Willy Didn’t Care About Her Chilly Pillows

BlindGossip – This well-known singer had a very intentional wardrobe malfunction before a recent performance at an international venue. Instead of debating what to wear in the privacy of her dressing room, she decided to make her wardrobe options much more public. So she stripped topless backstage, and then had a golf cart driver chauffeur her between the stage and her dressing room while she was completely nude from the waist up.

Speculation is that she hoped that  just a glimpse of her girls would cause a certain Royal Prince to ditch his girlfriend for her. Didn’t happen. Eventually there was a lame attempt by a handler to “protect her modesty” by holding up a sarong as a cover up, but the singer seemed rather intent on providing plenty of exposure for any interested photographers. Sadly for her, they just weren’t that many takers. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, especially given that even Donatella Versace and her melted leather breast luggage merited enough attention for a buff shoot recently. While we don’t think that our singer’s chest is quite the spectacle, at least you wouldn’t need any eye bleach after viewing.

Note: The Donatella photos are NSFW.

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