Wife Gets More Bad News About Mr. Perfect

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BlindGossip – As if this famous athlete didn’t have enough dang problems right now, you can add a couple more to the list. His wife knew that he had relied on a certain substance in the past to relieve his extreme bouts with performance anxiety. However she did not know until a couple of days ago that he has been experimenting with other substances that could get flagged during testing.  The second problem he has is his penchant for women who are paid handsomely to be discreet about their extra-curricular activities with him. Word is that he likes to be punished for his bad behavior. He was subjected to harsh discipline from an early age,  and he tells the women that he needs them to continue that tradition in order for him to be perfect. But don’t expect either of these habits to come to the forefront in the coming months. Everyone is getting paid off to lie or to keep their trap shut.


It’s Tiger Woods! Source: BlindGossip

This blind is an oldie but a goodie. As it turns out, Tiger never ran into more problems with the prescription drugs (other than ramming his car into a tree). However, lots of handsomely-paid escorts did come  forward to tell their sordid tales.

And, although ex-wife Elin Nordegren and ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel have moved on, who knows who else has stepped in since to discipline Tiger when he is being a “bad boy”…

Did you catch the golf clues?: flagged, “fore”front, lie, trap

Congratulations to everyone who got it right! GossipHoare was first!

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76 comments to Wife Gets More Bad News About Mr. Perfect

  • GossipHoare

    I will take “Famous Black Golfers Whose Names end in oods” for 200, Alex.

    • Catiebug

      Ha! That cracked me up, I almost woke up the baby. But yeah, I think you nailed this thing.

      “enough problems” – weird accident on Black Friday the police are questioning him, he possibly could have been on the substance referenced in the first part of the blind
      “subject to harsh discipline” – of course. he even made a commercial that showed him practicing out in the rain that was specifically focused on his “discipline”
      “everyone’s getting paid off” – his endorsements are unbelievably lucrative, he can pay off anyone he needs to several times over.

      • Catiebug

        Argh! Why are we all being moderated on long comments like this now?

      • Tinker

        I’ve noticed that too. It seems to be pretty arbitrary though.

      • jen

        tiger woods for the hell of it, since we all know his wife went chris brown on him when she caught him cheatin.lol

      • jen

        everyone knows from the get go that, that story was wrong, who ran out of their house at 2:30 in the morning with a golf club to bust a window out of a car. On panache report alot of posters used to say that tiger is a known cheater, but he pays women off mostly strippers. There is also a double standard when it comes to celebrity or if you have wealth, tiger woods pr people are trying to do damage control because if this all comes out that he is cheating or taking drugs their goes his endorment. Look for him to pull a kobe and vanessa stunt.

      • Lynn

        Also “forefront” as in FORE!

      • Lynn

        Also “keep their trap shut” as in sand TRAP? lol

      • jen

        that rachel chic is lying too

    • Candi

      LOL!! I love this! Outstanding, GossipHoare!

    • amber

      LMAO! Love it!

      • KimiD

        As well as the fact that they have yet to make a statement to the police about what happened. What is THAT all about!?

    • Leslie

      Now THAT reply definitely, without a doubt made my day!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!! You’re excellent! I actually laughed out loud…the situation is sad BUT your comment was priceless!! Thank You!

    • Krissy

      OMG you slay me! Fabulous.

    • me

      LOL GossipHoare. Funniest comment of the week.

  • somethingoriginal

    will throw agassi into the ring just for shigiggles

  • Bill Davis

    Leopard Trees? Lion Glens? Cougar Forests? Cheetah Parks?

    • G. Willacres

      i hope you get royalties when the next celebutard names their baby.
      i vote for Lion Glens! or Puma Grove, Meerkat Hollow, Lynx Copse, Jaguar Airy, Cub Weald, Oscelot Thicket, Tom Timberland, Bobcat Goldthwait, Tiger Woods. Hey, wait a minute..

  • sneezy

    Wow…all the money in the world can’t buy normal, he’s a mess.

    • Clearly

      no way to be normal and such a dominant success in anything in life. I just don’t think it’s possible. I find it funny that up till here nobody has actually typed ‘Tiger’ though everyone knew that it was only Tiger that was being referred to. :-)

  • A.nonny.mouse

    Tiger got Wood.


  • Shona

    Is Michael Phelps married? “Extra Curricular Activities” sounds like somebody just got out of school which would match ichaels Young age?

  • Asha

    john mc enroe….just sayin.

  • Asha

    chi chi rodriquez?

  • Anonymous

    Tiger Woods seems very obvious here but so many athletes are married to blue-eyed blondes, use drugs and cheat. And women continue to cheat with them for some very odd reason.

    Our society is really screwed up.

  • PhoebeS

    Tiger for the win

  • Tabitha

    It’s the eye of the TIGER, it’s the cream in his night
    Risin’ up to the challenge with viagra
    And the best known golfer likes a woman who fights
    And we’re watchin’ it on ESPN, IT’S THE TIGER!

  • basic101

    I love the second to last sentence.

  • yummymummy

    Is Lance Armstrong married?

  • Penny_lane

    tiger woods???

  • stinkweed

    So very Tiger Woods.

  • CadieBelle

    I hope Tiger’s wife takes that d-bag to the cleaners at the divorce

  • Bingo

    Tiger Woods, no question. Knew he wasn’t as perfect as he is made out to be……..

  • deecee

    tiger woods. he was a prodigy, beginning golf at age 2, thus the “harsh discipline.”
    it is rumored that he had an affair with ny night club hostess rachel uchitel. her handsome payday is keeping her from admitting this.
    also, he was involved in a single-car accident late last week. he refuses to talk to the police about the incident. charges are still pending so… drugs involved? and the marks from his accident are supposedly from his wife, after finding out about his affair with uchitel.
    also, woods is a buddhist, which furthermore adds to the deception.

  • Madame X

    Definitely Tiger Woods. How scandalous! I never liked the guy…always distrusted an indefinable something about him.

  • Oh My

    Not so blind…. TIGER WOODS is probably the ‘hole’ in this one!

  • It's Miley

    I thought that is was widely known he was on prescription pain medicine for his recent surgery? Or are we talking steroids?

  • Divide by Zero

    Oh yeah, this does just scream out Tiger. What a shame…I was really hoping that there was someone who seemed nice and sorted who actually WAS. Was hearing that he was on “pain killers” at the time of the crash which was why he passed out…

  • Kinky

    while i agree this is more than likely tiger i will throw out gilbert arenas and shaq just cause they are in the middle of some drama as well….

  • It's Miley

    At least he has a sense of humor. Not sure of validity of the quote.

    “After two days of refusing to speak to the media about suspicious aspects of my personal life, I have proved to myself that I am qualified for a career in politics,” Mr. Woods told reporters in Orlando.

  • Reggie

    I didn’t know they tested for illegal substances in golf too!

    • Anonymous

      They do. A golfer was recently suspended for taking a therapeutic, prescribed, but banned substance because he didn’t get a full waiver from the PGA for it.

  • ladymarmalade

    About the “other substances”, I read on another site that there are whisperings of human growth hormone which is a banned substance in most- if not all- major sports leagues.

  • Jim

    It seems he should of washed his balls before advancing to the next hole!

  • LemonDrop

    That whole situation is shady as hell, maybe thats why he never liked talking about his personal life, he’s so kink!

  • h00bydice

    …well, I’m hearing that Elin chased Tiger down & beat the crap outta him and his car with one of his golf clubs over his rumored affair.

    Just your normal, everyday stuff in the lives of celebrities!

  • fictional

    additional tiger thinking…

    “flagged during testing” (the hole in golf has a flag)
    “come to the forefront” (odd word choice, but “fore” is used in golf all the time)
    “keep their trap shut” (golf, sand traps are a hazard to be avoided)

  • Definitely Tiger Woods.

  • Patrizio

    I don’t often watch golf but a couple of weeks ago I saw Tiger Woods after not seeing him for awhile and was struck by how he had bulked up. Seemed kind of sudden-like. Also, his jump off is a little long in the tooth (34y/o)for this kind of stuff. I guess Gloria Allred is gonna go after the National Enquirer?, GOOD LUCK! My father worked for them and I can tell you that the stories are thoroughly vetted by their legal department. Tiger must have a pretty good cut on his lip, cause he is lying pretty low. I always thought that he and Michael Jordan were cut out of the same cloth, gamblers, cheaters, and worst of all- POOR TIPPERS!!!!

  • Tiger Woods and Erin ” Ikea beat the crap” Woods.LOL

  • Dee

    Mrs Woods was the other women at one time, That is the reason she is pissed, Karma Baby, Karma!!

  • Dreamyvelvet

    Wood getting spanked..sounds like choking the chicken to me lol. I think it is hawt as hell that the Tiger likes to be dominated in private…sounds like his wife better up her game 😉 Wonder what kinda pills were in those two bottles though to jack him up so bad?

  • ahorsenamedbill

    agreed with all above
    shines off the driver
    my poor husband, he’s so depressed and delusional

  • Tiger, fore sure. clues… flagged, forefront, trap, lie, and the discipline.

  • Rajah

    I say Tom Brady. 16-0 2007 season. Perfect record

  • warren

    tiger made a mistake and I sure he regrets every moment but can’t take it back. Maybe this will change him for the good. I think we are all mess up in some sort of way.

  • JC

    thinkin this is not tiger since no one there seems to be able to keep their mouths shut