Music Exec Hires Lawyer to Scare Waitress

NYPost – Which married record label executive got caught by his bosses having an affair last summer with a 22-year-old waitress? The company investigated, but he kept his job and then hired a lawyer to intimidate the waitress into keeping her mouth shut.

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21 comments to Music Exec Hires Lawyer to Scare Waitress

  • fictional

    i dunno, but that’s one ugly woman in the pic 😉

  • Lynn

    Tommy Mottola

  • Nick

    Music exec? Who cares about music execs? They ain’t no celebrity. Please let him have his affairs and do NOT tell me about it.

  • WhoDatSaintsFan

    This is a strange blind. The waitress is not underage. An affair was committed by someone in the industry where I’m sure it happens more often than not and the company did an investigation? I dunno about that. That being said, I am not sure Tommy Mottola has bosses. I thought he was THE boss?

    • Gossip Fanatic

      I agree. This is odd. The woman did not work at the company, so I do not understand how work is involved? I must be missing something.

  • kk

    Ellen pompeos husband?

    • Piper

      thats the only one I can think of. And he is only a celebrity by marriage.

      This is a pretty lame BI. Why not just post random BIs from local newspapers, we have as much chance solving those as this one. Who even knows of any music producers?

  • Catiebug

    Wow, all the hate for record execs/producers kind of came out of left field here. Plenty of famous record execs out there, people… Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Tommy Mottola, Dr. Dre, Phil Specter, anyone? You have heard of some of these guys. Not throwing anyone out there as a guess, just showing that record label execs can be celebrities.

    Ellen Pompeo’s husband is not a label exec… just a producer.

  • drusilla

    Not only that, but there’s an implication here that there’s something more going on – after all, who gives two * if one of your staff members has an affair? Unless the wife is critical… so there’s the real meat of your blind. Who’s the producer/wife combo?

  • mm

    Tommy something ummmm Mimi’s x?

  • lightbulb

    Maybe the Exec has a wife who the bosses don’t want to risk losing if the affair is made public and they split. The only one who comes to mind is Jay-Z.

  • Kinky

    beyonces dad?

  • sophie

    The only person I can think of that would make this interesting is Jordan Bratman, husband of Christina Aguilera.

  • Shutupanddome

    Irv Gotti.