Her Boyfriend is Tweeting Her Girl Friend

twitterBuzzFoto – This celebrity girlfriend has a less famous, but still well-known “boyfriend.” The two have been together for a little while now, and not without their troubles. They’ve recently been hanging out with another celebrity couple whom the girlfriend met through one of her movies. After meeting the other couple, her current boyfriend is now enamored with the female involved in the other relationship. He has sent this other taken lady some flirty texts and tweets and hopes to hook up with her soon. No word on how she feels, but we thinks its a little skeezy and he should be grateful for what he’s got. Not Zac or Vanessa.

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28 comments to Her Boyfriend is Tweeting Her Girl Friend

  • watup

    Kristen bell and dax with fergie and josh d as the other couple…

    • Lozza

      Excellent guess! It doesn’t say the other couple’s marital status so could be Josh and Fug. Actually – when I’ve reread it, it doesn’t say the second girlfriend is an actress, it implies one of the second couple worked with the first girl, which again fits. Urgh K.B is gorgeous. Why would Dax want to hook up with Fergie?

    • A

      have kristen and fergie been in anything together?

    • Gossip Fanatic

      This sounds like a good guess to me.

    • bono

      If this is Dax I’m going to book a flight to LA and punch him hard in the balls! Kristen is the nicest girl in Hollywood <3

    • Barry

      i like this guess, but i am throwing in lowlife j kennedy and the ghost whisperer. no idea who other couple could be.

  • Lozza

    This one is hard. The two girls it seems are actresses. It doesn’t say what the professions of the boyfriends are.

    Tweeting must be a clue.

    If Jessica Alba and Cash Warren weren’t married would have said them.

  • LemonDrop

    how bout we all go stalk twitter

  • MaryMac

    This blind seems eerily familiar to CDAN’s blind item from today.

  • Brooke

    From the clues, I wonder if the *boyfriend* is highlighted because possibly he is someone older/much older than the girlfriend? Like a man, not a *boy*? Im gonna throw Hilary Duff out there…stuck for who the other couple might be..

  • sinamin

    Is “taken” lady a clue? who was the actress in the movie Taken with Liam Neeson? Maybe it’s her, I’ll have to go google it, I can’t remember it for now.

  • A

    it sounds like couple #2 might be married, because only couple 1 gets labelled “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. it also doesn’t say the two WOMEN acted together, or that the male in couple #2 is also the lesser-known of his pair, so it could be that the first couple is not married, that girl met a married man and befriended him and his wife, now the non-married guy likes the wife. my head’s spinning. couple 1 sounds like fergie and josh, except couple 1 is the unmarried one. :/

  • Sadie

    what about anne hathaway and adam shulman for the first couple and emily blunt & john krasinski for the second? i remember reading or seeing pictures of them out together

  • Plush

    Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush with Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey. Kim and Vanessa was in a movie together and CSI New York. I’m shocked they are friends since Kim dated Nick after he separated from Jessica. Is Reggie texting Vanessa? He is known for a roving eye and Vanessa may need another sugar daddy if Nick doesn’t marry her.

    • madea

      plushie, i think yer on to something.

    • ladyguitarstar

      I was also thinking this, except for the part about they feel he should be grateful for what he’s got.. doesnt really fit with either of these ‘ladies’.

    • Plush

      Maybe “boyfriend” is emphasized because he is younger than the girlfriend, i.e. Kim and Reggie. Kim snagged him straight out of college at 22, she was 27 at the time.

    • Cat

      Great guess…I could totally see Reggie digging Vanessa.

  • Comet

    Sounds like Jessica Alba and Cash Warren for couple #1.

  • Me

    Ashley Tisdale and her bf for couple #1? Could be why he wrote “Not Zac or Vanessa”?
    No clue as to the second couple, though.

  • DunDunDun

    How about Paris Hilton and Doug whatshisname for couple 1. But the “one of her movies” kind of makes it seem like it’s an actress…but the first line says “celebrity g/f”…doesn’t designate the g/f as solely an actress.
    Couple # 2 may be Nicole Richie and the Madden brother (Paris and Nicole recently reconciled)?