Willy Didn’t Care About Her Chilly Pillows

BlindGossip – This well-known singer had a very intentional wardrobe malfunction before a recent performance at an international venue. Instead of debating what to wear in the privacy of her dressing room, she decided to make her wardrobe options much more public. So she stripped topless backstage, and then had a golf cart driver chauffeur her between the stage and her dressing room while she was completely nude from the waist up.

Speculation is that she hoped that  just a glimpse of her girls would cause a certain Royal Prince to ditch his girlfriend for her. Didn’t happen. Eventually there was a lame attempt by a handler to “protect her modesty” by holding up a sarong as a cover up, but the singer seemed rather intent on providing plenty of exposure for any interested photographers. Sadly for her, they just weren’t that many takers. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, especially given that even Donatella Versace and her melted leather breast luggage merited enough attention for a buff shoot recently. While we don’t think that our singer’s chest is quite the spectacle, at least you wouldn’t need any eye bleach after viewing.

Note: The Donatella photos are NSFW.

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  1. MN says

    I don’t think Lily Allen has any illusions about the alluring power of her breasts – especially when it comes to a prince. She’s certainly an attention seeker, but I see her doing things like going topless for a laugh more than anything else. She strikes me as far too self depreciating to the point of insecure to actually believe she could flash a prince and make him chase her.

    I like the Joss Stone guess better. She’s just arrogant enough for something like this.

  2. Without you I'm just Me says

    Mm, Mariah Carey had a guest spot on the UK X-Factor at the end of last year, maybe she was hoping Prince William would take an interest.

  3. Howie says

    Lady GaGa. She met the Queen recently on a visit to the UK and doesn’t seem the shy type (Lady GaGa, not the Queen). I can totally see the golf cart trip. My guess is she was gunning for Prince Hot Ginge.

    • Blind Item Obsessed says

      I would flash all the goods for Prince Hot Ginge! That being said, I have no good guess, but I like this one!

    • Lady says

      I cant imagine lady gaga wanting to marry the prince…..since she sometimes likes princesses also if ya get my drift….

      Doesnt strike me as a creature of monogamy

    • Sean says

      That would be awful, GAGA’s breast are very saggy. I don’t think that balding inbred royal would like that.

      • MizFabulous says

        Read your history books, Neil. European royalty has ALWAYS intermarried. Heaven forbid you should allow the common folk to get their grubby paws upon the royal coffers! Even Princess Diana, whom everyone loves to refer to as a “commoner” was SOOOOO NOT a “commoner”. She actually has a more royal and better pedigree than her ex-husband/distant cousin, Prince Charles.

  4. S says

    Lilly Allen. She played the Big Day Out tour in Sydney recently which was running the same time as a visit from Prince Wills. At the end of the gig I saw her strip off her top/dress as she was walking offstage. Was the gig when she was wearing the cool multi-coloured dress and leopard print underwear – photos have been everywhere. Love Lilly!

  5. Mindy says

    That was NOT Donatella on the beach. That is an Italian Countess who has a home in St. Barts. Do your research!

    • NOH8 says

      Right you are. Just trying to process what you’re seeing in that picture made it hard to focus on the face. Look at that nose. It is NOT the nose of a career boxer who’s lost too many fights. Which means it’s not Donatella.

  6. ahorsenamedbill says

    Why are her hands holding one breast up and the other down?
    They’re not even, when you cover your breasts, one naturally makes them even.
    Is this TMI?

    • Delia says

      I totes noticed they weren’t even either and it bothered me. Not that it’s unusual, but she’s holding them in a way that it makes them look uneven!

      • ahorsenamedbill says

        Delia, thanks for the backup
        and since it’s a BG Blind, the pic is a clue
        so, let’s think of who has uneven breasts
        of course, it’s common knowledge that breasts can be different sizes, maybe BG has inside info that they (the breasts) look uneven
        Lily Allen on that golf cart . . .

    • Don't Know For Sure says

      Celine Dion wouldn’t even show her husband her stuff (at least in my mind she doesn’t).

  7. Violet Beauregard says

    I don’t have any guesses today but am SURE loving all the blind items. I love you BG!

  8. says

    L is for Lily Allen and this was at a concert in Aussieland recently. She’s such a hot mess NO prince would want her daylight or night time. *Sigh

  9. MzTee says

    So given the title says “Willy” didn’t care about the chilly pillows, could we track down where Prince William’s been lately? And I couldn’t see MC flashing the goods unless her Spanx malfunctioned and somehow catapulted her tittays out into the free world.

  10. AJ says

    The title says Willy as in the royal Prince William who was in Australia recently, was there a concert for him there? Any Aussie’s online who would know?

  11. booboo says

    that pic of donatella scared the crap out of me. wtf! and she’s still tanning with that skin, beyond damage??? oh yeah it could be lilly allen

  12. QT says

    SOLVEDM Lily Allen Prince William. She was photographed on golf cart same time Prince William was in the house. Blue dress yellow flowers prolly had it unzipped LOL classic well she did say she was ready to retire and have babies_shes just delusional enougth to think she could marry THE Prince. Classic LOL

  13. Niamh says

    QT you are right, and I saw those photos and the blue dress looked a bit like a sarong, very loose.

  14. SadieHawkins says

    It’s really hard to focus on the question after viewing
    the Donatella pics… My eyes, my eyes!
    It reminds me of the Thanksgiving I left the
    turkey in the oven way too long, without the lotion
    of course.

  15. Blah says

    Well Janet Jackson had a pic like that and she did have a “wardrobe malfunction”… So it might be (her) someone close to her.