Why Agency Keeps Tall Girl as Client

CDAN – This almost almost former A lister on television from a very hit show who is now just a very tall C list television and movie actress got really drunk a few weeks ago and destroyed her agent’s house. Surprisingly though, even though she has not worked much, caused about $20K in damage in the house he did not drop her as a client. Could be because she is sleeping with his married boss.

TV show

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24 comments to Why Agency Keeps Tall Girl as Client

  • Sean

    How about Laura Prepon from the 70s Show? All the other guess are not all that attractive.

  • MsGQ01

    My guess is Lisa Kudrow from Friends.

  • Veronica Sawyer

    Tall talented ladies who have been around (hence “almost almost”) who have been on TV: Name, Old Show, New Show

    Allison Janney (6′): “The West Wing”, “Shameless (Pilot)” or “Mr. Sunshine”
    Christine Baranski: “Cybill”, “The Good Wife”
    Kristen Johnston(6′): “Third Rock”,”Ugly Betty(?”- but since it’s now off the air I don’t think its her
    Jane Leeves (5’10”): “Frasier”, “Hot in Cleveland”

    But based on Robb’s guidance about “The Help” I’m going Allison Janney, FTW!

    • Penny Lane

      I think you may be on to something… Jane leeves is married to Marshall Coben CBS paramount executive.

      • Isabel

        Jane’s husband Marshall has not worked at Paramount since before 2006. He now has a company called Malibu Locations. So it’s not her..

        I say Janney

  • Charlotte Winter

    Mischa Barton

  • JustJenn

    What about Jenna Elfman? From Dharma and Greg? But was that a very hit show? She’s supposedly going to be in a movie with Will Smith and Tom Cruise.

  • Gitano

    Wow, I really hope it’s not Janney, although she is one of the first I thought of. But doesn’t four consecutive Emmy wins make you A-list TV (not just “almost”)? Also she’s worked pretty consistently since The West Wing, so I don’t think “hasn’t worked much lately” really applies to her.

    Of the list above I’d probably go with Kristen Johnson or, as someone else mentioned, Jenna Elfman. She did have a short-lived sitcom last season (? or the season before, I forget) but other than that she hasn’t done anything really high-profile in a while. Of course, she’s married, but that certainly doesn’t mean she couldn’t be having an affair.

    • MyCatLovesTV

      Oh please not CJ Craig! I can just about recite every episode of The West Wing verbatim so to say I am a fan would be an understatement. Still there was a line in an episode in Season Five where TV host Taylor Reid (Jay Mohr) taunts CJ “the tall lady is back to telling tall tales” and I have to admit, my mind immediately thought of Janney. But I don’t want to believe it!

  • Vlvtjones

    Maggie Grace (Shannon) from LOST?

  • anonymous

    I second Mischa Barton… except she’s only 5’9″, is that tall enough?

  • mbm2

    Jenna Elfman is 5’10”

  • substnz

    Elizabeth Berkley from Saved by the Bell, she’s 9.5 1/2 feet tall, she did showgirls and a few craptastic appearances in movies and TV shows since

  • Petrichor

    “His married boss” could be male OR female….

    People make such sexist assumptions 😉

    Fingers crossed now that my 2nd ever post on BG doesn’t disappear like my debut post 😀

  • thebutlerdidit

    Seconding your Laura Prepon guess. She hasn’t hit well on anything since That 70s Show, the Chelsea Handler show was horrific, but I’d heard she was great on Orange Is The New Black. I thought she quit that show because of some conflict with her Scientology or her man. So: Laura Prepon, show-Orange Is The New Black

  • Sean

    Well, if an agency head is having an affair…he has a choice of famous attractive women. Probably nearly all of them.

  • Robb Ess

    She’s signed on to the movie adaptation of the bestseller “The Help,” so I’d say her career is still going well.

  • Sean

    Doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have sex with an agency boss.

  • MrLebowski

    Kristen Johnston has been doing a lot of major theater in New York. I’ve seen her in two Shakespeare In the Park productions and she’s been fabulous in both. She’s got a very good reputation now for her theater work, I don’t think she’s in a bad place in her career.

  • Sean

    Actually a good point. And much more entertaining to think of!

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