Oh He’s Got a Golden Ticket

BuzzFoto – This star has a husband who doesn’t bring in hardly any income [sic] and is fine living off his rich celebrity bride. He told his friends he has married the golden meal ticket and has gotten into the habit of having his buddies over at her expense. The men will sit around and play video games all day, drink, dabble in drugs and watch sports. The buddies have even been treated to several trips to the str*p club from the money this actress has pulled in. The hubby apparently has no regard for his wife or her feelings and now gets angry if she tells him to send his friends home.

This star is so fed up with her mooch of a husband that she is having a lawyer look into her finances to see what her options are. Because they have a child/children she doesn’t want a divorce, but she wants to separate their finances completely and cut him off. Can you blame her? Not Jessica Alba.

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119 comments to Oh He’s Got a Golden Ticket

  • Tuxedo

    K-fed ? Or maybe Ellen Pompeo shady husband.

    • Fz

      K-Fed isn’t married

    • Erin

      I agree that Chris Ivery is seemingly-shady. Has Ellen won a GG?

    • Shona

      Absolutely KFed 2004 – 200x but he and Britney are divorced and Britney is a singer not an actress.

    • HooDatDog

      good one. i thought he was a beard. he looks really gay and i thought she played for that team.
      i know the PC Brigade will get upset, but I am guessing that this blind is about a black celeb (not Nick C; he has money and success on his own). The way it is written is a tip; also, having grown up in this world, it is very common to have lots of friends over to play video games, hang out. you have to have unemployed friends for this. It could be white reality dudes, but I am just taking a stab. Read the black blogs and you will see this too.
      okay, now attack…

  • Sanbob

    Nick Cannon and Mariah

    • Kinky

      there was a blind yesterday about how promising of a career he has but its being put on the back burner because he has to take care of his drunkard wife. everyone guessed them!! nick produced a tv show, did several movies and a very well paid dj. he definitely doesnt need to mooch..

    • josie444

      No kids.

  • Sanbob

    Dean Mcdermott and Tori Spelling fit better.When I said Miriah I forgot about the kid thing.

    • ien

      def agree with you
      what does he (dean) even do for a living??

      • Catiebug

        He “acts”. Sort of like the way I’m a “singer”… when I’m tearing it up in front of 3 people at the local karaoke bar. I’m going with this guess!

      • Delia

        LOL! Love this comment.

      • drusilla

        It’s a pity, ’cause he worked pretty steadily, and was pretty decent, on Cdn TV pre-Tori.

      • Corinna_Bella

        hahahaha LOVE IT! Sort of like me being an ‘up and coming actress – the face to watch in 2010′

        When really that was just the quote i suggested to a photographer when i was drunk at a premiere i had scored free tickets too ahahaha

        Or when everyone is a model – but their real day job is waitress

      • mizfabulous

        or a stripper

    • Sanbob

      I think the picture of a blonde Jessica Alba might be a hint that the Golden is in refrence to the hair color. I still think Tori is a good guess….

  • Boogie Baby

    I’m tempted to say Jennifer Hudson. Golden ticket could refer to American Idol. But is she married or just engaged?

  • Erin

    Julia Roberts & Danny Moder?

    Sandy & Jesse (not sure how much he makes from that bike gig, and he always seems to be with her so I don’t really think them – just throwing it out there).

    • Divide by Zero

      Julia Roberts was my first thought, too

    • Fz

      Sandra and Jesse don’t have a child together, but they do have custody of his kid. I’m not sure if she’d be reluctant to divorce him just because of that. I think he does pretty well on his own. He created West Coast Choppers which I think is pretty profitable by itself, not to mention all the shows he did with it.

      • Erin

        True. And they look happy. Julia always seems to be drunk (the past few years at least) at award shows…maybe the drinking is a hint at her unhappy home life?

      • happy pictures today of julia and danny in paris. plus he actually works.

      • Gitano

        She gave a pretty moving and seemingly sincere shout out to him for “having her back” when she accepted the Golden Globe the other night. I suppose it might have been for show, but it seemed real. I don’t think it’s them.

    • Piper

      hooray! Julia is someone else’s thought! (it cant be sandra/jess – he makes a ton on customizing cars/bikes and has like 10 jobs)

      • Erin

        OMG I was laughing so hard at “10 jobs”. That’s how I feel “in this economy”! I like them as a couple and was really excited that Sandy is so proactive in being a caring step-mom and fighting for custody of Jesse’s daughter. But I thought since she is so popular lately, and of course the whole ex-pornstar-wife thing, that maybe he had an affinity for strip clubs? Glad that it’s probably not them!

    • Molly

      Jesse makes BANK with his West Coast Choppers. He also owns at least one really popular restaurant and a house worth several million in HB (from before he met Sandra). Plus, he’s very unassuming and unpretentious … as is Sandra. They are the real deal and super nice people by all accounts. Danny Moder actually works, too. Not the bread-winner, but definitely not dead weight. Speaking of which, I vote Dean of Tori & Dean. He’s such a loser, poor girl.

  • Kinky

    this reeks of tori and dean…..

    • Erin

      I didn’t know if Tori made any money that wasn’t from their joint show (well I guess she has some books) and I didn’t really think of her as a “star” however this was definetly a thought! But does Tori act??? (anymore)

      • brooke

        Tori is also the heir apparent to Aaron Spelling’s zillions. And of course she wouldn’t want a divorce – that would be admitting her mistake and would confirm the rumors that abound regarding how he is just a gold-digger. Without looking into it I seem recall that she was reviled for ‘home-wrecking’ his first marriage bc she thought it was LOVE? Double-crossed; she’d look like the a-hole coming and going.

      • Fz

        she already got her inheritance from her dad, it was $800,000 or something. but now that shes on good terms with her mom, she might be in candy’s will

      • SJ

        I read that Tori’s Mom only got the $$ from her father in trust. That means it isn’t technically hers to dispose of in life or death. It was set up so that when Candy dies Tori and her brother get the big bucks. The $800K she already got is NOT her total inheritance.

        Also, when she and Dean married, Tori still had a relationship with her family and her father was alive, so Dean had every reason to think she (and by extension, he) would be a billionaire.

      • mizfabulous

        She didn’t just homewreck HIS first marriage, HE homewrecked HER first marriage! She had not been married to that guy for very long AT ALL when she & Dean ran off together.

    • SadieHawkins

      I want you not to be right, but think you are right. I have felt there has always been a kind of uncomfortable insincerity about the interaction with his wife on their reality show.

  • Erin

    And I have no idea if Golden refers to hair color or the Golden Globes.

  • Piper

    without reading anyone else’s comments, my gut reaction is Julia Roberts.

  • Sadie

    I’ve got the answer, guys. It’s Poppy Montgomery. I remember reading a few months ago that her husband doesn’t work and loves to go to strip clubs with her money.

  • Fz

    What about Keri Russell? Her husband is a carpenter

    • Fz

      I know I’m the one who put this out there, but he really looks like a sweet guy so I hope its not him

      • Erin

        I was thinking that too because I really like her and hope she’s not taken advantage of. :-/

      • Catiebug

        No, I don’t think it’s them. Sometimes that’s just how a marriage is… the gal makes more $. Like 25% of married couples these days, believe it or not! She definitely makes more, but I don’t think he’s mooching.

      • JustD

        He comes from a wealthy family…I don’t think he needs her money!

    • Molly

      He’s a contractor and a hard worker. He may not make what she makes, but he lives within his means and seems like a really nice guy who doesn’t need or want her money. Not Shane.

  • Maya

    Pompeo and her husband who is supposed to be a “music producer” LOL

  • elf

    David Arquette does not work very often and Courteney Cox was just nominated for a Golden Globe.

    • reading&laughing

      Immediately thought of them too…. but maybe another scream will come out and he can contribute to the family

    • Megley

      They do have a production company, so maybe Arquette is more involved with it than acting these days.
      And, by the by, Scream 4 will be out in about a year.

    • CMG

      But David’s apart of the Arquette family acting ‘dynasty’ so it was not like his marriage to Courtney was to lean on her. He could have just lived the single life and fed off Patricia and Rosanna.

  • anononon

    How about Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.? they just had a kid.

    • Lauren

      I don’t think so, freddie is an actor in his own right and used to be quite popular and in everything. they also did some movies together. I love them as a couple, don’t see freddie as a mooch at all.

      • KimiD

        I believe he is also a writer for WWE. Might not be the FLASHIEST job ever, but it’s still a job, and a paycheque. He is also in this season of 24 if I’m not mistaken.

      • ladymarmalade

        Yep, he’s on 24 this season. Plus, I believe he has some money from his dad’s estate.

    • Sean

      Freddie is the only one working in that household.

  • Maya

    Pompeo and her husband who is supposed to be a “music producer” LOL

  • bananarama

    looking at the pic of jessica alba with blonde hair i would say julia roberts. she is currently blonde too and it’s obviously not her natural colour and it looks a bit odd – good but odd (just like jessica in the pic – good but not quite right).
    julia won’t want a divorce. she stuck her neck on the line going after danny as he was very married at the time (not sure if he had kids with his first wife – there is never any reference to them if they do exist).
    america#s sweet heart (or former sweetheart) does not want the world to know she was wrong to pursue a married man. and she is always p*ssed these days… i go with julis – as you guys would say fer sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jon

    I will guess Mel B.

    • yeahyeah1

      Mel B is a really good guess! There were rumors about her husband being a scumbag since before they married, and I have no idea what he “does” for a living.

    • josie444

      Not an actress (and, as much as I adored Spice World, that just doesn’t count)

  • anabelee

    this screams cristina aguilera to me

    • Shona

      No Christina’s mom is divorced because her hubby was a jerk – Christina would deffo have the balls to file for divorce.

    • mizfabulous

      Jordan Bratman had a legitimate career in the music industry before he met Xtina…that’s how they met. He’s still a producer. And, honestly, I think he’s the best thing that ever happened to that girl! She was a HOT MESS until she met him!

  • flamingo

    The blind referes to money the wife has “pulled in” as opposed to “has received.” This seems to suggest the wife earned, rather than inherited/will inherit the money. Also, Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts are both in the upcoming movie “Valentine’s Day.” Wasn’t Julia Roberts just on the Golden Globes? Has she won a GG? (I honestly don’t know- I don’t follow awards shows.)

  • chatchita

    Julia Roberts! She went through a blond stage a few years ago…

  • reading&laughing

    ew really can’t stand these two and i hope this blind or any other blinds are not about them… i just wish that they would stop popping up places!!

  • a. s. Notch

    “Golden Ticket” = American Idol. It also says “Star”. Not actress/or singer… which guest judge could it be???

    • duckduckgoose

      It says “star” but towards the end also says “actress”.

    • Fz

      she’s an actress, it says “…the money this actress has pulled in.”

    • Jojo

      Why are you so sure Golden Ticket = American Idol?? It could refer to anything, even Willy Wonka! Anyway I think they are using it by it’s basic meaning, which is that she works and the guy freeloads.

  • duckduckgoose

    Shocked that no one has guessed Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos.

    • Fz

      didn’t even think of her, he seems more like a mr.kelly ripa/mr.mom type to me than do drugs & going to strip clubs. doesn’t he guest on oprah every friday? not much of a job, but i don’t know that he’s happy being a mooch

    • josie444

      Mark Consuelos might not work as much as his wife, but he has been working. Check his imdb site and you can see his recent projects.

  • Sean

    How about Christina Aguilera ?

    • Whomever

      This blind does not mention that the star is an actress, but could be. I thought about Christina but then researched her husband and he works at her record label, which is where they met. Since Jordan Bratman has a job, I’ll also go with Tori Spelling.

  • Suicidal Fish

    I’m jumping on the Pompeo train. Seriously, that Chris Ivery guy is shaaaaaaaady

  • missy

    Does the “str*p” offer some initials? Sarah Jessica Parker maybe.

  • Carol

    Out of all of these I think Ellen Pompeo is most likely.. except im not sure if celebrity is a key word cuz shes an actress, not just a celeb

    -I dont think Julia and Danny are an option cuz Danny is a Cinematographer and does other behind the scenes stuff.. while Ellen’s “husband” doesnt really hav a job and has a shady and drug past.

  • Bernice

    It’s not Julia Roberts. Her husband Danny Moder is a Cinematographer and he has worked steadily through the years and has two projects currently in post production.

  • Angery Blonde

    celebrity bride before actress = Tori Spelling. Do you think anyone would even care about her if it wasn’t for her family name? 90210 was a lonng time ago. Plus they are always trying to make money any way that they can and no one would care about him without her.

  • Martie

    Definately not Ellen Pompeo because Chris Ivery works with the likes of diddy and randy jackson from American Idol who talked about Chris several times. Plus Ellen was nominated for a Globe personally, didn’t win, won it only with the show as a cast and as a best show. Definaltey not her.

    I’m going with Julia R. too.

  • eloyane

    100% sure it’s pompeo.

  • Coleen

    I’ve already heard about Pompeo’s husband calling her a “golden meal ticket” and he totally fits with the description.

  • Tru

    Julia Roberts, divorce is not an option…things aren’t as perfect as they seem to be. the look on Danny’s face in PARIS was priceless..

    I don’t think Danny is getting paid any real money, I THINK ITS COSTING Julia when he does his lil hobby/job…plus his child support.

    hmm, I cannot see Dean having any outside friends because Tori is so clingy and needy. she hates it when he goes away to film..I saw the show and she whined the while time.

  • Jenn

    I dont know why but for some reason I thought of Mira Sorvino. She has been married to a guy named Christopher Backus sice 04. I Read that they met at one of her friends house and I think he was just a waiter, and I dont think he made that much doing that. also they have three kids. she has won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress where she played an all arround sex worker it said,that might be like in a strip club. She has also won a golden globe. She hasent been in any movie I dont think for a while but it did say she has guest starred on some shows

  • Limone

    A golden ticket has always meant having a child for the child support from a rich husband or wife. It doesn’t mean anything else.

    Julia’s still delusional her husband is faithful and he’s not, and he tries to get away from her with surfing trips as often as possible but she knows he’s a cheat and keeps him on a tight leash but he’s was very bad down in cabo.

    It could be Alba even though they say it’s not, her husband is a real dead beat and shows naked pics on his cell phone at bars to strangers, the guy is a lazy pig, she really settled with that one and may be having buyers remorse. it fits her perfectly, he’s also unfaithful.

    Ellen Pompano knew she was marrying a sleazy guy but I think she really loves him, he is a terrible cheat an really doesn’t try to hide it from her, cheated all during her pregnancy.

    There is no such thing as a golden meal ticket, what’s a golden meal? it refers to children and future support payments. Federline has two golden tickets for the next 16 years. Kids are the gift that keeps on giving ask Shauna Moakler or Shauna Sands they won’t have to work for over a decade.

    • Jojo

      “A golden ticket has always meant having a child for the child support from a rich husband or wife. It doesn’t mean anything else”

      HUH??? It has NEVER meant that!

      Paris Hilton has a Golden Ticket because her parents are rich. It just means that you got lucky, hit the lotto with a monetary situation.

  • Shona

    GOLDEN TICKET could refer to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but which female actress played in that one?

  • Jojo

    They don’t have any kids …..

  • bananarama

    i still think golden refers to hair colour. so julia is still my guess as she is currently blondish. or tori. mmmmm not alba as the blind says it’s not her.

  • Clarabelle

    I think the “who doesn’t bring in hardly any income” is the big clue, but I couldn’t tell you what it refers to. Perhaps it’s a quote from the husband?

  • Peace

    Tori Spelling!!!!! Her husband Dean McDermott mooches, then rides his motorcycle. After CRASHING recently, Tori had to be responsible for making the money and nursing him back to health. UGH!!! Get some self esteem!!!!!

    But Tori probably won’t ever divorce Dean since she worked so hard to steal him from his first wife and children!!!

  • DavidB

    I’m with Tori/Dean. The description is “star” and “celebrity wife” which she qualifies for. No qualification of actress, singer or level of fame (i.e. A, B list etc.). Perhaps I’m also guided by (a) how he treated his first wife (who was more successful than him) and (b) the tabloid stories with him purportedly boasting about being set for life.

  • You Lazy Boy!

    Halle Berry? She picks lemons in the garden of love….

  • Celeste

    Could be about Gwen Steffani it didn’t say “actress”.

  • What about Katherine McPhee’s (?) hubby? What does he do? Just throwing that out there b/c of the Golden Ticket/Idol connection.

  • Cara

    Don’t think it’s David Arquette – doesn’t he have family money of his own? Plus I think he does other things in the biz besides acting, as opposed to nothing… the blind says celebrity before actress or anything else… I think it’s Dean and Tori.

  • amagod121

    This WILL be Paris Hilton in a few years if she marries whatshisface, as he’s already proclaimed her as his meal ticket.

  • amagod121

    Usually the term is “meal ticket” not “golden meal ticket,” so I do think that golden means hair color, ahemToricough.

  • amagod121

    Although it could also be Julia/Danny. And I’m good with it being either Julia or Tori because they were both homewreckers who didn’t care about the children involved.

    • ahorsenamedbill

      agree with you on both being homewreckers, but Danny Moder and his ex (Vera) never had kids
      Going with Tori & Dean on this one