Disney Star is on Her Way to Trouble

BuzzFoto – We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking all types of drugs, even through ways we’ve never heard of! The friends seemed concerned about the drug use, but laughed off the fact that she is sleeping with two different older men, one that is involved with her career. Right now this star seems to be enjoying her life in the fast lane, but we wonder how long it will be until the lifestyle catches up to her! Not Miley Cyrus.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto
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60 comments to Disney Star is on Her Way to Trouble

  • Lozza

    Demi or Selena?

    • RrrrrrrrrrrHURL

      BG! Love ya and appreciate your hard work BUT

      The correct tag for this entry is ‘PEDAPHILE’. It is literally sick to

      discuss items involving sex with (child actors) children. No one can

      have any idea of what it takes to entice a minor into having sex

      including drugs, alcohol, manipulation, or mental illness.

      This item needs to be deleted and no further items posted involving

      sex with minors. Throwing the names of every other available child

      actor into the mix is even sicker.

      The nearest federal law enforcement agency needs to be emailed with

      this information or call 1-800-OUT-PEDAPHILES.

      Please see my correct email information with this post and I will

      provide you step-by-step instructions for reporting this information.


      • TK

        RrrrrHURL… it says “underage” which may refer to 21 and under. It also says “older men”, which means anyone who is older than her. This may very well be perfectly legal, for example if the person is 18 and the older man is 25. We don’t know so we shouldn’t assume immediately that it is pedophilia.

      • eh

        17 is legal in most states

      • Nik

        ‘Pedophile’ is the correct spelling. You know, in case you want to register that 800 number.

      • mizfabulous

        Ummm…it’s not “PedAphile”, it’s “PedOphile”.

  • Lozza

    But which one?!

  • Candice

    Demi Lovato

  • oh snap!

    Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. I’ll go with Demi.

  • Piper

    either Demi or Selena. Its not like theres a difference, and I cant figure out which one is which.

  • daria

    The younger Michalka sister.

  • Sean

    Demi is the cutter, right? I will guess that one

  • Meg

    I’ll go for Selena. My theory is she agrees to be Taylor Lautner’s beard to hide her naughty behavior. Heard that Selena/Taylor got back together after Taylor/Taylor broke up.

    I feel so much shame that I know so much about these kids. I SWEAR I don’t follow or watch anything they do though!

  • Achebe

    I also say Demi Lovato. There is talk around the young scene in Hollywood that Demi is hanging out with these scenesters and they are known for doing bunches of drugs. Also this pic shows her in at least the presence of vodka: http://i46.tinypic.com/o51i8k.jpg

    Now I know that doesn’t mean she is drinking, but come on now, she’s hanging around underage kids drinking and the same crowd that is trying to ride her coattails of small fame.

    She has also been linked to her photographer (don’t know if they are hooking up still) who is in his early-to-mid twenties.

  • Plush

    I’ll throw in Haley Joel Osment little sister. I don’t know her name, she is on the show with Miley. Maybe Miley got her into stuff and now she is a mess. It’s bound to happen, for every Hilary Duff you get a Lindsay, Britney and Miley.

  • nychris524

    Minnie Mouse. Or Daisy Duck.


  • Kiki

    Selena Gomez

  • Lala

    My first post! ^^
    Anyway, I say Demi. It can’t be Selena because Selena Gomez is ALWAYS with her mom. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, her mother is not far away. The girl even dresses like her mom. Demi Lovato on the other hand, has suddenly developed an attitude and her tweets are always about how she’s doing whatever the heck she wants because she wants to. Lately her career has also been more about music and less about acting and she’s been collaborating with several older musician gentlemen and I use the term gentleman very loosely.

    • des

      Agree, I knew people who worked on her show and said her parents were VERY protective and present (opposite of White Oprah). Also I think all of this “Selena and Demi” or “Selena and Taylor” are bff stuff is BS. It’s just as much PR spin as their fake boyfriends (Lautner)

  • Neil

    I hope it’s not Demi. I know her family, and they have nothing but good stuff to say about her. But then again, you know how family likes to turn a blind eye to their little angel.

  • MaryMac

    Demi and Salena are BEST friends. I could see Salena stepping in and trying to help her friend out of this….I would hope.

    Demi is mucho talented and I seems so sweet and sincere. I would hate to see her go down that path…

    Emily’s bro does drugs, so maybe her?

  • Amy

    ashley tissdale

  • MaryMac

    Ashley Tisdale is not underage and has had the same boyfriend for years. Here are some of the more popular underage Disney girls:

    Miley Cyrus
    Emily Osment
    Salena Gomez
    Demi Lovato
    Alyson Stoner
    Debby Ryan

  • marie

    just because nooneelse tossed out her name i’ll say miranda cosgove from icarly.

  • Mystic

    @Marie- Miranda Cosgrove is on Nickelodeon not Disney.

  • whatevah

    miranda is nickelodeon not disney.

  • k

    One of the girls on JONAS

  • Candi

    Unfortunately, this is 100% Demi.

  • TK

    I think I am getting old. I don’t recognize the names of the poptarts anymore. :(

  • bugabuck

    Totally doesn’t mean anything, but just read it: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/01/11/demi-lovato-rosario-dawson-voto-latino/

    I’d love it if she got together with Valderrama and created drama. 😛

  • Lala

    Especially because Wilmer Valderrama is known for going out with pretty, a lot younger, somewhat virginal girls. Remember when Lindsay Lohan fit that despcription? And he also went with Mandy Moore, right? Back then he was an item, right now, not so much but reputation for what he likes still stands…

  • Angery Blonde

    I am sure its Demi the Miley connection is that she used to date Mileys older brother.

  • z

    If the Jonas camp starts to distance themselves from Demi we will know it’s her. They do not tolerate anything like this at all and she works very closely with them- I think they manage her career. I have direct working knowledge of the Jonas’s it is not anyone on the show.

  • Mel

    I wonder what new ways she’s doing drugs.. Smoking e like crack maybe? Or cocaine enemas.. I’m so intrigued…

  • Diane

    Def Demi Lovato. She’s had rumors circling about her underage drinking and doing things with older guys for months now.

  • ilovechuckbass

    I think this is Selena.. Demi doesn’t have THAT clean and cute image since she’s more rock’n’roll and a cutter. The blind would be just too obvious!There also was an item last year about a Disney star who was having an affair with someone from her recording label, or someone that was on tour with her. The source was from Blind Gossip and the girl on the picture looked a lot like Selena, which also was a popular guess.
    The connection with Miley would be that they both dated Nick Jonas.
    And Selena is not ALWAYS with her mom. She might go out with her, but they’re not everytime together, trust me.
    Members from Selena Gomez’s band (Selena Gomez & The Scene) are way older than her, too.
    Then I can also see Demi being this, but as I said before she is not “cute and clean”. However, she dated Trace Cyrus (Miley’s brother) from that scene band Metro Station. And the Jonas brothers are not working with her anymore (on her CDs), she’s working with older people like John Mayer. Suspicious.

  • Uh

    It’s Selena with JCook & David Henrie. She is the only one left that still has a clean image. The fact that everyone automatically thought Demi clearly shows her image isn’t as clean as it once was.

    It’s always the quiet ones. Either way this is just sad & I hope they get the help they clearly need.

  • Amira

    I doubt it’s Demi or Selena. They have good friends that will never spill any secrets. There are more disney stars than you think. There are a whole lot more people than just Demi & Selena. But that cute and clean image thing always makes me think of Demi & Selena. Idk. Something weird’s going on between celebs.

  • Hey

    Demi Lovato. DUH

    She’s the one with the crackheads as friends, confirmed dating her 25 yr photographer Dirk Mai and with “friends” disgusting enough to leak and exaggerate what she does to the media. Selena on the other hand, always has her family around her and is the most private and careful about her close friends of all Disney Stars.

  • mm

    seriously not Miley she talks like an old cougar @ a christeninging that has just smoked 10 pkts of ciggies and downed it with 4 casks of al la
    caska (cheap cask wine) you sure the whisper isn’t telling the truth lmfao lmfao ( ok so I like miley you dragged it out of me ok!)

  • steph

    im hearing that someone over heard Danielle Guizio making jokes about it.

  • Demi! I think… Selena is still pure cutie.. :)

    • ilovechuckbass

      That’s why it’s NOT Demi! Selena is the only popular Disney star left with a cute and clean image, while Demi is a cutter, more rocknroll etc.

  • Howie


    • sneezy

      hah! knew it was something about those little girls with wings…

      When I think clean image – I don’t think Demi. That whole cutting thing and the crew she hangs out with dashes it for me, it probably is here.

      Is this related to the other blind about the under-age singer not knowing her microphone was on and talking about the booze she likes?

  • brooke

    I guess as kids we weren’t clever enough to insert a vodka-soaked tampon but I’ve heard kids are doing it today. Solely based on a google image search, the Demi chick seems to still purvey a cute, all-american girl aesthetic – if her image were too spoiled Disney would excommunicate her.

  • kenny

    Taylor Momsen

  • kenny

    nvm just saw the disney thing

  • eh

    I read this and instantly thought it was Demi

  • Achebe

    Holy crap I just wrote this big long schpeel about why Demi can still be in the running despite people’s claims about her being too obvious since she doesn’t have a clean image…arg.

    Anyways I think it can still be her because though it may be obvious to us expert gossipers that Demi is no saint, most of the public still view her as this sweet new role model.

    ALSO, the Miley tattoo blind item was obvious, I see no reason why this one can’t be just as obvious but still “blind” for legality reasons.

  • haha, Miley is so wild! I love her.