Coca Cola is On Sale at Ralph's This Week

Coca-Cola IndonesiaBlindGossip – This actor may be the last straight man left in Hollywood, but he does have one unusual request that makes us question his past. This one requires one man (him), two partners (in this case both women), and a room temperature traditionally-shaped bottle of Coca-Cola. When he is about to climax into one woman, the other one shakes up the bottle of Coke and shoves it up his bum. The objective is to have two explosions at once. Given his screen history, we’re guessing that this actor rather likes big explosions. And, given his bedroom history, we’re guessing that neither of these women is his wife.

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110 comments to Coca Cola is On Sale at Ralph’s This Week

  • journa

    I instantly thought of Bruce Willis but I don’t think he roots everything that moves and this is obviously an action star who can’t keep it in his pants.

  • Jam

    Josh Duhamel

  • bono

    The governator? Austrians are weird =/

  • cero

    how strange!

  • dotdotdot

    I feel so sorry for the traditionally-shaped Coke bottle…

  • Howie

    gives a whole new meaning to ‘have a coke and a smile’.

  • darkcisnelle

    I will go with will smith on this one
    dont think will ever know who this is.

  • scripts

    Sylvester Stallone. It has been a long-time rumor that Sly got his break after ‘servicing’ Rock Hudson; as well as, Sly was one of the many framed photos on Hudson’s trophy room wall. Plus, he has a porno flick past.

  • des

    he should try that next time with a Mentos :-)

  • An23tom

    Bruce Willis has gay rumours but this is someone who doesn’t.
    It’ must be an action star. Stallone, Schwarzenegger etc.

  • LemonDrop

    I thought Stallone as well

  • db

    Now another reason why I prefer Pepsi.

  • Larry

    I’m gonna call BS on this one. Just think about it for a minute. At what point in this process does the cap get taken off and how? Did he shove a bottle opener up there first? If you shake up the bottle first then pop the top. How do you then shove it where the sun don’t shine with coke spraying everywhere?

    • NOH8

      There’s an engineer in every crowd!

      (but I asked myself the same ?)

    • Oh My

      It seems likely one could remove the cap, then shake the bottle while using one’s thumb finger to cover the opening an allow for the explosive build up! Who comes up with these ideas????????

    • Camembert

      Since you asked… One takes off the cap, inserts it into the orifice of choice, and then shakes. Besides, this isn’t really freaky (I’ve seen it done with beer, champagne, water, milk, although water and milk don’t have the explosive effect)–I’ve heard of way freakier things, such as a live gerbil.

    • sheila

      My question is, how in the heck does one even think this up to begin with? Like does one sit around and dream up things like, ‘wow, it would be cool to jam a coke bottle up the bum while knocking off a piece’. How very strange

  • Plush

    They way history is repeated makes me think this actor has been in period pieces as well. I want to say Mel Gibson because of “The Patriot” and “Brave Heart”, but he’s not married. I’m going outside the box; Denzel Washington. He is an action star and has been in “Malcolm X”. Second guess Clint Eastwood, maybe the old goat got some fire left.

  • A Practical Gal

    Now, Larry. You’re overthinking. The bottle may have a twist off cap (let us hope it’s twisted off first!) Otherwise, a bottle opener is at hand, cap removed, thumb held over the opening of the bottle. On command, bottle is shaken with thumb covering opening and then…spplied to orifice of choice. No fuss, no muss – even if it does make a big mess, I’m sure the happy trio don’t CARE, duh!

    • Larry

      Nope I’m still writing this one off as BS.

    • Oh My

      I came up with same deduction! See comment above. However, it would not be so terrible if this blind turns out to be a false report from a source with too much time on his hands!!!

    • Delta Sierra

      A really big mess… think about it… every force has an equal and opposite force… so the soda zooming into the bowel would wash out some of the, er, material that was already in the bowel? TMI? Sorry, but physics is physics.

  • A Fellow Mick

    “Coke is s*!”

  • Mina

    I’m just wondering how someone gets the idea of doing something like this? Did he accidently shove a Coke bottle up his behind or sat on a bottle filled with a carbonated beverage and then thought ‘Wow, that’s nice!’?
    That being said, I have to think of Pierce Brosnan. The ‘question his past’ bit made me think of Remington Steele and there were many explosions in the James Bond movies he appeared in.

    • MissyL

      Good guess but I think he’s Irish so the blind would have read “shoves it up his arse” – Irish slang. Since it used “bum”, I’m thinking British?

    • Gitano

      Ok, this made me laugh so hard my office mates asked me if I was OK. Thanks, Mina! (Yes, I am reading BG on office time. One of the many perks of being the boss!)

      I have no idea who it is but I will say that I now know waaay more about him than I ever needed to.

    • veronica

      noo0!!!! so incorrect pierce brosnan no! he doesn’t seem like that he even seems like a missionary passionate man!

  • Howie

    and I always thought cola nuts grew on trees! God knows what he does with a bottle of 7UP.

  • zomg

    First I thought of Tom Hanks, given the “last straight man in Hollywood” but he’s not an action star. Then I thought of George Clooney, but he’s not married/also not an action star… this is a tough one.

    I’m going to go with Sly Stallone. ::shrug::

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with Bruce Willis. “Big explosions” – the Die Hard movies, which upped the ante for Hollywood in that category. “The last straight man” – The Last Boy Scout.

  • mook

    Denzel or Sly Stallone

  • Preciousredtx

    These comments totally made me laugh out loud at my desk…This is just such a weird thing to do…and really how does someone figure that they like that in the first place?

  • veronica

    i was thinking jean claude van dam, he has a lot of explosions and such and gotten married like 5 different times, he also had rumors of being a gay or having something with a tranny

    • AA

      I’m thinking it is probably someone who never had a gay rumor since it says “Probably the last straight man in Hollywood”.

  • yarrrrr

    I’m pretty sure that would burn…

  • Piper

    OK, logistically there are problems with making this work, plus, theres no way this wouldnt have gotten out sooner. I mean, seriously?

    Some spurned ex-GF is acting out at Unless someone showed you guys photographic evidence, I’m not believing this one. And not even gonna guess.

  • AA

    For those who call BS, I can vouch that I have heard of people doing this as early as 1992. Men and women. Now, I have never tried this I promise all of you but it is not entirely BS. There are some crazy things out there. I was shocked when Michael K had not heard of Ambien sex. That’s pretty lame compared to what people are doing. Once again, I’ve never put a coke bottle in anything but my mouth!! LOL.

    • Catiebug

      If the Internet has Rule 34 (“If it exists, there is porn of it.”), then sex (which has been around a lot longer!) can have its own rule… “If it’s insane enough, someone can find a way to get their rocks off to it!”

  • betsy

    Hmm, wonder if he has tried “Squirt” the grapefruit-tart soda? (product of Coca-cola I believe too–Midwest) The old fashion, glass coke bottles would have a narrower mouth that could be covered by the thumb, shook and quickly plunged. The shaker/plunger must be paid well…Sly S.?

  • Tru

    hmmm, I can’t get around folks putting acidic beverages up their poop shoot…


    I don’t care how rich or handsome he is, I’d feel suicidal after doing this to partner..

    like how low can ya go???

    • Catiebug

      Ha! No worse than them putting them in their mouth… do you know how terrible soda is for your body? And yet we drink tons of it every year. :)

  • jen

    does this mean all the men in hollywood are bi or gay, that explain that duchovny guy, he seems kind of weird sometimes.

  • betsy

    Considering you can clean your eroded battery cables with a can of Coke or detail your car. It would be foolish to do this or put anything up someone’s bottom for that matter.

  • Nick

    If this actor may be the last straight man left in Hollywood, then Liam Neeson really is gay?

    My guess is Arnold, he has a past as notorious womanizer.

  • isuckatblinditems

    I think the Coke people planted this story.

    Perhaps they were getting bored with the typical “product placement” route. hehehe “product placement” I made myself laugh.

  • Tawanda

    All I can think of is that email that goes around telling the uses for coke like taking rust off a bumper. The comments on here have me laughing my bum off.
    How about Chuck Norris? LOL

  • Anon

    Chuck Norris or Maguiver??

  • Bernice

    Fatty Arsbuckle was known for using coke bottles on women he was with back in his day. Maybe that’s where the idea came from. This is a fact that is in some of the books on old Hollywood silent screen stars.

    • scripts

      Yeah, but Fatty thought he was ‘sanitizing’ those women, so he would not catch anything.

    • morganmoragn

      Actually the Fatty Arbuckle thing is a fatuous lie and total BS. Arbuckle was innocent and the first casualty of the early Hollywood media machine. Don’t believe what you read in the some of the books on old Hollywood silent screen stars.

  • eyeroll

    Don’t ask me how I know this, but yes, people use Coke for enemas. If one girl is, um, servicing and the other has the Coke ready, then, yes, you can totally do this. I’ve completely grossed myself out now.

    I’m going with Bruce Willis for this one. There have been gay rumors about both Stallone and Arnold, who I believe was in a gay porn very early in his career.

  • ladyguitarstar

    I know alot of you are saying you dont think its someone with gay rumours around them, but i cant help thinking its richard gere. Because of the whole shaved gerbil thing.

  • Tawanda

    If it’s cold instead of room temperature, does he get a brain freeze too?

  • BooBoo

    room- temperature…. “Mercury Rising”….Willis

  • MaryMac

    I though BW too, but what is with the line about his bedroom history? I don’t know a lot of Bruce Willis known to be a big cheater or anything. Kevin Costner isn’t in a lot of action movies. I’m confused.

  • JR

    why has no one mentioned Charlie Sheen?

    certainly timely..

    never any gay rumors….

    didn’t he start out in PLATOON… ?
    it is history.. doesn’t mean ALL of his movies had to be action films.. but that one certainly had explosions.

    plus the way it is worded… “one man” “two partners” two and a half men?

    If he’s paying them, as most of his companions are….. (hence the … “and certainly not his wife”)
    the women certainly would not care how weird it is… if they are getting paid.. right…?

  • A

    steven seagal. definitely. he is a known action star, has been married to enough broads to be pretty obviously hetero, AND he has had a known affair. no one else fits all the criteria.

  • SadieHawkins

    I think you can take the Govenator off the list, he’s had heart bypass and that is usually a guaranteed retirement.

  • SadieHawkins

    This really sounds like another “hamster” rumor.
    But Coca Cola is good for cleaning engine parts. :)

  • Inspector Clouseau

    I’ll vote on this being nonsense started by a grumpy ex-girlfriend.

  • Nick

    I think JR has the best thinking so far.

    Now seriously, I think I’ve read somewhere that injecting that much sugar up your rectum could be lethal for reasons I can’t remember. If anyone here is considering doing this at home, talk to your doctor first to be really sure.

    Don’t be afraid of your doctor. Proctologists have all heard much weirder things than that.

  • JsGirl

    I thought of Ben Affleck–he was in Armageddon and Pearl Harbor(big explosions). But, I like the Charlie Sheen guess too.

  • Lilian

    Stallone or the governator.

  • coldwater

    The Governor. Past, as an actor and as an action star. Also, question his past = Total Recall. Last Straight Man = Last Action Hero. Ralph’s = California Only Grocer. Wife = Maria Schriver, not, it would seem, into soda play.

  • Ian

    Kinky weirdness. How did he come up with something like that? Anyway, there’s no hint the actor is gay or bi. Plenty of straight dudes enjoy some a**play, ever hear of Pegging? But a coke enema? Bizarre.

  • tom

    i heard a rumor in late 80s that b willis was on a cruise n had crazy gay sex, then for two to 3 decades he was linked with women, then i saw him walking up bdwy with a model-woman, 2 weeks ago, Then I read this item and I think it’s him-tom

  • sam

    George Clooney! he is last straight man left in Hollywood

  • Repeat Offender

    Totally guessing, I nominate Daniel Craig……

  • VRevis

    “Have a Coke and a smile…”

    I have no clue, but could the fact that Coke is made in Atlanta have anything to do with it? Any action stars from the ATL?

  • somethingoriginal

    is it too early to call post of the year? this has been gold. pure gold.

  • pa

    As long as it’s not Dolph Lundgren or Chuck Norris, I think I can deal with it. Maybe!

  • Lola

    GASP! Clint Eastwood?????
    “Go ahead, shake my coke.”

  • Lola

    GASP! Clint Eastwood?????
    “You feelin’ lucky today? Go ahead, shake my coke.”

  • Indigo

    why am I thinking of Van Dam?


  • kitkat

    IM SORRRYYY! i dont care how *in the moment* i was with someone or how much i loved/lusted after them or how big of a celebrity they were…the second they looked me dead in the eye and said “baby i need you to do something for me…just shake this s**t up, then when i give you the ‘ok’ shove it up my booty hole” id be out of there so fast!! AND telling everyyyyoneee i know!

  • Alex

    Whoever that is that’s a hot blind item.