This Pooch Is Screwed

[BlindGossip] A visitor to a film set brought their dog with them. One of the lead actors (who is very well-known) chatted briefly with the dog owner, whom he had previously met. The actor told the visitor that he actually owned a similar dog years ago, and that he really missed her.

When the dog owner received a phone call requiring them to leave the set, our actor volunteered to watch the dog. The delighted dog owner accepted the offer and promised to return in about an hour.

They were actually gone about twenty minutes. When they returned, they were told that the actor had gone to his trailer, and had taken the dog with him. The dog owner went to the trailer and, amused to hear the actor talking to the dog, opened the door without knocking.

They found the actor naked and erect behind the dog. The actor quickly covered up, muttering some sort of excuse. The horrified dog owner grabbed the dog and left. The actor has since contacted the dog owner twice to offer compensation in exchange for their silence.

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