Pilot Tells Star to Mind His Own Darn Cockpit

EOnline – We haven’t heard much about Fey Oiled-Tush since he dripped (not enough) jewels all over Hollywood’s leading vamp movie star. So thought you all might like to know what the closeted big-time celeb’s been up to—besides getting it on with gorgeous young men up in his private plane, that is.

He’s getting very nervous.

And no, not just because Fey’s worried his myriad boy-lovers will squeal on him—they all have to sign confidentiality agreements, mind you—but because of Oiled-Tush’s pilot. Yep, the guy who’s seen it all, and how, is super pissed off…Can you guess why?

“It’s not the boys,” a source very close to the pilot revealed. “It’s how he’s being treated, which he thinks is really badly, and borderline unlawful.”

Turns out that Mr. Tush’s flier, who’s straight, has no prob watching all the gay mile-high club stuff go down (or up, as it were). But he does very much mind how Fey’s utterly controlling of his personal time, especially after they’ve all landed at various far-off locales. According to the pilot’s tight pals, Oiled-Tush locks his employee in hotel rooms and uses surveillance mechanisms on him, so as to oversee his every move.

To say the flyin’ dude—who’s totally not into the celeb scene to begin with—is majorly creeped out by all this is an understatement. Indeed, the pilot’s so damn alarmed by his boss’s evil-eye behavior, he called his lawyer and threatened legal action, which he has begun.

Will Mr. Tush wise up and lighten up on the guy, maybe throw in a cool million as an apology, while he’s at it?

He will if he’s smart, that’s for sure. ‘Cause it was really stupid-o-la, to begin with, to even mess with a dude who had no intention of messing with your closeted ass, until you started treating him like a prisoner in some kind of James Bond movie.

It Ain’t: Harrison Ford, Mike Myers, Tobey Maguire

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110 comments to Pilot Tells Star to Mind His Own Darn Cockpit

  • Tuxedo

    This sounds a lot like Tom Cruise.

  • Luc Brooks

    John Travolta

  • RIpley

    Me thinks stupid-o-la mean John Travolta.

    • Divine D

      I thought that right away too, but Travolta is known to fly his own planes so I don’t think it’s him. I’m jumping on the Tom Cruise bandwagon for now.

      • NOH8

        Pretty sure the 707 he flies requires a co-pilot.

      • CMG

        Yep and he has his own personal aircraft but this sounds extreme. I also think the item saying he is not into the celebrity thing rings true as CO$ makes their members not do much.

        Team Travolta on this one.

  • AJ

    Great Title, BG :) 😛 :)

    Tom Cruise ftw

  • Charlene

    I don’t think it’s Travolta. A FOAF worked for him a few years back and, although he wouldn’t say anything specific, he said it was one of the best jobs he ever had. Travolta usually also flies between his various houses (he even has a house in Florida with its own airstrip), so no need for hotels.

  • nooner

    Harvey 0weinstein

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Tom “I see Zenu” Cruise. Probably makes Katie glad when she gets shoved in the luggage compartment, though.

  • Catiebug

    Totally Cruise.

  • Sean

    Yeah, this is the least blind item in a long time. Cruise is crazy with his employees. Well, crazy all the time really.

  • Flo

    The gay dwarf midget T.C. plus a million dollars is a drop in the bucket and not enough.

  • Djw

    I’m thinking it is NOT Tom Cruise – is Katie Holmes really Hollywood’s leading vamp? NO. Who is Hollywood’s leading vamp?

    • Kayla

      I think he’s talking about the previous Fey Oiled-Tush blind vice

    • SadieHawkins

      They list Thelma Hyak as a vamp, that doesn’t fit…however late last year this was mentioned “Hollywood actress Katie Holmes wants to play a vampire in her next movie” could VAMP be short for Vampire?

    • LooLoo

      I don’t think it’s him either. Everyone on these gossip sites are convinced that he’s gay, but he isn’t. Even Andrew Morton, who was digging for any hint of gayness, had to admit that he isn’t, and Morton is notorious for getting the goods on celebs.

      • Jen

        You know, I’ve never really gotten the gay vibe from him either.

      • Don't Know For Sure

        That’s what I think too. I read excerpts from a book on Tom Cruise. It stated that he was always dating girls even when he was a young man (12-17 yrs old) and he dated women and was married long before gay rumors about him started it seems in the 80’s. Sometimes the rumors just come with the territory of being a nice looking man in Hollywood and sometimes they are true.

  • HollyG.

    Fey Oiled-Tush (where does Casablanca GET these names?) made an earlier Blind Vice appearance as an increasingly unpopular Hollywood guy who tried to get in good with a famous actress but didn’t pony up enough jewelry to please her. Consensus was Tom Cruise and Liz Taylor.

    I co-sign on the Cruise guesses…Tobey Maguire, who has no business anywhere near this BV, is a ref to Jerry Maguire.


    I’m torn on this one. John Travolta owns a plane and can fly it so I don’t see the need for him to have a pilot. Also there have been photos that caught him in a compromising position at the Santa Monica Airport but the crazy controlling and having people followed and under surveillance screams Tom Cruise. Although there was a thing about him not having a plane anymore and having to fly commercial (something about having his shoes with the huge lifts in them screened and people laughing about them), I’ll go Tom.

  • VolCat

    I agree on the Tommy Girl guess, but anyone have any idea what this alludes to?

    “We haven’t heard much about Fey Oiled-Tush since he dripped (not enough) jewels all over Hollywood’s leading vamp movie star.”


      I think this refers to when he supposedly tried to get Scarlett Johansson who was #1 on his hit list to marry him.

    • Moi

      It’s from a previous blind item when Fey tried to suck up to a legendary leading lady (my words), believed to be Elizabeth Taylor. He bought her jewelry as a present – problem: it was only one piece of jewelry :)

  • FitosGirl

    While I agree that Tom & John are the go-tos for most any flying/pilot/gay BI’s, how about those clues?

    Harrison Ford – reference to a aging action star? Big Hollywood earner?

    Mike Myers – comedian? Canadian? closeted? Started on SNL?

    Tobey Maguire – He & Tom were both in “Tropic Thunder”?

    The three above have all been involved in large franchises (Indiana Jones, Austin Powers, Spider Man) so maybe Tom is the winner?

    What’s the connection to the vamp? Tell me Robert Pattinson is somehow connected and I might vomit all over my keyboard. Damn, Twilight! It’s everywhere!

  • Moi

    HI ALL – please see HollyG’s commented about the Vamp – this is regarding an earlier blind about Fey

  • marie

    i agree sounds like tc

  • FitosGirl

    Harrison Ford has his pilots license and owns about 8 planes… From The Daily Mail, “a 12-seater Cessna and a bright yellow Aviat A-1C-20 – which he keeps at Santa Monica Airport.”
    (Link to the article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1229565/Real-life-action-hero-Harrison-Ford-takes-skies-pilot-planes.html)

    Mike Myers dressed as a woman for his bits on SNL.

    Tobey Maguire, married to a woman and has two kids.

    My guess: John Travolta.

  • Lauren

    Also, Mike Myers has starred in an incredibly popular franchise (Austin Powers) just like Tommy Girl has the Mission Impossible movies.

    • kalan

      BTW in Goldmember Who played Austin Powers in the big budget movie about Austin Powers? Kevin Spacey as Doctor Evil and Danny Devito as Mini Me and guess who as Austin Powers, Yeah Baby?

  • eyeroll

    John Travolta is Seymour Plow-Me-More. He’s the one who propositions guys in steam rooms.

    Tom Cruise is the person in this item. Even though he has his pilot’s license, I’m sure he’d rather focus on his company than in the cockpit, which, erm, came out all wrong, so to speak. I’ll stop now.

  • anon

    I say Tom Cruise for sure. But for everyone saying Travolta flies his own planes – so what? If he’s getting it on he needs a pilot, plain and simple. Some days he flies, some days he doesn’t and gets it on with dudes. But my vote is for Tom, regardless.

  • sinamin

    Is evil eye another clue? Didn’t TC star in the movie eyes wide shut?

  • Tru

    I’m sure this is John Travolta, sounds like him to me..JMO

    John does not always fly his own planes..he takes his own planes.

  • lightbulb

    Tom….. he’s the only one with this type of power, controling personality and just plain wirdness, the “Cause it was really stupid-o-la” line might refere to his latest movie which was partly filmed in Sapian…o-la!

    • mizfabulous

      As a side note…other than having GAZILLIONS of dollars, what exactly IS it that gives Tom Cruise so much “power”?

      • pa

        A few yrs ago, Tommy Girl was a big boxoffice star; so much so that one of those big mags labeled him “Hollywood’s Most Powerful Star”. This was before he started his downslide by jumping on Oprah’s couch.

        Tiny Tom was reported to have bragged about his position of power.
        It was also reported that he could have a newcomer blacklisted in the industry. (This also is done by other big stars, as well.)

        TC was also known to sue anyone who dared try to out him.

        But earlier in his career, he was gay-friendly. He had interviews in gay rags, with pics.
        After he joined the Cult of Scientology, the magazines disappeared from the racks. These are now collectors items.
        Some of tnose pics leave little doubt that TC is indeed gay.

  • MN

    This doesn’t sound like Travolta to me at all. While he may have his dalliances on the side, he isn’t the control freak described in this blind. He lives in my hometown and everyone that’s met him or done any work for him describes both he and Kelly as super down to earth people.

    I’m convinced that most posts are right about this being Tom Cruise.

  • MissyL

    What about Nicolas Cage??

    If we are looking at franchise actors, with National Treasure he’s pretty high up there. He’s also said to own several castles in many far off places and, probably stretching it a bit, but to me stupid-o-la sounds like Copp-o-la, his given last name.

    Also, I can’t find the article now but I thought I read that he owned his own jet. It was in a blurb about his tax problems.

    • CMG

      If that were the case the details of his money troubles would have surely dropped that he is terrible to employees and has another lawsuit on his hands.

  • amagod121

    Could Tobey MaGuire be a hint, since Tom was in “Jerry McGuire?”

    On the other hand, Travolta looks like he’d be oil-tushed, since he’s kinda oily looking, and “stupid-o-la” does sound like a play on an Italian name or word.

    But I still see Tommy Girl as the villan in this…

  • amagod121

    Vamp is also short for vampire – was Tom hitting on Robert Pattinson? (Sorry if I misspelled it but I’m too old to care.)

  • amagod121

    Oh, and don’t forget that Tommy Girl also played a vampire in Interview with the Vampire, so could be another clue.

  • julie

    Tom Cruise. I heard from an excellent source that the Katie marriage contract is over after she delivers baby no. 2. But, she may want out earlier.

  • amagod121

    I hope that someone eventually does write a tell ALL book about Tom Cruise because it’d make your hair stand on end, apparently. Or maybe it’d be “Mission Impossible” to fit it all in one book?

  • Lynne

    Ahh! I have one! David Geffen: very gay, huge movie mogul, and owns a Gulfstream (aircraft), and produced ‘Interview with a Vampire’.

    • kalan

      Though fiercely private, Geffen has nothing to hide when it comes to being gay unless it’s truly bizarre. But who starred in Interview With A Vampire as Lestat?

    • Lynne

      Not David Geffen. “dude who had no intention of messing with your closeted ass”. David Geffen is openly gay.

  • Lynne

    Heres a list of movie actors whom owns aircraft:

    And general list of celebrities whom own aircraft:

  • Paula

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Piper

    Am I the only one confused by the wording of this blond? Its so awkward.

    Gah. F You Ted.

  • Jasmine

    I think it’s Tom Cruise. And I can tell you for a fact that he is gay….gay as can be. I have a family member who attends these “gay” parties that producers and such hold all the time. And Tom Cruise is definitely one who attends and participates…among other celebs, and you would be shocked to hear who they are. Tom and Katies marriage is a total hollywood sham to hide his “gayness”. And I am telling the truth…not making this up.

    • ladymarmalade

      Do tell.

    • mm


    • MrPibbs

      Why not give BG a heads up on the details for the next gay party?? That would be one heck of a scoop!!

      Sorry people, you can smack me for being snarky but BS. The idea of gay parties where high profile celebrities gather to participate in group s*x is absurd. No way that would stay quite for long…just the fact that you claim to know(again, BS) and mentioned it here on a gossip site proves that.

    • mizfabulous

      Names! Names! We want NAMES! Come on, Jasmine!

  • ivyleaguer

    why do these gay blind items always talk about these actors going after young guys. I find it hard to believe no gay actors likes older men much less guys their own age.

  • CMG

    Who it’s not makes me think Fey-Oiled Tush was in movies with all of the above.

  • Lalalinda

    Ok, this may be a naive questions…but why would Tom Cruise have to hide if he is gay…whats the big deal…?

    • TK

      Hollywood actors often hide that they are gay because it affects their marketability and the roles they are offered, especially if they are meant to star as romantic leads or action heroes. They may lose their female fan base if they are marketed as a Hollywood heartthrob and/or they may lose credibility if they are trying to play a manly action hero. That’s my theory anyway.

      • mm

        agree with u totally but cruise has had 3 wives and numerous girl friends why would he continue the facard?

      • ahorsenamedbill

        cuz’ he’s a freak
        and his 3 x’s are totally mum about their experiences = big $ contracts/payouts
        and what TK said
        I’m guessing Tom Cruise also

  • dairy

    John Travolta for the control freak – pretty sure he doesn’t fly himself every time; and Tom Cruise for the Hollywood vamp – he did a vampire movie a few years back, did he not…?

  • Lalalinda

    Thanks TK…still it’s sad that there is the perception that someone gay can’t be an action hero or ‘manly’…by the way, I never thought of Tom Cruise as manly, lol…

  • Jasmine

    Obviously I don’t have photos….are you crazy?? LOL! But yes, my nephew told me that John Travolta, Keanu Reeves are also gay. Ya, Ya, I know John is married, so is Tom Cruise. It is true they have to appear to be straight for their marketability and to play romantic leading roles. It would be easier to tell you who is NOT gay in hollywood than to to tell you who is! Honestly. Also, Robert Pattinson in rumored to be gay. Don’t know this for a fact, but I do believe that the whole Rob and Kristen romance is a big marketing ploy….to help their careers and to cover up something else….his and/or her sexual orientation perhaps. This is so done all the time in hollywood it’s laughable. But very interesting to watch!!

  • Bud

    evil eye – forrest

  • nenene

    Definitely Tom Cruise

    Harrison Ford – Star Wars / Tom – War of the Word
    Mike Myers – playing agent / Tom – Mission Impossible
    Toby Maguire – Jerry Maguire

    Vamp means Vampire / Tom – Interview with the vampire

    so CLEAR…so there…

  • jaiden

    Also i just thought of this.

    Harrison ford = han solo who was a pilot who saved the day in his early hit movie star wars.
    tom cruise = maverick who was a pilot who saved the day in his early hit movie Top Gun.

    NOT SURE ABOUT THE MIKE mYERS REF OTHER THAN THE SECRET AGENT ROLES IN THE FRANCHISES. I always think of Shrek now with mentions of Myers…Wait..tom did vanilla Sky with Cam diaz who also is with mike myers in shrek movies as fiona… And arent Cam and Tom filming another movie right now? i thought i saw a photo on a motorcycle.


  • jaiden

    Actually now im thinking these men mentioned could simply share female co-stars with the blind.

    Tobey maguire with kirsten dunst in the spiderman flicks
    tom cruise with her in interview with a vampire.

    Mike and cam and tom and Cam as i mentioned above.

    Harrison ford.. wasn’t he in a movie with kelley Mc Guilles(sp) who starred with Tom in Top gun? If not im sure there is some female co-star that they share if not several

  • pa

    Read that 17y/o Taylor Lautner has been signed for Tommy Girl’s latest movie.

  • londres

    ^There have been rumors about Taylor’s sexuality as well.. he himself has been quoted as saying he was sexually ambiguous..