Here’s Why Reality Star’s Dog is Still Crazy

dog funny 1StarMagazine – Which bottle-blonde reality TV star has been nipping her dogs’ meds? The pooches were prescribed anti anxiety pills by a vet, but Mommy says they do wonders for her too.

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    • Lily says

      having seen how she makes that dog dress up and the colours she dyes it – I’d need anti anxiety meds

    • asia says

      Dogs and cats can take Xanax, ativan and other drugs just like we can. Usually in smaller doses. I work in a pharmacy, I’ve seen a dog prescribed viagra and a rat prescribed anti-biotics.

    • Plush says

      The pic of the crazy-eyed dog is hilarious. I’ll go with the Tori guess. I know this is mean but you’d think she had used the horse’s meds. I will now go sit in the corner.

    • Ms N says

      Lol exactly who I was thinking – and you know she’d be the reason the dogs needed the meds in the first place!

  1. G-Man says

    Hey my “dog” is “anxious” – what will the “vet” give me…um I mean “him”…lol

  2. isuckatblinditems says

    ok – i feel like a pig here, but I think “nipping” is a clue that the girl has shown “the boys”.

  3. MzTee says

    Could “bottle blonde” be a hint that this reality star either hasn’t always been blonde or sometimes reverts to her natural shade? In that case, Kelly Osbourne would fit, although I couldn’t see this being her. This sounds like a pet owner who may use their dogs as accessories (and therefore not care about them going without their medicine) versus an animal lover who truly cares for them. Paris? Seems like nipping, Mommy, and “do wonders” could be clues also.

  4. Delta Sierra says

    If I were a dog and belonged to one of these witless people who dragged me around on their arms all day and then next day left me totally on my own while they flew off to St Bart’s or wherever and then when they got home they dumped me off at the pound, I’d need a sedative too. Hate hate hate hate to see animals treated like this.

  5. Dirk says

    My parents’ cat was prescribed Paxil, so this could be a drug usually associated with humans.

  6. Blah says

    Pretty sad if both/all of the dogs have to take the meds. That makes it sound like someone who doesn’t care what kind of environment her dogs live in.

  7. HaHaH says

    Bottle Blonde….. could it be Denise Richards? She was on the Dog Whisperer b/c her dogs behaved so badly….