The Soccer Star and The Reality Star

DailyMirror – Which married Premiership footballer is having an affair with a D-list former reality TV star behind his unsuspecting wife’s back?

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32 comments to The Soccer Star and The Reality Star

  • AmyWinelake

    Becks for the footballer? Or is that waayyyy to obvious?

  • Whatev

    Um… all of them?

    A list of the footballers who play in the Premier league can be found here:,,12306,00.html

    There are too many players and too many teams to research which ones it could possibly be, but I don’t think this is a Beckham blind. I think that if the wife was famous or well-known it would be mentioned.

  • scripts

    Some guy with bad teeth and some chick with drug problems.

  • Inquiring Mind

    What I like about this blind is that it does not say if it is with a male or a female reality TV star…

    Joe Cole in the UK perhaps? (Becks isn’t in the Premier League! he is in the USL and the Italian league A)

    I just hope it isn’t Wayne Rooney…

  • razbo

    Going for becks as well, I can only hope he moves on to someone better

    • ladyguitarstar

      Although Posh is annoying, they do have kids together, and for that reason I hope that this isnt them.

  • Pamplemoose

    Wayne “Shrek” Rooney. Taking a wild guess – Chantelle as the D list reality star?

  • Without you I'm just Me

    Um, yeah, all of them. Too many players in the Premiership and definitely too many reality D-listers. Thanks, Big Brother.
    Definitely NOT Becks since he hasn’t played in the Premiership for a long time, and anyway I’d like to think that he could (and probably does) do a lot better than that.

  • zina

    (just kiddin. internal joke)

  • bananarama

    ashley cole
    there were recent rumours that he has been cheating on cheryl again – he has a bit of a penchant playing around.

  • GingerBreadBasket

    It could be pretty much any female reality star. I swear every single one of them wants to be a WAG.

  • MiMiMoo

    Ashley Cole!

    • Jess

      I know!! I’ll go with Ashley Cole too! He’s such a *..Also my runner up is John Terry, he got marry like 2 years ago but he’s always been so flirty and charming with women

    • Definitely Ashley Cole. No idea about the reality star though.

  • The Hat

    ‘Unsuspecting’ almost rules out Ashley Cole. He’s always at it, Cheryl must always be suspecting him.

    Although Beckham might be the only English footballer anyone outside of Europe has heard of, it’s not him. Premiership is the English top flight league which Beckham hasn’t played in for 7 years and he’s on loan at AC Milan just now. So it cant be him.

    The D-list reality star could be just about anyone though…

  • Tinker

    Ugh this could be about anyone, talk about vague… At a wild guess though:

    Premiership player; probably someone from a London club, due to reality TV stars generally hanging around in London to keep themselves in the public eye to some extent. Either way it’s probably not Wayne Rooney though as he likes them old.

    Reality TV star; likely to be someone from Big Brother, either the summer one or the celebrity one (there’s a Celebrity Big Brother running at the moment, which might explain the blind popping up at this time), so there’s quite a list to choose from; Chanelle Hayes, Jodie Marsh, Chantelle etc. Unless the reality star is a bloke then my first guess would be Anthony Hutton.

    • sneezy

      You mean Chanelle and Chantelle aren’t the same person…wonders never cease!

      But totally agree – I’d guess it to be Chanelle or the ‘elegant (thank you Michael K) Jodie Marsh’ as the D-lister, but the footballer’s just way too vague to make any type of headway with a guess.

  • mooki

    Wayne Rooney and Katie Price? oh the UK tabloids must be crying w/ joy…

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Likely D-Listers: Aisleyne, Chanelle, Chantelle or Charlie *spits*

    Sounds like something Ashley Cole would do but I’m not really up on my randy footballers…

  • Jess

    Then what about Wayne Rooney?? or maybe Steven Gerrard (please not him!) when he did his autobiography he was potrayed as a family men with his wife Alex Curran(former model) and his little girl Lily…

  • Blah

    Hey people – it can’t be David Beckham because she wouldn’t be unsuspecting since he has been caught cheating at least two times.
    Also not Ashley Cole because it’s been pretty widely reported that he cheated and they almost got divorced because of that.
    So the unsuspecting part is pretty much ruled out on those two.
    I mean I live in Finland and I still know these things so it is -as I said- pretty widely reported.

  • MsCory

    Terry from Chelsea, haha