Cooking Up Rumors About An Affair

female chef bwCDAN – This A list female celebrity chef was overheard in a restaurant the other day. Nothing unusual about that right? I mean people are nosy and we strain our ears. Well, it turns out this celebrity chef who is married was discussing an affair she recently had with this B list male singer with A list name recognition and reputation. She wasn’t shy about discussing the details either. I mean explicit, graphic details about what the two did to each other. Nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely not shy in recounting every last act. It does appear to have been a one time thing, but this is totally not what you expect from our chef and the image she tries to portray to the public.

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55 comments to Cooking Up Rumors About An Affair

  • G. Willacres

    Paula Deen & John Mayer ! score

  • Jalisa

    there is only one A-List Female Celebrity chef and it’s Rachel Ray. IMO

    • MizFabulous

      I think you’re right, although I would hardly call her a “chef”. Regardless, I think this is her. Besides, she’s coarse enough to engage in this sort of crass behaviour.

    • Funbag

      Really? I can think of Giada DeLaurentis, Cat Cora, Padma, Paula Deen..just off the top of my head.

    • Missy

      Rachel Ray is NOT a chef. She even says: I’m not chef, I am a cook. I bet she is crass in real life and wouldn’t hesitate to have a conversation like this, but this blind is not about her …

  • KtotheM

    i guessed this on cdan and i’m sticking with it. giada de laurentiis & john mayer. i did some google snooping and big * loves this *.

  • ThatOneGuy

    I’m thinking Rachel Ray and that Booblay guy.

  • Jane

    Is Padma married?

  • GuyIncognito

    Giada de Laurentiis

  • Plush

    If you google Rachel Ray you will see recently that she had a dinner for an economically challenged city in Wilmingto, Ohio. It’s just outside of Cincinatti and her guest was Nick Lachey. He has been on her show three times in two months for various reasons. He is also scheduled to appear again at the end of the month. Nick Lachey on Rachel Ray’s show four times in two months seems odd and excessive.

    • MizFabulous

      Good sleuthing, Plush.

    • miss dixie

      No flipping way he is b-list. a-list name recognition maybe, but I would put him in the C or D list category.

    • The blind says it seems to have just been a one-time thing. Sounds like the Rachel/Nick thing is at least a few-times thing… Wasn’t Rachel having issues with her hubby recently (several months ago?)

      I think you’ve uncovered YET ANOTHER cheating celebrity chef/cook!!!

  • kelly g

    Hahaha! This whole thing is based on a bulls* piece of erotic fan fiction that was shopped around a month ago to lots of different websites. It figures CDAN would try to turn it into a blind item. Shame on you CDAN!

  • oh oh

    RayRay is NOT A CHEF! She’s a cook. There’s a difference, a chef has had training.

    • Bea

      agreed, although I think more a chef has run a professional kitchen in a real restaurant, which she’s never ever done…A list chef, Michelle Bernstein?

  • Stephie

    Would Cat Cora be A List? I think she’s married to a woman and they have kids. The post goes out of its way to say it was a ‘male’ singer and that it would something you would totally not expect

  • stinkweed

    Anne Burrell and Justin Timberlake.

  • miss dixie

    The ONLY A-list celebrity chefs are Emeril, Paula Deen, and Rachel Ray. Of those I would say Rachel Ray is the obvious choice. No clue as to the male singer though.

    • stinkweed

      I’d add Bobby Flay to that list, along with Ina Garten. And if you aren’t including those who are not actually chefs (like Deen and Ray) Jaime Oliver.

      • miss dixie

        I’ve never heard of any of them. “Celebrity Chef” to the general public means Ray, Deen, Emeril, maybe that Rocco guy. but I could be totally wrong, I am just looking at it from a “who I know of being a person who could not give a crap less about cooking shows” perspective.

      • stinkweed

        Bobby Flay has about 5 cooking shows, tons of books, a line of restaurants all over the country , a line of dishes, a ton of sponsorship gigs (like Helmann’s Mayo) and is married to that hot blond chick that used to be the DA on Law and Order.

        If you’ve never heard of him, you aren’t trying hard enough, lol! He’s way more famous than Rocco and made more money than any of the other cooks on your list last year except for Ray.

    • Lola

      Giada could definitely fall in the “A” category. She has her own cooking show, hosts 2 others, contributes to the Today Show and has had at least 4 best-selling cookbooks.

  • what'sup

    I agree kelly g, CDAN is full of B******T. he/she has had a 3 year media hoax running with the MV story………….and something should be done with them claiming to be a entertainment lawyer (is that allowed to bs about being a lawyer?)

    • miss dixie

      it’s not illegal to say you are a lawyer unless you are actually holding yourself out as a practitioner to a client or a court, giving legal advice, or otherwise actually doing things that are considered practicing law. “engaging in the unauthorized practice of law” is what’s illegal.

    • Pinky

      He’s a lawyer, he’s just not an entertainment lawyer.

  • Nathalie

    I’m going with Giada de Laurentiis for this one, no clue on the singer… maybe Mayer?

    • love.bug

      There have been rumors in the past regarding Giada & her roaming eye, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • VLArt

      Giada and her family are REALLY weird, and she totally lies about her past in interviews / on her show. She – and her family – are not what is protrayed. I’m sure that’s very common in the entertainment industry (it’s all about the illusion / presentation / entertainment), but … it’s still so strange when are actually KNOW the truth and then see / read the crapola being sold. Wholesome?! Classy?!?! Grew up like Hollywood royalty?!?! Smart and driven!?!?!?!? Riiiiiigghhhhttt … this could EASILY be her.

      • G. Willacres

        do tell!

      • VLArt

        They just really have issues … it’ll be interesting if Giada ever come clean, though it is incredibly doubtful. Collapsing that house of cards would ruin everything – for so many of them. The family is incredibly strange on so many levels and oddly snotty (as if everyone should bow down because they had a grandfather who was a successful movie producer; her parents didn’t have money – not in that way. They had enough, but they were far from the more moneyed people in the schools / area). The stories she spins about them and her upbringing are pretty far from the truth. But, they do make nice stories, and whoever is packaging her is doing a great job. Without the connections, there is NO WAY this girl (or anyone else in her family) would ever have a real career. But, whatever, she is “working” and doing a good enough job at what she is doing, so good for her. It’s just not the her that everyone thinks she is …

      • ladymarmalade

        My brother is this way about our grandfather who has an Oscar in a technical field (trust me, it’s no one you’ve ever heard of unless you are a MASSIVE movie nerd of epic scale and he won it before most posters here were even born). But my lame ass brother holds this up like he had something to do with it. They didn’t even meet until my brother was almost 20, but you ever meet lameo he will tell you about our grandfather’s Oscar within in the first 15 minutes of meeting.

      • MARY

        Yes DO TELL!!!

      • ladymarmalade

        Yes, do tell!

        And I would totally pay to see a John Mayer/Paula Deen sex tape.

        I have issues.

      • G. Willacres

        eww yep, that’s an issue!

        hold my butters y’all, now grease it up real good, right here. shudder

      • stinkweed

        Ewwwwwww!!! LMAO!

      • Jules

        Lmao…while I read G. Willacres comment, it sounded like Paula Deen in my head! Can’t stop laughing!

  • skaneta

    Martha Stewart and CDAN

  • Amy

    I think it’s RR & Nick Lacey …he resembles RR’s husband physically. I think it’s RR or Giada?

  • Alex

    Rachael Ray is my guess.

  • ugkman

    julia childs and john mayer….he would totally do even if she is dead no foreplay and he could do what he wants