Pop Star Claims Weight Loss is from Touring

woman thin 1DailyMirror – Which pop star claims her recent rapid weight loss is all down to non-stop touring? It’s actually due to her addiction to diet pills – and she balloons when she comes off them.

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46 comments to Pop Star Claims Weight Loss is from Touring

  • lucy gossiplover

    Britney Spears

  • Rowbot

    Lily Allen…

  • Serenity

    Lady GaGa–she’s lost a bit of weight since she got really famous and it seems she’s been on a worldwide tour for the past year and a half.

  • kk

    I’ll throw in beyonce. But it sounds more like britney

  • Sean

    It might be easier to determine who ISN’T taking something.

  • Becky

    I know Carrie Underwood was just revealed in a recent Blind Gossip but I saw something on E! News last night where she said she attributed her 20 lbs. weight loss since American Idol to touring.

    • word

      Im in on the Carrie Underwood guess. She was full, then skinny and is looking fuller these days. and she admitted it?? I think you can call this SOLVED!

  • Mindy

    This is from a paper in the UK so I’m going to go with Lily Allen.

  • Diva E

    Britney Spears. A few years ago the paparazzi photographed her when she dropped her purse and a bottle of diet pills fell out

  • Nart

    Lily Allen is the first that came to my mind. I think her weight fluctuates more than any other pop star I can think of.

    • Lozza

      Yep. She’s lost loads of weight again recently. I don’t think it’s Brit. Her tour and routines surely do help her lose weight. Lily doesn’t do that much dancing and is known for drinking when on tour, which you would think would mean she’d put weight on.

  • Amanda

    Definitely Gaga, or Lily Allen, the topless wonder… LOL

  • Piper

    actually, aside from Lily Allen and Gaga, since this is from the UK, I know their X-Factor winner has gotten press for losing a ton of weight since she won.I dont know her name, but my guess is its her or Gaga. Lily ispretty open about this kind of stuff, and hasnt really been touring

  • kelno

    New Year’s Resolution – where can I get these “diet pills”? JK!!

  • lucy gossiplover

    susan boyle?

  • Ravana

    I don’t know why but I think its Xtina Aguilara
    she hasn’t been on tour I think but she is ridiculously thin lately

    • A

      she’s always been ridiculously thin, except when pregnant. even when she was like 15 and new on the scene, people always said she was too thin. but she’s also very short and slight and probably naturally tiny.

  • mickey van roo

    Gotta be Elton John.

  • Newbie To BG

    Cheryl Cole. Used to be part of Girls Aloud, went solo last year and had the fastest selling single of 2009 in the UK. She gave an interview to Grazia magazine and said she lost weight due to the rigorous dancing and hectic schedule.

  • Anaisnun

    Good guess, Newbie.
    I live in the states but read The Daily Mail online regularly for my UK gossip porn. I’ve seen photos of Cheryl Cole looking frighteningly thin.
    Leona Lewis has also dropped weight, that poster may be right also.
    Seriously, though -entertainers who abuse drugs, that’s not exactly like a needle in a haystack.

  • Beyatch

    Lily Allen-I found this headline from the Daily Mail.

    ‘Full of hot air? Lily Allen films her new video clip surrounded by hundreds of balloons’

  • Holly

    Janet Jackson
    She seems to have periods of getting really big between tours

  • Sarah

    Lady GAGA definitely

  • JustAGuess

    Kelly Clarkson. LOL.

  • bono

    But isn’t Britney under constant supervision of doctors and the court? I don’t think she could get away with something like this.

  • Tinker

    Lady GaGa – she’s been touring for what seems like forever, and she looks mega skinny in the “Videophone” video too.

    Second guess would be Cheryl Cole I guess, but she’s been a pencil forever and IMO I wouldn’t class doing the X-Factor as “touring” either.

    • A

      it’s probably not someone who literally tours constantly; it sounds more like someone who has recently been touring constantly. someone like beyonce, fergie, britney, etc. who fluctuate between thinner and curvier and who go on long tours but have long bouts in between as well.

  • betsy

    Taylor Swift..have you seen the girl recently? People are talking it is the beginning of anorexia. It could be pills. Personally, I don’t think TS is all that innocent, she has a carefully crafted image. Look at all she does with tricks and illusions to make people forget that she cannot sing that well.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Gaga hasn’t stopped touring, so how would the notice of her ballooning when she “comes off the diet pills”/when she stops touring, happen??

    I think someone who’s been in the business longer.

    Britney comes to mind. Carrie Underwood.

  • Anaisnun

    Hey! Carrie Underwood is a good guess!
    I saw an interview of her a year or two ago where she was explaining her weight loss was a result of becoming a vegetarian & such (protesting too much?), and in her photos very lately she looks very thin again.