Bootylicious Girl Should Expect More Heartbreak

JanetCharlton – This bootylicious reality star is in for more heartbreak. She recently reconciled with her naughty boyfriend after forgiving him for cheating. Now she’s thinking about a wedding, but HE’S not. Behind her back, the boyfriend has taken up with yet another stripper in Los Angeles, and the stripper is already shopping the story around to the highest bidder.

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  1. Whomever says

    You’re right. Very obvious. Just look at the tags. Kim Kardashian it is. Is that a photo of Luscious Lopez?

  2. Ash says

    Kim is retarded. Why in the world would you try and FORCE marriage on a man…wait no!! Why would you be with a man that doesn’t want you??? It’s beyond me…

  3. ladymarmalade says

    Obviously Kim K. Really I can’t understand why women get serious with pro athletes in any sport. They ALL end up doing this.

  4. MeMeMe says

    When would Reggie even have time for another girl right now? He may be injured but he surely spends most of his time in New Orleans given that the Saints are absolutely rocking it this season.

    Maybe another Kardashian…didn’t Kourtney recently forgive her baby daddy for cheating? And they’re in LA…

    • MeMeMe says

      Or even a Destiny’s child member. Isn’t Michelle Williams dating someone? “Former DESTINY’S CHILD star MICHELLE WILLIAMS is reportedly dating actor HENRY SIMMONS. The Bootylicious singer, 27, is said to be smitten with ex-NYPD Blue hunk Simmons and the couple has even discussed marriage, according to”

      • AA says

        Is Michelle Williams a reality star? I think it is either Kim or Kourtney. And just to repeat what you said because its worth repeating, the Saints are ROCKING this season! Go Saints!!

      • KiKi says

        LOL. That was Kelly Rowland, not Michelle. Michelle was the one who came in after Beyonce & co. kicked the other 2 girls out.

      • MeMeMe says

        “Michelle Williams, one-third of the Grammy-award winning Destiny’s Child, who also has made a name for herself as a gospel artist, is one of the celebrity judges this season for the Gospel Music Channel’s popular American Idol®-style talent search series Gospel Dream.”

      • MeMeMe says

        They’re not always going to give you every little tidbit of information. At least it isn’t one of the same old boring guesses that everyone gives.

  5. HaHaH says

    It must be Kim and Reggie. FOr the poster that asked how he would have time with the Saints doing well….he’s been injured and not playing lately so he probably hasn’t been doing all the workouts and practices. Plenty of time for a little side nookie.

    • Catiebug says

      Well that sort of limits her other options, doesn’t it? Let’s face it, STD’s are just about as good of a reason to settle as pregnancy is.

      Be safe kids! It ain’t that freakin hard.

  6. jen says

    wasnt it rayj that gave it to her, and she gave one of michael jackson nephews from 3t an std. kim also slept with joe jackson, thats just wrong on all levels. i dont blame reggie for not wanting to

  7. sean says

    Well, at least Reggie is making good use of his time being injured. Why would she want to marry him? He has maybe one or two more seasons left in him. Then…flipping burgers. He doesn’t have that much of a future.

    • Dirk says

      He should be able to retire in two years with the NFL money. It’s the guys who don’t get drafted who end up flipping burgers.

      • Sean says

        About half of all NFL players go broke within 2yrs of retirement. Bush hasn’t exactly live a low profile life. He has to spending a lot of damn money. And he will never last long enough to get a big 2nd contract

    • Le Singe says

      do you know how much he has made in endorsements……I’d also love to see some substantiation of ‘half the NFL players go broke within 2 yrs of retirement’, but I’m sure you made that up so I don’t even know why I’m asking……It’s not like he’s making the league minimum or something I’m not sure about this year but next year he is due to make 8 mil. He might not have a ton of endorsements right now but his first few years he had huge ones. Considering he has made well in excess of 50 mil in the last 4 or 5 years he doesn’t live that lavishly… don’t worry your job is safe for now….think before spouting stupid stereo types.

      • bilipityialna says

        woah, simmer down le singe, it’s just a gossip site. are you an almost-broke NFL player? and i think you mean statistic, not stereotype.

  8. Tease says

    Kim needs to learn that you cannot force anything on a man..he’ll take the sex and play your game but you have to call it what it is..

    She wants the public to think, EVERYTHING is ok..Reggie is not thinking about marriage at 24 or 25..BUT because she is Kim KarTRASHian–he HAS to want her to be his wife..She has been thinking he is going to propose now for yrs, every holiday..its not happening.

    Cheating means what Kim??? he loves you even more??? dummy!

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