He Pimped Out His Wife for Directing Gig


CDAN – This married writer/producer/director wanted to direct this much anticipated movie. A movie for which there was a lot of competition. Well, one day the producer of the movie came over to the director’s house to interview him for the job. While he was there the director’s B- list movie and television actress wife showed up. She sat in on the interview and made it perfectly clear to the producer that she was perfectly willing to f**k him right there if it got her husband the job. The next day the producer came over and our actress and he had sex. The director got the job. What he might not have expected though is that his wife who has done this kind of thing before has continued to sleep with the producer.


Allegedly, all the players in this story are contained within this EntertainmentWeekly item:

“Tod “Kip” Williams has signed on to direct this fall’s sequel to Paranormal Activity. Cue Michael from Arrested Development: “Him?” Previously, Brian De Palma and Akiva Goldsman (one of the project’s producers) had been rumored to possibly helm the sequel after Kevin Greutert couldn’t do it. (Lionsgate’s Saw 3D opens the same not-quite-haunted-yet day as the Paranormal sequel: October 22.) “Kip is the guy we want at the helm, because he knows exactly what we want to deliver to the fans,” writes producer Oren Peli, who directed the original Paranormal. Neato. Who wants to find out what Kip Williams has done besides marry Gretchen Mol?”

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