lister. Perhaps Keith and McCready.

      • Beans

        Another thought, how about Vince Gill and someone? Vince Gill is married to Amy Grant who certainly qualifies for the title celebrity instead of just singer. Amy was previously married to Gary Chapman and their divorce amid rumors that Amy and Vince were having an affair created a *huge* stink in the Christian community. This item would be extra juicy if it were Vince.

        Now for the young woman . . . . Let me put my country cap on and do some thunking.

  • margo

    how can this not be keith urban???

  • Inga

    I’m thinking it’s Keith Urban. He went to rehab for cocaine, i think. Last line might be a clue about feeling sorry. In Urban’s “I Told You So” Lyrics, the chorus is something like “Don’t Say You’re Sorry”. The photo, however doesn’t seem to fit this one. Maybe it’s someone older.

  • stinkweed

    Nicole Kidman’s husband and…. I don’t know

  • Katie

    The male singer has to be either Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, or Keith Urban. The female singer? Maybe Miranda Lambert, Julianne Hough…

    • anonymous

      I agree-all three of these guys are A++, have homes in Nashville, and are married. The singer is a hard one-Miranda Lambert is engaged to Blake Shelton. That is a is signifigant relationship-however in the last line it says boyfriend. Julianne Hough did open for Brad Paisley on tour last fall….

    • antiaphrodite

      There was a blind recently that I guessed Brad Paisley for-

      I sure hope it’s not him, but he does fit the bill!

  • Yeas

    Keith Urban… Too bad for Nicole. I wonder who the singer is, Leanne Rhimes?

    • Kiki

      Nah, with Leanne they’d undoubtedly note her celeb boyfriend herself or something about cheating or addiction. I don’t think the ‘meetings’ signal her.

      • Luvprue1

        I was thinking Leanna too, but you made a good point. However they did say the female singer has significant relationship, which indicated her relationship with her boyfriend ‘significant’, which makes it sound like Leanna.

  • LaPerla

    Kellie Pickler just jumped into my mind…But I have an issue with my though as I believe her boyfriend is now her fiancé…

  • LaPerla

    Kellie Pickler just jumped into my mind…But I have an issue with my thought as I believe her boyfriend is now her fiancé… (Corrected due to typo)

    • HuckleberryFriend

      Agreed, and the comment about the boring, quiet sex sounds like something that would fall out of her mouth; she doesn’t hold much back. I hope this is wrong though – I don’t want him to be a cheater.

  • I Love DListed

    Tim McGraw/ Keith Urban only males i know

  • Archiesmama

    I agree with Keith Urban (sad); here are some of the women he will be sharing tour dates with: Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland), Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum), Carrie Underwood & maybe Taylor Swift. Hillary Scott is supposed to be dating Aaron Rodgers, former(?) GB Packers QB.

    • Laura

      I think you are on to something there with Jennifer Nettles. Her band mate is married but she’s not. Not sure about Hillary Scott but Carrie Underwood is now married.

  • monkyfart


  • cassandra

    LeAnn Rimes for the female?

  • Brenda

    Tim McGraw was the first person I thought of when I read this….but I don’t have a clue who the other singer might be.

    “They met in a meeting, if you know what I mean”…er, NO I don’t know what that means. Maybe I’m just tired this evening or it could be because my headache has taken over..but could somebody explain that to me?

    • Camembert

      Probably an AA meeting or some other group therapy. My take is that they met at rehab.

      • Spark

        Group therapy…since I am anonymous enough on this forum I can say that I attend 12 step meetings. I don’t really consider it group therapy. I guess people’s definition of such may vary. I can say that it isn’t like people share and then get feedback from the group or from a “moderator”. That ain’t how it works, or not so far as I’ve ever seen. And that doesn’t really give much away about my 12 step group meetings to say so, so I am still in bounds. *laughs*

        Rehab and 12 step meetings are also not the same thing. Not by a long shot. A lot of treatment centers don’t teach the steps, although most do recommend meetings upon discharge (thankfully).

        That being said, I’m guessing it’s Keith Urban and that it was in fact a 12 step meeting. Miranda Lambert-not a bad second person, I suppose. A fiance can also be considered a boyfriend, and is a significant relationship without being marriage. But I am unsure, of course.

  • Aquaboogy

    Garth Brooks and Mindy McCready or Keith Urban and Mindy McCready FTW.

  • Toni122

    Garth Brooks isn’t married to a celebrity, so I think we can knock him right off the list.

    • MissFabulous

      Garth Brooks is married to Trisha Yearwood, who is also an A++ list country singer. I would, without question, say that qualifies her as a “celebrity.”

    • Cindy B

      Garth Brooks lives just outside Tulsa, OK… not Nashville.


    Garth is def A++ and married (with a celeb wife- Trisha Yearwood) but he hasn’t toured in years. I saw him back in 98 or so…that might have been his last tour. Rumor has him a cheating on his former wife though…

    • Just Lurking

      I dont think it would be Tim or Garth because then it would say another singer and not a celebrity… it feels like a clue.

    • MizFabulous

      We all know that he cheated on his wife with Trisha Yearwood. I think he is probably too old, rich and tired to go out catting around anymore.

    • Cindy B

      But Garth Brooks lives in Tulsa OK and not Nashville. It’s definitely his primary residence because he’s seen out and about and at the WalMart all the time! :)

  • stan the guessing man

    Keith Urban and the Wyonna Judd or the white trash Mindy McCready. Mindy & Keith could of become friends at AA meetings

  • nicole12

    Keith Urban and maybe Julianne Hough. They recently both played in Oregon and Paso Robles. Quick, check tour dates!

  • Amanda

    Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood

  • duckduckgoose

    Isn’t Julianne Hough an avowed Mormon and therefore a virgin? Or am I wrong about that?

    • HuckleberryFriend

      Where does Seacrest say about this???

    • Coco

      Close to 75% of the American population identify themselves as ‘Christian’. Did we all wait for marriage? Yeah, Mormons have rules, but so do the rest of us. Just saying….

    • stinkweed

      My best friend is a Mormon. She lost her virginity at 13, while I was still playing with my Barbies.

  • Guesswhat

    Not Tim McGraw please. I think he and Faith Hill are the Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward of country music.

  • badger

    I just don’t see Urban with McCready. Got to be one of the younger more active girls.

  • east coaster

    Gotta agree – this has got to be Keith, but.. Ted Casablanca is always clearly implying that Keith is actually gay so I’m wondering if he’d opt to have an affair with a woman. Maybe he’s desperate for companionship!

  • ReRe

    I think the male is Urban and the female is Kellie Pickler. Underwood is an A-list country singer, and Lambert, who won an award for a song and one for best female singer this year, is close to being on the A list.

  • BethJ

    I think the picture of Johnny and June Carter Cash is a huge clue, with Johnny being the addict/former addict (who cheated on his 1st wife w/wife #2) and June Carter being the one who helped him get clean. So, perhaps Urban for the cheating husband, Nicole being the celebrity wife, and they live part-time in Nashville, part-time in Australia. Not sure about the mistress in this, though. We know she’s a country singer, but I don’t think she has the addiction. I think she was at an AA meeting for support or for a different addiction. The name recognition part makes me think of families within country music, i.e., the Judds, Mel and Pam Tillis, Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle, Johnny Cash, Roseanne Cash, and June Carter, etc. Dunno. Just a guess. :)

  • BethJ

    Sorry for the double posts. Just remembered another point that I wanted to make. Perhaps the sex is kind of boring and quiet because it is Keith Urban, what with Ted Casablanca’s inferences that Keith prefers sex with other males?

  • anon

    Willie Nelson recorded “Cowboys Are Frequently Fond of Each Other”.
    There are others beside just Keith Urban, if he is, who are interested in other guys.
    The country fans probably know. Their favorites are like family to the fans. So some talk frankly about their stars.
    It’s similar to when rock concert goers were reporting on Rod Stewart’s activities with other guys.

  • wpolochick

    B-list with name recognition SCREAMS Kelli Pickler. Not too sure about the guy though.

  • Maryjane92

    “he knows how to grow em if you know what I mean”

    a line in a tim mcgraw song :-) “country boys and girls getting down on the farm”

    • obsesssed

      thank you!! you’re so right on that lyric. he was my first thought. it seems so unbelievable but i don’t think Faith and he are all that they make themselves to be… at least not anymore. she seems to have let it get to her head a little. and tim’s been doing his acting thing.

    • kayray

      I Think that song lyric is referring to the farmers daughters not about whatever u were implying. not trying to be mean just thought i would explain what he meant by that lyric xoxo

  • Dawn Keybols

    Brad Paisley(married to the chick from Father of the Bride)for the guy… Maybe Miranda Lambert for the girl?

  • Mary

    I think the guy absolutely HAS to be Keith Urban… there is no way for Nicole Kidman to be described without giving her identity away. If they said anything about Australia or being a movie star, that would be too obvious. I do not know enough about country music to guess who the girl might be. Although Leanne seems like a good guess because of her unfaithful, husband-stealing ways, has she even been making music lately? I don’t think she’s been touring.

  • SnarkyPants

    Hello, you are all going in the wrong direction with this one. This is so NOT Keith Urban. Do you think someone who paints their nails black is going to be vanilla and boring in bed?

    However, this does sound exactly like Vince Gill and btw, this is exactly how he and Amy Grant hooked up when they were married to other people. I’m stumped on who the chick would be though. I don’t think it’s going to be someone who is younger, it’s gotta be someone a little older. I’m thinking someone who’s not as popular as they used to be, like Reba or Martina. ???

  • duckduckgoose

    Wouldn’t it be wild if it was Keith Urban and FAITH HILL???? I mean, maybe she’s been in meetings for Tim’s addictions…wow, they would be a hot couple. Too bad the blind makes reference to her ‘boyfriend’…otherwise, I’d be loving this!

    • anonymous

      That would be kinda wild-but Faith Hill is not Blist at all. And hello she is married to Tim Mcgraw-who would cheat on that!!

      • Inga

        Men cheat even tho their wives are beautiful. They just want something different for the thrill. That said, I think Faith might b a biatch which probably doesn’t help matters…

      • anonymous

        No I meant Faith Hill is probably not the B list singer IE as in the Keith Urban/Faith Hill comment, as she is both married and not B list. And she does seem like a judgemental biatch who wouldnt cheat on her husband for someone she isnt even that into and feels sorry for. That being said-it seems like all of these people cheat on each other based on the blind items…..

  • Erik

    I don’t think that Keith Urban is considered an A+++ Country star (Probably a solid B or B+), yes, he is married to Nicole Kidman and that gives him alot of press but he doesn’t sell out the big venues or make the really big money.

  • Karen

    Brad Paisley. His wife is an actress thereby ‘celebrity’.
    The other woman? Have no clue.

  • southerngirl

    Tim McGraw and Jo Dee Messina…..

    Rumored years ago when they toured together and sang backing vocals on each other’s records. More recently, Tim has publicly discussed being sober and Jo Dee has had her share of issues with alcohol as well. Time is married (of course) and Jo Dee is not….she was in a long-term relationship years ago that recently ended and is in a somewhat new relationship, but not married.

  • lovemesomegossip


  • Chatchita

    Heidi Newfield is probably the woman, she sings a song called “I Want to Love Like Johnny and June.” Keith Urban is probably the guy! Woot!

  • Inga

    Chatchita – that is an awesome guess

  • antiaphrodite

    Although I think a bunch of these ideas fit, I wonder if the clues point towards Tim McGraw- it says they cannot reveal too much info about the wife or it would be too obvious. I think if it said he was married to another major country star, then it would obviously be them (Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks would be the only other example I could think of).

  • deran

    JoDee Messina is married now and has a child and seems very happy(would Tim cheat on Faith with her???) The one who seems someone might pity because of his situation could be Alan Jackson,because he had a split with his wife before and they decided to remain together after his affair,but he doesnt seem that happy and does seem he would be boring..his wife has written a successful autobiographical book or 2.