Chip and Grin Trump Pillow and Goat

BlindGossip – All the talk this week will be about Goat and Pillow, but as they weren’t married, this is just a breakup and division of assets, both live and inanimate.

Far more complex and interesting is the ongoing saga of Chip and Grin, who are now living completely apart with a new agreement signed and sealed. She has the kid/s full time, which was  a major triumph for her. Where did she get so much leverage? She found out that her marriage isn’t valid in the US and that Grin is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack.

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154 comments to Chip and Grin Trump Pillow and Goat

  • auntmidgee

    OK, so I’m even embarrassed to post this but:

    Goat = Brad (have you seen his goatee?)
    Pillow = Angie (she does have 2 lovely “pillows”)
    Chip = Tom (because he’s short, just a guess)
    Grin = Katie (she always has a stepford grin on her face)

    We know Tom wants control of the kid(s) so I can see where this would be a coup for Katie – especially with his lawyers. Also, they were married in Italy so perhaps their marriage isn’t legal. Weren’t they first married on a boat somewhere by the COS people?

    Additionally, wasn’t there a blind a while back about a guy who has taken up with a foreign love who was in trouble in Italy – like a club promoter or something? Maybe its not related or maybe it is considering they were married in Italy.

    You all are better than me at connecting the dots!

  • Blair Waldorf

    Wow those are exactly my two guesses too.
    There were rumors about Brad and Angie breaking up all weekend too…

  • ALittleUnwell

    Don’t care about Bragelina, but I would really like to see Katie get out. Hope it works out for her.

    • lisa

      I want to see Tom Cruise just come out already. Everyone knows… he’s not fooling anyone. He might as well just come out and find some happiness instead of living a lie.

      And imagine what a good role model that would make him for young gay men around the world.

  • Jade

    The way its worded wouldnt grin be the male?

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Thanks for the update on this BG! Was wondering what was going on since the last post.

  • mm

    Rosie and her gal wife?

  • Jade

    If Tom is gay, why would someone give up a normal life just to play fake house with him? All that money wouldnt make me stay with him. Does he trick these women at first? I am baffled at him being gay.

    • KimiD

      The deal is you get fame and fortune. These Hollywood types aren’t your typical Ma and Pa Kettle. Most will sell their souls for a piece. However that being said, Katie hasn’t gotten what she wanted out of the deal so now she’s looking for a way out. You’d be surprised at what some people might do for a taste of it.

    • A Practical Gal

      (sigh) let’s spell it out for you. He MAY be gay (that’s the rumour, doesn’t mean he’s acting out on it) but if he is, he needs a marriage/children to look like he is straight to the world. He’s not about to come busting out of the closet, that would kill his career. He can make a deal with a woman to do this and she will sign a contract to act like a happy wife and mother, knowing it’s an act, but being very well compensated and having all the perks of a celebrity marriage – to keep her mouth shut! It’s to her advantage, this would hopefully boost her stalled career more than marrying, say, some anonymous plumber out of “true love”. Why would she expose his ‘secret’ to the world, it would look bad for both of them. Doesn’t mean their marriage isn’t happy, doesn’t mean they don’t love their children. This happens with celebrities all the time. What part of that don’t you understand??? Jeez.

      • Jade

        Jeez to yourself, nasty person.

      • rules

        Wow, rude much?

      • rules

        I mean prat gal, not jade

      • josie444

        (sigh) Let me spell it out for you, Pratical Girl. Your rudeness is neither witty or welcome. Find somewhere else to post. Hopefully you’re able to understand all of this.

      • DT

        Who are YOU to tell anyone where to post? PG can write wherever, whatever and however she wants. We do live in America and it is her opinion.


        I agree. I’ve seen far worse than this – people telling other people they are stupid and such. People should be able to write what they want, it is their opinion. Opinions are like azz holes: everyone’s got one. However it costs people nothing to be kind and polite.

      • des

        I agree with DT

      • LooLoo

        Why should anyone get to write whenever and whatever they like? People think that their opinion is so important and so valuable. I assure you that it isn’t. No one cares. So if someone can;t add to the discussion, what’s the point?

      • DT

        I’m a little confused LooLoo – isn’t this “discussion” full of opinions in the form of guesses? And aren’t you basically nullifying your own statement with your statement regarding the importance of opinions. People are able to state their minds because we have the constitutional right. Someone obviously cared about PG’s opinion because of the 4 replies following it.

      • drusilla

        The internet is not located in America.

      • MissyL

        @A Practical Gal
        You are just ASSuming celebrities do this all the time. Your assumption is a long way from it being the truth.

        Besides, the blind does not specify gay lover, just a lover – could be either.

      • MyBlueWorld

        This is a fun site, where we’re able to hash out the guesses that are going through our heads about mindless gossip. No one expects to be ridiculed here. Please be kind, Practical Gal.

      • amagod121

        Thanks for putting it so nicely.

    • auntmidgee

      I think we all know women who believe they can change a man. In fact, I bet Tom really believed that he could change himself and be happy with Katie. His early days with her showed him as euphoric – or maybe that was medicated? Anyway, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed with that type of attention. Its too bad it wasn’t genuine and that she was so far in she couldn’t back out. Either way, I’m rooting for her and for Brad.

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if Angie and Tom hooked up? Let’s discuss…

      • MissyL

        Haha…but Togelina just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

      • Plush

        I bet Angelina could turn him straight. She probably know freaky ish that make Tom think he was with a man.

      • Nicky

        I can not help to think that the jumping on Oprah’s couch was a singn of manic depressive… He seems to have High and Low quite frequently. No matter what he is a strange one.

      • J

        That sounds very logical, and his religion would not allow him any chance at controlling it!!!

      • somethingoriginal

        nah Tommy Boy just thinks that’s the kind of overly romantic gesture that girls would swoon over instead of find fake and creepy. You know, because he knows what a woman wants so well and all!

      • Gossip Fanatic

        As much as I don’t like Tom’s public image. He was very nice when filming in Boston. I couldn’t believe it.

      • HollyG.

        What would be truly awesome is if KATIE and Angelina hooked up.

      • auntmidgee

        OMG – the thought never crossed my mind but now…

  • scsalon

    What about Tiger Woods and his wife Elle? She getting in a *chip* shot at grinning Woods.

    • ALittleUnwell

      Tiger is seriously in the dog house at the moment. Elin doesn’t need any leverage. I can’t for a minute see Tiger getting custody over her.

  • Megan

    First one is obviously the brange, but the second?

  • Repeat Offender

    I am going to say Chip is Tiger Woods(Chip-golf expression and Elin(seems to be grinning alot in pictures of her). Before she wouldn’t have been able to take the kids out of the country without his permission, now maybe she can.

    I was going to say Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner . But Tom and Katie make sense also since they got married in France.

  • tipsy

    SOLVED!!! Brangelina and Tomkat

  • kelly

    now that i read it, i agree with the others that think the second couple is tiger and elin.

  • Goldie242

    I agree with the Tiger and Elin guess…also just because he cheated doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have his parental rights revoked just for being a d_ck….and he does have plenty of lovers…just a guess

    a short shot (typically played from very close to and around the green), that is intended to travel through the air over a very short distance and roll the remainder of the way to the hole.

    • lightbulb

      Tiger and Elin were married in Barbados so that part fits.

      “They were married October 2004, by the 19th hole of the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados. The 150 guests included Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Bill Gates. Woods rented the entire complex for a week, including three golf courses and 110 rooms, costing almost $2 million”

      Still I can’t imagine someone wouldn’t have told them that the wedding wasn’t legal in the US. It’s not unusual for US residents to marry there.

      On the other hand who on Toms staff and pr team wouldn’t have checked into the legality of an Italian wedding?

  • CMG

    I don’t think Chip and Grin are TomKat. She seems too under his thumb.

    Throwing Dart: Maggie G. and Peter Sarsgaard. They were married overseas and Peter fires up my gaydar.

    • Nick

      Who are Maggie G. and Peter Sarsgaard anyway? They don’t “trump” Brangelina. Whenever the item is authored by BG, the picture is likely to be a clue. That picture has been used in an item that was obviously about Tom & Katie. BG also has referred to Katie’s chip in the head before. This item is solved. Not very blind to begin with.

      • KimiD

        Agreed. This photo was originally used for the post called “it’s in the eyes” or something to that effect. The blind was linked to TomKat (proven and solved) regarding the rumours that Suri is not Tom’s bio child.

      • drusilla

        I can’t find that blind… grr! Anyone know where I can look at it?

      • KimiD

        I think it was “solved”, you might start there.

      • amagod121

        Hunh? She doesn’t look like him but still…he seems over the moon with her…would that be the case if she was another man’s child?

      • CMG

        I would say the selatiousness of the blind would trump some tabloid rumor.

  • Yea

    Def Katie and Tom. Blindgossip always uses this photo for them. Plus they were married in Europe.

  • Giraffic

    I have a serious QUESTION: Has Angelina gotten a face lift? Her face has looked really odd for a while now. She ALWAYS has her hair over her ears and it looks like it’s stretched and frozen in place. Which is to bad because that was her money maker(what are lips if they’re not on a beautiful face?) Her last movies didn’t do that well compared to her past ones and I can’t see SALT doing that well either. I truly think people are getting over her and moving on, and if she breaks up with Brad look for her to do something to stay relevant because after the “break-up frenzy” dies down people wont care about her unless she: get’s more kids,date/has 3rd affair or make a good movie. Just a question!


      I wouldn’t be surprised if she at least got some sort of brow lift. Her face is starting to look frozen and haggard at the same time. Both Brad and Angelina have gone down the tubes since hooking up with each other. They both look like they’ve been through the wringer – especially Brad his looks are gone now. Somehow people need to learn the hard way that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. He should have stayed with Jennifer. I’m pretty sure even he thinks this now.

      • DreamyVelvet

        Brad needs to shave to get some of his hot back..I do wonder though if he grew it rebel/repel Angie lol

      • Neil

        *sigh* Am I the only one who wishes Brad and Jen would get back together?

      • amagod121

        She looks 10 years older than her (supposed) age. Too, too thin for one thing. She’s wasting away, as is her beauty. Not that I like Megan Fox, but compare how fresh-faced she looks to Angelina.

    • LooLoo

      I don’t thin a doctor would give a facelift to a 34-year-old woman. She may have had some Restalyne or something, though.


        Have you seen Heidi Montag??? She’s 23! Many doctor’s don’t care – they just want the $. It’s unethical to perfom that many procedures on someone at once let alone someone that young.

    • lightbulb

      Giraffic, your kidding about Angies movies not making money right? Kung Fu Panda and Wanted were huge at the box office, Wanted was all on her shoulders and it mad $350 million world wide, her action flicks always make big bucks, so Salt is likely to be a money spinner too.

    • Gossip Fanatic

      I think you raise a very good question Giraffe. One I was asking myself, in fact.

  • goodguess

    Brangelina for the first couple (Goatee and Pillow-lips) and most definitely Tom and Katie for the second couple.
    Obvious clues:
    – The picture has the same eye as a few blinds earlier last year, where it was all about TomKat.
    – They got married in Italy. As someone who also got married in Europe, I know that the marriage can’t be performed and isn’t valid unless you have already had a civil marriage ceremony in the US.

    • HollyG.

      Actually, you can legally be married in Italy if you follow the requirements. I believe that you have to present your translated documents and then are married either in a civil ceremony by the mayor’s office, or religiously by a RC priest. Different regions have different rules about where the ceremony can take place; however, a wedding that is performed in accordance with Italian law and recognized by Italy should be valid in the US as well.

      If Chip and Pinhead thought they were legally married on the COS boat, then they most likely had a symbolic wedding at that Italian castle.

    • WTF

      I didn’t see this brought up before, but there is no way that having a marriage that isn’t valid in the US would slip through Grin (especially with all the people/lawyers in his camp). I think having an un-valid marriage was a way for Grin to secure assets.

      • Gossip Fanatic

        Maybe Tom didn’t want a valid marriage. Why do through that legally when it isn’t a real marriage? They have a contract, so they wouldn’t need a valid marriage license. That is only for the show. I don’t know, I am a true conspiracy theorist at heart.

      • amagod121

        Mick Jagger pulled this shizz with Jerry Hall. Not impossible to imagine that Grin would have “omitted” to tell poor Robo-chip that the marriage was only for show.

  • kelly

    The blind says nothing about gayness.

  • A

    I agree for sure with Brad and Angie… but I could see Tiger and Elin being Chip and Grin.

  • Word Up

    I really don’t think Brad and Angelina are breaking up this week. The report has been roundly denied.

    But they’re definitely who this Blind is referring to.

  • Ahorsenamedbill

    I’m going with AuntMidgie’s guess
    Good job!

  • minnie

    We sure haven’t seen much of Tom & Katie lately.

  • kelno

    Agree with the TomKat guess. As for the Tiger/Elin guess: the blind states that Grin would be the male in the relationship, “..Grin is planning on abetting…” so Chip would be the female. Time will tell….

  • doxie

    here is the link to where that pic was used previously – Note the title “She has finally pulled the chip out of her head.”

  • Tralalala

    I think Chip and Grin may be Chris Martin and Gwynnie Paltrow, respectively.

  • WaitASecond

    But who is the criminal boyfriend being abetted out of the country? To which country?

  • Jaxx

    I have never believed that Suri was Tom’s kid so that should be all the leverage that Katie would ever need to get her way on anything.

    • SJ

      Except she can’t really use it as leverage b/c any threat that she would expose the truth would be w/o any force. Tom knows Katie can’t expose the truth, because she publicly pushed the lie for so long. She would lose all credibility with the public, would expose herself to lawsuits for fraud, and would put the final nail in the coffin on her career. Not to mention the mega-child support payments she’ll get on Suri’s behalf. (You can’t contract around child support in most states). So she and Tom are forever bound together in that lie.

      • Duckie

        She would get child support nonetheless. The law in America is that if you don’t challenge paternity right away, courts will deem you the legal father if the child, even if DNA tests show you are not the birth father. And I can’t imagine who could sustain a lawsuit for fraud against her, it would be grounds for divorce but I doubt tom could win a Tort action for fraud. She would however lose all credibility (unless she claims the whole cult brainwashed routine)

      • ahorsenamedbill

        Duckie, I agree with you on the points of law, but I think Katie would win public sympathy straight away. Look what Angelina Jolie did for herself after the BillyBob debacle. She was so gross, now she’s dubbed “St. Angie”

      • Duckie

        She might get sympathy but also be a sort of punchline. Like Rick Hudson’s wife. Or Liza minelli and Peter allen/David gest/other gay husbands- she is a legend but she is also a bit of a joke after marrying about 5 gay guys.

  • Britt

    Okay maybe this is COMPLETELY random but, aside from the typical TomKat and Brangelina guesses, when I first noticed the picture it made me think of the poster for Avatar…which made me think of James Cameron. He’s Canadian and I’m not sure where he and Suzy Amis got married, but if it was somewhere out of the country, it may not be valid. Plus Cameron has had a long string of wives, and he left Linda Hamilton after an affair with Amis, so he may have constant wandering eye, thus the lover?

    • Britt

      Not to mention the split would be huge news since they have been together for almost 10 years…

    • Don't Know For Sure

      I’m not sure if James Cameron and his wife are the answers to the blind item but I was thinking the same thing regarding his now wife. Now that they say that Avatar has surpassed Titanic as the highest grossing movie his recent wife may be in trouble because he seems to get a new wife when his profile (or paycheck) goes up.

  • sg

    If “Chip and Grin” is TomKat, then the criminal boyfriend is David Miscavige, head of the Church of Scientology. High-level church officials have been defecting recently, accusing him of assault, embezzlement, basically everything short of eating babies alive. Can totally see that guy running away to Dubai or someplace similar.

  • zorzetta

    re:But who is the criminal boyfriend being abetted out of the country?

    I bet the lover is David Miscavige. Current head of Scientology and someone who is most likely about to get indicted for some serious crimes if rumours about him are true.

  • Charshank Redemption

    Run Katie, run!

  • Minerva

    Check out Brad here…and Ang too. I give you Goat & Pillow.

  • Party All The Time

    Im going with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

  • cxbajc

    This post changed a little bit after it went up. The part that reads: “…and that Grin is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack…” originally said “…and that Dull is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack…” So, Dull=Grin.

  • Maggie Mae

    Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were married in California. Can’t be them.

  • Pillow and Goat= Brad and Angie
    Chip and Grin = Tom and Katie
    I recalled BG writing about a big annoucement that will be made this year about a celebrity
    couple which will be untrue? Was this about Brangelina and their so called separation.

  • Tru

    I agree with the masses, its TomKat..

    we already know that the first part is Ange and Brad.

    WOW to Tom and his scientology adm lover..
    he must be bi-sexual (Tom) he likes it all but really deep down inside prefers men.

    lord, keep me near the cross!!

  • Jason

    Umm, this is Tom and Katie. BG has used this image for other Tom and Katie Blinds.

  • Z

    I know that pillow refers to angelina’s lips but I also remember her ex billy bob saying something about sex with her was sometimes like “f*cking a couch” and that reminded me of that too.

  • Whinge

    If it is Katie, good job I say. Her Scientology handler came across pretty scary in that St Petersburg Times piece that just came out.

  • MoFoYo

    I thought Paltrow and Martin was a great guess: He is gay, and was terribly affectionate with his former manager who tried to commit suicide (tragic). Also, prob irrelevent, Moses Martin is spitting image of said former manager. Crazy…huh! Artificial insemenation imposed by CAA?

  • MaryMac

    The ONLY split that would actually trump a Brangelina split would be TomKat.

  • wykkyd

    I’m going against the consensus here and venture a guess that Chip & Grin are David and Victoria Beckham.

    • Divine D

      It’s not them. They don’t fit the clues. Why would their marriage need to be legal in the US?

      • wykkyd

        It doesn’t, which is kinda the point. Perhaps she seized it as an opportunity to take up legal residence here & escape the marriage.

  • j74

    I agree with auntmidge it’s katie & tom. My sister is getting married to someone from Europe. I think she mentioned after they get married here, they still have to have another ceremony in the country he’s from or they won’t be recognized as married by his home country?

  • Anonymous

    We Anons have known for a while now about David Miscavige’s semi-secret little bolthole in South Africa. Tommy Girl is buddies with David Beckham, right? Well, how about this scenario: Tommy Girl goes to South Africa later this year to watch his buddy Beckham play in the World Cup, and he brings along his other buddy Miscavige, one step ahead of the law in the US? Miscavige sort of “vanishes” during, say, the England/US match and heads toward his little fortified compound, and Cruise pulls out the old “he told me he was going to take a leak” story, thus maintaining his innocence.

    This sounds like the type of plan a Scientologist would cook up.

  • drusilla

    From News of the World (via a post on dlisted):
    The mayor of the Italian town where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes married yesterday insists their union is not legal, because she was not present at the event.

    Bracciano mayor Patrizia Riccioni claims no legal documentation was filed by Cruise, who, in addition to wanting a Scientology wedding, has been married twice before and therefore would have needed Riccioni to officiate the marriage.

    As Scientology rites are not legally recognized in Italy, they must be preceded or followed by a civil ceremony.

    Riccioni tells British newspaper News of the World, “The wedding is not recognized by Italian law. For that to happen, I would have to be there.”

  • Lynne

    Could Grin be another name for ToothyTiles? I thought ToothyTiles was Tom Cruise?

  • Bubbles

    Is “criminal pal (and alleged lover)” a man or a woman? Cause if it’s a man, Grin is Tom Cruise. But if it’s a woman, Grin is Tiger.

  • jen

    if an agreement were signed between katie and tom…as in “we’re getting married for publicity reasons”, wouldn’t there have been some portion of that which covers children? I mean why would the marriage need to be legal really if a contract had been signed – the marriage would really have been just more of the show. What I think is that Katie did not do this for publicity reasons. I really think this poor thing was blindsided; head over heels, oh my god tom cruise wants to marry me, this would be great for my career, i’ll become a scientologist if i have to and so on. NOW she’s like get me the hell out of this nightmare and phew thank god my marriage isn’t legal. so i second third and fourth that chipandgrin are tomkat. i just think the coup is really a coup here and she might have tricked this looneybin at his own game.

    • ahorsenamedbill

      my thoughts exactly, Jen
      Katies father is in control here (IMO)
      totally fooled the fool at his own game

  • Chris

    I think the real hint with Chop and Grin is the criminal pal. Who could that be but the head of Scientology, who’s definitely in trouble and going to need a way out of the country pretty soon.

    Plus we’ve all heard about the agreement Katie supposedly signed.

    TomKat. No question.

  • Chris

    Meant Chip not Chop. I’ll learn to type someday.

  • SJ

    If this is Tom and Katie (and I hope to heck it is) then it explains why she was photographed alone at Sundance while Tom is filming in L.A. and why she’s been seen lately driving her own Mercedes, w/o a driver or bodyguards. In the past she has always been in a tinted-window SUV with a driver, a bodyguard and large entourage. So driving herself, alone, is a major change of behavior.

  • Anon-Pot

    Google “Shelley Miscavige.” If this speculation is on target, the crime of locking her up would be my guess. She hasn’t been seen for years and (if she is locked up) it could be getting to be impossible to keep her there. (Or perhaps she died and that has not been reported.)

  • amagod121

    The only thing I don’t understand is why the marriage not being valid would give KatieChip leverage? Tom could always claim that he was also ignorant about this glitch. And didn’t they marry again here in the US or am I dreaming this? The other info, on the other hand, could be the damaging goods, heheh. Guess KatieChip wasn’t as dumb or duped as well thought.

  • bananarama

    i think if they are not married then his rights over suri would be limited. certainly in the UK this would be the case he would have virtually no rights the child would go to the mother.

  • Lynne

    Possibly, David Miscavige (head of Scientology). But the really freaky thing is that David Miscavige is the Scientology pastor that married Katie and Tom in Italy.