Sweetheart Breaks Out The Scissors

StarMagazine – Which actress isn’t really such a sweetheart? She recently shredded a pile of clothes her off-again boyfriend had left at her house and sent him a box filled with the scraps.

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67 comments to Sweetheart Breaks Out The Scissors

  • Gosszip

    Julia Roberts.

  • moonbaby

    amanda bynes?

  • Nart

    Jennifer Aniston

  • Jade

    Drew Barrymore
    or Jessica Beil

    • scripts

      I think Drew is for sure thought of as a “Sweetheart”. “Off-Again” might refer to “..Just Not That Into You”. ?

    • blindnewbie

      drew and justin long certainly looked on at the golden globes

    • AJ

      Biel was just in Vogue mag saying they are still together.
      (She obviously didn’t get the cover on her own, gossip says JT landed her the cover because he did some work with Anna Wintor last year in New York – something to do with shopping if I remember correctly)

      • brooke

        That Vogue article was such a whitewash. This sounds exactly like Biel – saying she “doesn’t care what people say” about her on and off again relationship with JT – she’s going to hold on tight to the only thing keeping her on anyone’s list. When was the last time they were seen together? NYE? …Before JT ditched the mountain climb he was supposed to do with her for charity. Plus, she’d have had to give that interview to Vogue in December for it to print now, non? Just for fun, I googled and this is the latest I see:


      • reading&laughing

        Jessica Simpson did an interview and spoke about bf romo….the mag came out after they finally split for good, so never know

    • meg

      jessica biel

      sweetheart valentine’s day/movie
      she sent him a box filled with the scraps/dick in a box

  • MikeInSanJose

    Angela Lansbury

  • A

    IDK why “sweetheart” would be relevant, but I could see this being Megan Fox. She and BAG are more on-and-off than a strobe light and she has said that she does things like chase him with a knife when they fight.

  • What does him being gay have to do with America’s Sweetheart (Reese) allegedly shredding his clothes?

    • Nart

      Their relationship was fake. There would be no need for the kind of anger that the blind describes.

    • maba7x

      True, but I was thinking in terms her knowing what she was getting into w/ him (if it is them). Since the “relationship” is fake, allegedly she shouldn’t be wasting energy on him.

    • Fz

      Some people think she agreed to be his beard, that the relationship was fake. If that were true she wouldn’t be bitter and shred his clothes.

      • lisa

        Maybe she was in it for real and Toothy was just using her. THAT could lead to some serious anger.

      • maba7x

        I thought Tom Cruise was Toothy? Isn’t Gylnho Crescent Kumquat?

      • ladymarmalade

        No, Jake is Toothy. B lind Items exposed has a huge list of all the “and it ain’ts” that Ted has eliminated and Jake is basically the only person in Hollywood not on it.

        Crescent Kumquat is allegedly Chase Crawford.

  • Giraffic

    Jessica Biel

  • JRheartsAS

    Anna Lynne mccord? She’s always on off with kellan lutz. Plus didn’t he basically deny being with her? Enough to upset a girl

  • missgoss

    Drew Barrymore & Justin Long is my guess. She is viewed as sweet and they are constantly off and on

  • kelno

    Thinking outside the box here, how about Shannon Elizabeth?

  • Lilian

    If we are talking outside the box then the Duffster?….Naaaaaa. Amanda bynes is a good guess. Drew too but wasn’t she with Justin @ the Globes? Jessica Biel.

  • dudette

    Jessica Biel. The general public seems to think she’s sweet and she was in Seventh Heaven wasn’t she? All sweetness and light. She and Justin seem to be on and off alot.

    JT should finally come to his senses and end this relationship once and for all. What happened to all the juicy JT/RiRi stories??

  • Jen

    I dunno if Cameron Diaz has dated anyone recently but I thought of her because of the movie “Sweetest Thing”..it was recently on tv

  • SJ

    Emma Roberts. She was in “America’s Sweethearts” with her aunt Julia (uncredited role). There have been other blinds about an out-of-control starlet that folks think are about her, too.

  • SJ

    Why am I always moderated, aghhhhh! Emma Roberts.

  • Casey

    For some reason I thought “sweethearts” = “heartbreakers” = movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Off-again boyfriend being Seth what’s-his-face.

  • Ahari

    Don’t know if this is even relevant, but I know Rachel Bilson has been referred to as “America’s Sweetheart,” (I can’t imagine why) and I know there are a lot of questions about the so called engagement to Hayden considering they spend such little time together. IDK.

  • bananarama

    gotta be reece witherspoon. america’s sweet heart? hello she took on the crown when julia had to begrudginly pass it up due to age and serious bad hair and running off with a married man.
    reece has been on and off with jake and all those gay rumours aurrounding him? i would cut his clothes up too especially seeing as ryan may be going the whole hog with abby (who is strikingly gorgeous and a great actress). unless of course he makes a balls of it again and loses / ditches another overwhelmingly successful actress for his EGOOOOOOOOOOOOO. am i straying off the point here?
    reece is my guess

  • RoSays

    What about Miley?

  • RoSays

    Change that to Taylor Swift.

  • Leek

    Is Gynnifer Goodwyn dating anyone? She appears to be sweet and if it was Chris Klein I could totally see him saying something awful to deserve a box of ripped clothes.

  • BJN

    Richard Simmons?

  • Me

    lovin’ the Taylor Swift…nice!

  • Starstruck

    Jennifer Aniston with John Mayer being the off again man. After his most recent write up in some mag, the shredding would be justified.

    • elf

      OHHHHH, I like this guess.

      Shredding the clothes, like a cleansing ritual. On Friends the girls burned things from past boyfriends as a cleanse.

  • angeldust

    This sounds like a very juvenile stunt so I’m thinking younger such as Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas

  • Cara

    Can’t be Taylor Swift, she gave Taylor Lautner a standing ovation at the People’s Choice Awards (they weren’t even on and off) and she hasn’t dated anyone else since Joe Jonas years ago. Though perhaps that was a silly guess and I missed the joke? I’m going with Jessica Biel here…

  • i like

    jessica biel isn’t even a blip on anybody’s radar, never been high profile enough to be considered america’s anything let alone sweetheart.

    must be reese.

    • brooke

      the blind doesn’t say she is America’s sweetheart, just that she is perceived as a sweetheart; I’m convinced this is Biel.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Drew Barrymore! On again off again??

  • amagod121

    Just saying, if it was Reece, why wouldn’t she have done this to her ex-husband,Ryan, instead? Seems like if she had that sort of a temper, he would have been more likely to have been at the receiving end, no?

  • amagod121

    Heheh, Hailey Glassman and John Gosselin? ;-D

  • amagod121

    Can anyone tell me why some comments generate the response, “your comment is awaiting moderation?” For instance, my last guess was a joke about it being Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin. Is that something that should sent up a red moderator flag? (Okay, mentioning Jon might.)

    BTW, agree with another poster – this is a juvenile stunt, so I’m guessing one of those Disney girl actresses who are portrayed as little saints in the media – Selena Gomez or the other one who looks like her?

  • starina

    Reese Witherspoon FTW.