This Chihuahua Won't Have to Swim For His Life

chihuahua 1CDAN – I don’t know if you have read the reports from California but our animal shelters are overwhelmed with Chihuahuas. I blame Paris Hilton. In the last 12 months just in Los Angeles, 4700 of them have been taken in by shelters. Anyway, there has been an idea to ship some of the dogs to other shelters around the country to even things up. This usually annoying B list movie and television actress who is on/off/on a hit network drama and who has been doing nice things lately paid for the cost of flying 25 of the dogs to shelters in New Hampshire with another 45 to follow. Shelters in New Hampshire have waiting lists of people who want the dogs so this is a very good thing.


Ikatherine heigl dogt’s Katherine Heigl. Source: Here’s a link to the story:

Before you start yelling “This isn’t even blind!”, we already know that. ThisĀ  story was all over the media a month ago. But, since this a blind gossip item site, we felt obligated to at least share it with you. Plus it gives us a chance to acknowledge Katherine Heigl’s generosity, our sudden craving for Taco Bell, and the fact that…


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25 comments to This Chihuahua Won’t Have to Swim For His Life

  • I live in Denver and almost 100 of these little dogs have been flown in recently, funded by the generosity of a woman whose dog won a “cutest dog” contest.
    They will find good loving homes here.

    People in California (and anywhere else) stop buying dogs as accessories and then abandoning them when you realize they need care!

  • AA

    LOL To me it was a blind so you enlightened at least one person today. I don’t follow anything about KH because I can’t stand her like the rest of the country. Did someone say Taco Bell?

  • marissa

    cant wait for to come!

  • zomg

    Animal is STILL coming?! I hope this means the Muppet!

  • We think that when a celebrity does something nice it should be acknowledged. Especially when it’s a celebrity who reads this blog. Everybody say Hi to Katherine.

    K – You did a good thing. Love, BG

  • LemonDrop

    Hi Katherine! I loved you in wish upon a star!

  • IHeartBG

    Great job Katherine! You have made many little dogs and families very happy.

  • Not Here

    Thanks, Katherine. That was an awesome thing to do! And despite what AA says, some of us do like you and your work. My favorite was 27 Dresses.

    Hey BG, what is and when does it start?

  • Not Here

    BTW, that dog in the diving togs is so cute, BG.

  • Z

    My husband is a TV/screenwriter and he purposefully doesn’t write dogs into any of his scripts because of how stupid people are- buying a dog they see in a movie because they think it’s cool and then abandoning it when they realize it’s an actual commitment.

    This was a great item.

  • A Practical Gal

    Whatever offensive things KH has ever said or done in the past is instantly wiped out by this generous, kind thing she has done! KH, I love you!

    I wish MORE celebs would part with some of their millions to do things like this. How big a pile of money do they need, anyway? For the price of ornaments on their Christmas trees, they could save the lives of innocent animals.

    I hope Paris Hilton burns in an especially hot corner of hell when she croaks for her part in all this.

  • ladymarmalade

    It’s nice to have a kindness related item for a change instead of bizarre sex stories.

    Yeah, I don’t know who I am kidding either. The bizarre sex ones are my favorites.

    I guess I am in the minority, because I don’t hate Heigl. There are some celebs who make me stabby just hearing their name (I’m looking at you, Hayden Pantytroll and Russel Brand), but hers is not one.

  • Paige

    I wish we would hear more about the good celebrities do. Especially when animals are involved. Both my cats are rescues.Hi Katherine!!

  • AA

    Hmmm, remember the blind a while back I think it was about a cheating husband with an actress wife and BG posted it here because she reads the site? Could it be KH?

  • Isabella

    Hi Katherine! What a great thing to do!
    I wish I was rich and famous I would open my own no kill shelters!!!

    BG, what does Animal is coming mean??? I don’t understand it.

  • newswoman

    Good job, KH! And I happen to like you. Even more, now!

  • somethingoriginal

    animal is coming!! weeeee!!

    good work katie, i would love to be able to do that!

  • bono

    “The true nature of a society is measured by the way it treats its animals.” – Gandhi

    And so is the true nature of a single human being if you ask me. good job, Katherine =)

  • JustaGuess

    I have a four year old chihuhahua myself, and it just kills me to see that people could do this. Chihuahuas get a bad wrap but if you raise them with love and gentle discipline they are incredicly sweet, funny, and loyal companions. They are so loyal, in fact, that they always remember (and bond closely) with their first owner. They have been known to recognize their owners years after having been parted with them. In fact, they can become severely depressed when parted with an owner and some never recover. That’s why it’s so sad to hear people dumpng these dogs like last years Jimmy Choos.

  • ahorsenamedbill

    Hi Katherine!
    Loved Knocked Up!
    Please try to get all of your rich Hollywood friends to do the same, most of us can only rescue 1 or 2 at a time, you and your friends could really make an impact as a group, thanks for your generosity

  • AK

    I have liked Katherine Heigl since Roswell–never could totally understand the hate for her. Glad to see some of those sentiments subside with this nice story. BG, keep tidbits like this one coming!

  • Angery Blonde

    Nothing more annoying than a bunch of butt kissers.

    BTW Katherine, love Greys Anatomy..its my favorite TV show ever. And I never thought you were annoying, besides the fact that you look freakishy similar to Jessica Simspon, but that probably annoys you too.

  • BunBunny

    Katherine – seriously, my Father The Hero was my fave movie when I was like 13 – I totally wanted to be you!! Great job – you’re an angel! :o)