Heiress Believes Husband is Plotting Against Her

thurston howellNYPost – Which heiress who married a mob-connected artist years ago is now claiming to old friends that her husband is conspiring with shady lawyers and doctors to declare her insane and seize all her money?

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29 comments to Heiress Believes Husband is Plotting Against Her

  • Olliebeanzmom


    • ll

      good call…………. yep gabor and prince von A** H***

    • Celeste

      Yep-totally Zsa Zsa!

    • isuckatblinditems

      this guy is a dick for sure – but is he an artist? His wiki page doesn’t mention it.

    • mizfabulous

      I don’t think Zsa Zsa is an heiress. She was Miss Hungary about a million years ago and that was what propelled her to “stardom”.

    • Candi

      I totally agree–Zsa Zsa ftw!

      • SadieHawkins

        Yes, Zsa-Zsa, and she is insane!
        She inherited from both her sisters, Eva and
        Margaret (who she order the Drs to pull the plug on the day after
        she was admitted to the hosital with kidney failure….2 months after
        their Mother died and she inherited from her as well. All the Gabor
        women married often and well. Zsa-Zsa is Paris Hiltons Great Aunt having married Conrad Hilton, she is the step mother in law of Elizabeth
        Taylor, and she had Contad Hiltons only daughter, Connie Francesca Hilton….. She is an heiress and has loads of money. Recently she was driven to the bank by P of A and reportedly wearing a baseball hat with
        a bruise on her cheek was made to sign a number of papers the banker brought out to the car. She is in her 90′s

  • ll

    someone who was married to frank sinatra or one of the brat pack….

  • isuckatblinditems

    i was thinking Alba Clemente – although I can’t seem to find any information that she is an heiress. Her husband was born in Italy, as was she (not that all people from Italy are in the mob, but still…)

  • Piper

    zsa zsa who has mentally gone, but DOES realize that her hubby is bad news. even though she may think he is a diff hubby than the current one…

    theres still some marbles left in there somewhere. good girl.

  • Courtney

    What about Athena Onassis? Her husband seems kind of shady.

    • Ames

      I think this one might be close – isn’t he an artist? He paints pictures of horses or something… Prince Von A-hole is an artist too, but a con-artist – could that be what they mean?

  • Rob

    It might well be Zsa Zsa. The connection with the pic would be that Zsa Zsa guest-starred on a Gilligan’s Island as Lovey Howell’s rival, the wealthy Erika Tiffany-Smith.

  • the big green l

    liliane bettincourt

  • j-dub

    It’s zsa zsa and prince von a-hole. I heard him interviewed a couple of weeks ago talking about her negatively.

    • Müller-Lüdenscheid

      He is neither connected to the mob nor is he considered to even be CLOSE to be an artist. He used to be a used car salesman in Germany, until he had earned as much money necessary for being adopted by the von-Anhalts. Since that very day he is a “prince”, but he is WAY to dumb to be part of the mob. He’d be dead by now because of his dumbness… So no Zsa Zsa…

  • isuckatblinditems

    I still don’t see any mention of Zsa Zsa’s husband being an artist tho.

  • SadieHawkins

    By “artist” could they mean “con-artist”?
    And some of the men he has “adopted” strip club owners and porn kings could have mob ties.

  • Skuzz

    Isnt Zsa Zsa broke? I thought I heard about her having to pawn off jewels to make bills?

  • E

    Athina Onassis husband isn’t an artist – he is a horse rider and breeder according to his wiki. Also they have only been married 4 years, that is not really “years ago”. The lady in question may indeed be mentally frail, and in need of treatment, what her husband and doctor are doing may be in her best interests. My Dad is in a care home after suffering a stroke, and he occasionally accuses my Mum or sister of conspiring to put him in there, what this lady is saying sounds similar. I think therefore its someone elderly, who may be suffering from some form of dementia.

  • Amy

    My vote is for Wrigley Gum heiress Helen Rosburg married to third husband of about 10 years James Rosburg who is a sculptor.

    Helen lived in Palm Beach for years and has homes all over the world. She is 60 and highly unconventional. She and James now are very involved with the thorough bred racing circuit; she is a romance novelist and founded/owns the publishing house Medallion. She drives a Bentley and a Harley and has tatoos all over one arm. Eccentric… possibly to the point where her husband could try to pass her off as crazy.

    As for the mob connection… While in my little bit on internet research I cannot tie James directly to the mob, I noticed that several titles released by Helen’s publishing house Medallion involve organized crime bosses… some of these organized crime bosses are also in the horse racing business. I doubt this is a coincidence.

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