This Chihuahua Won’t Have to Swim For His Life

chihuahua 1CDAN – I don’t know if you have read the reports from California but our animal shelters are overwhelmed with Chihuahuas. I blame Paris Hilton. In the last 12 months just in Los Angeles, 4700 of them have been taken in by shelters. Anyway, there has been an idea to ship some of the dogs to other shelters around the country to even things up. This usually annoying B list movie and television actress who is on/off/on a hit network drama and who has been doing nice things lately paid for the cost of flying 25 of the dogs to shelters in New Hampshire with another 45 to follow. Shelters in New Hampshire have waiting lists of people who want the dogs so this is a very good thing.


Ikatherine heigl dogt’s Katherine Heigl. Source: Here’s a link to the story:

Before you start yelling “This isn’t even blind!”, we already know that. ThisĀ  story was all over the media a month ago. But, since this a blind gossip item site, we felt obligated to at least share it with you. Plus it gives us a chance to acknowledge Katherine Heigl’s generosity, our sudden craving for Taco Bell, and the fact that…


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