Singer Plots to Dethrone Beyonce

beyonce knowles 2PanacheReport – We’ve reported in the past on female singers being jealous of the success of Beyonce, the following female singer is no exception and wanted to dethrone Beyonce and become the baddest chick in the game! Didn’t happen. This female singer has an outrageous ego and she’s super arrogant, for reasons only known to her. Behind closed doors, when she’s among white celebrities, she always makes it a point to say, “I’m not entirely African-American, I’m mixed,” which is a lie. Like many female celebrities, she has man problems but allegedly these problems stem from being clingy, needy and desperate. It’s also been reported that she’s aloof towards fans and she continues to burn bridges throughout the industry. She’s so big headed, she no longer needs those who contributed to her success. She also hangs out with a scandalous crew who were recently overheard saying, “We’re too cute and too good for this club.” They also got mad when patrons stared at them, demanding that security throw them out. People are also whispering that her cars are leased, so she can keep up appearances. This woman is very disliked among her peers and fans.

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1 comment to Singer Plots to Dethrone Beyonce

    • jen

      yea she hangs out with the *dashians

    • TK


      – Ciara doesn’t seem to like to own anything ( so the car leasing thing fits and the link also says that she didn’t have that much money.

      – And Ciara’s middle name is Princess so the whole de-throning thing works.

      Plus, I don’t think Rihanna would be making comments like “We’re too cute for this club”.

    • DreamyEyes

      You hit the nail on the head. This is definitely Ciara. She frequently drives around sports cars (Lamborghinis) which are rumored to be rented. Singer Loyd recently put her on blast for being a b****. She’s claimed to be a mixed with African American, Cherokee, and Creole. And the scandalous crew she hangs with are no other than Lala and the Kardashian sisters.

  • Megley

    And good luck with that.

  • Lucy

    Definitely Ciara.

  • Pixie

    Rhianna. She seems to fit.

  • Betsy Paige

    ‘She’s so big headed’ and ‘man problems’ seem to scream Rhianna, no?

  • Brandi

    Maybe Kerri Hilson?

  • Giraffic

    Didn’t Beyonce push Rhianna down some stairs?? Don’t think it’s her but I’ve heard lots of things bout Ciara and her last album wasn’t that big, usually with the big ego comes them fading away.

    • wubbzy

      (off-topic, sorry)….but when you asked if B pushed Ri-Ri down the stairs, i immediatly thought of Showgirls. *sigh* I am a dork.

      Back on topic, I thought of Rihanna, too

  • Rob

    I could see it being Ciara. Rihanna has had some major chart success and though most of the press this last year wasn’t the kind stars want, the fact remains that she’s probably as famous as Beyonce and has the public on her side in the Chris Brown situation. Ciara hasn’t had chart success lately and might be struggling with her money, unlike Rihanna.

  • Justagirl

    I could see Ciara or Keri because neither of them can get near the success Beyonce’s had. Not fan of any of the three, I like Rihanna because she definitely does her own thing. However, I have heard stories about her arrogance and ego and money issues so unfortunately, I think it’s her.

  • LemonDrop

    Who was that girl that went on stage with jayz and alicia? lil mama or something. could be her

  • Bit

    it can’t be Rihanna because she wouldn’t claim not to be AA, she’s from Barbados so that would make her something else even though islanders have African roots, I doubt she’d be classified mainly as AA. Plus why would people say that Beyonce does not like her, it’s her hubby’s project so more money for them. I definately think it Ci-error. A while back there was a blind that got solved that she had bought a really economically priced place.

  • Ashiri

    Don’t think it’s Keri Hilson only because she wouldn’t be having money problems. She’s been behind the scenes in the music industry for a while as a writer.

  • Methinks

    I thought ciara immediately. But keri hilson wuz it?? When she said those things about Beyonce in a song or allegedly. But she denied it n stuff….or I could be wayyy off.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest, the only reason that Panache Report isn’t called out on its racism, homophobia, and sexism is because it’s run by and mostly patronized by black women. If a site run by someone from another race, or a site run by a guy (even if it’s a site run by a gay male like D-Listed or Perez), printed the same things in the same way as Panache, there’d be an outcry by the same black women who post over there. Everyone knows it, but no one will say it.

    Wanna bet this comment gets moderated out of existence? Come on, BG, show some guts and let someone call them out on what they are.

    Oh, yeah, it’s definitely Ciara. Or T-Pain’s going to start dressing in drag.

    • AA

      I am not getting what is racist about this post. To me it reads just like any other blind.

    • Jalisa

      I don’t see anything racist about this post at all. Also everyone has blind items about gay/lesbian/bi people who are hiding in the closet.
      Not just them.

    • Barry

      cry baby. Panache rocks and unless this is Riri’s publicist, no reason to be bellowing.
      and then you make a guess and make a prison rape joke?
      typical white liberal, wanting blacks to be noble savages.
      Well, this Caribbean male ain’t standing for it, baby.
      Go back to the Valley.

  • Lauren

    it’s NOT KERI. she is NOTHING like what was described. plus there’s no beef with her and Bey. so just forget about that one. HA

    • definitely

      I don’t necessarily think its Keri but I totally disagree that there is no beef between her and Beyonce. Why would Keri feel the need to do the remix of “Turnin Me On” with the whole verse dissing Beyonce if there was no beef?

    • jen

      bt she had a sond dissing bey and ciara i think

  • missymissmiss

    Mis-Teeq has a song called scandalous..just a thought

  • plum

    ciara or rihanna

  • Yea

    Definitely Ciara. She’s gotten so big headed every since hanging with LaLa and the Kardasians. Everyone in the ATL are saying she’s sold out and gone Hollyweird. She hates Rhianna and Beyonce

  • LemonDrop

    COUGH*Or I bet this rumor was created by beyonce to get her name back in the press*COUGH

  • eve

    It can´t be Rhianna, then it wouldn´t say “african american” but “african caribbian”, right?

  • Jalisa

    Keyshia cole.

    She was talking about in her tv show that her dad was italian. She even went on Tyra saying she was italian.

    Also Rihanna is mixed. Her dad is white.

    • Etcetera

      If she’s half Italian, that doesn’t make her mixed and just half black???

      • Jalisa

        I don’t understand your comment.
        Id she is half italian she is mixed. She would be black and white. mixed a vanilla and chocalate swirl.

        But the thing is she isn’t italian at all. Also I believe the scandalous crew that the blind mention is none other than her sister neffie and her mom frankie. I mean, who wouldn’t kick them out the club.

      • Berrie

        Rihanna’s dad is not white.

      • Jalisa

        yeah you right…I just look it up. Her dad is barbadian and Irish. I just read he was Irish and nothing else. But he is mixed.

        But this still isn’t riri cause she also tell eople she is barbadian.

      • jen

        keisha is mixed half balck half italian just like cristina milian

      • Jalisa

        Keisha cole don’t know who her real dad is. Her mom Frankie was so messed up on drugs. Frankie told keisha it could be an italian guy. They called him, got a dna test and it wasn’t him.

      • Christina Milian is Afro-Cuban, not black and italian…………

  • blah


  • Suzie Q

    I think it’s Keyshia Cole as well. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. I really don’t think that it’s Ciara because she has a really humble personality. She’s too sweet for that BS.

    • Tiffy

      Think about it…she hangs with a group of woman who think they’re too pretty to hang in the club…have you seen the women Keyshia hangs out with…sorry…that ain’t her…it’s definitely Ciara.

  • Chuck Deez

    It’s definitely Whitney Houston. She’s a free woman now. Bey Bey watch out!!!

  • bobo

    HAHA BillyBob that cracked me up!!
    but i think its Rhianna.

  • pbssoon

    Clearly Keri Hilson!

  • Barbie

    IDK Who it is Beyonce got some many haters. But Beyonce is the biggest pop star in the world. Who do you know in this day in age is going to perform at The World Cup this is huge!! Rihanna is not on the lvl as Beyonce none of the artist today are on that lvl. But i don’t know I don’t think it’s Cici she was talking about that she don’t understands how Rihanna is bigger then her. IDK!!! Am lost on this one!

    • tropical

      Shakira sang at the 2006 World Cup, Ricky Martin sang the official 2002 World Cup song. Beyoncé’s fans really need to stop thinking she is the only female singer who does big things because it’s not true.
      I don’t know who is it but I don’t think it’s Rihanna since her album hasn’t been released yet, how did she failed to surpass Beyoncé? As far as I know Rihanna doesn’t drive and everybody can see she’s not 100% Black so I don’t understand why she would feel the need to clarify it. And what crew does she have?

  • A Fellow Mick

    OK, I know NOTHING about this genre of music, but I saw Shakira on TV the other night and the first thing I said to my wife was, “She’s trying to look like Beyonce.” Maybe she’s using Beyonce’s own formula against her? Just a thought.

    • Alex

      Shakira is a talented, top-selling musician that has been around forever and won a grammy years ago. I agree, too bad she is looking like Beyonce lately. Maybe she is laughing at it secretely with the whole cage-spandex-she wolf thing.

    • jen

      alex its the other way around, bey copied some pf shakira’s style

  • Jalisa

    Okay scrath that…forget what I said about Keyshia cole after during some research it is Ciara.

    it talks about her rented car…Saying how she can’t afford that car and she haven’t had a hit in years. Also it was showng how she is always with the kardashians. kardashians are scandalous.

  • Can’t be Ciara. She doesn’t club or she doesn’t have a crew. She only hangs with Kim.

    • Jalisa

      She hangs with the Kardashians….I think that’s a crew. She do clubs. All this recents pics of her is at a club. She was at Kim Kardashian bday party last night also with a lamborgini(sp??)
      She haven’t had a hit in years I wonder How she afford that. She didn’t its leased.

  • Berrie

    This is Ciara all day long. It’s too bad because I actually like her music and think she’s a real pretty dude.

  • amy

    i don’t think it is ciara because most of peoples reasoning is because she and her friends (kardashians) say they are too pretty for clubs, but anyone who watches the kardashian shows knows that at least khloe and kourtney go to clubs a lot and kim doesn’t even drink often at clubs or anywhere else.

    i vote shakira considering how she completely sold out.

    • Catiebug

      Shakira would never have to refer to herself as “not African-American”, because no one would call her that because she’s not Anything-American… she’s Columbian.

  • Lindsey

    no its DEFINITELY keri hilson. when i met her she POINTED OUT to me that i was the only white girl amongst the autograph signing. and then gave me a look of disgust. she is SO rude to her fans. people have youtube’d that about her too.and keri is the one who made a diss song about beyonce!


  • jen

    personally i think beowolf need to go take a break, sometimes people get tired of hearing her. I am noy really a fan

  • leaveciaraalone,seriously

    This story was obviously made out to make it seem like it’s Ciara. from the man rumors to her “new crew”.
    DAMN. people, just leave CiCi alone. None of it is true! she looooves Bey(bey loves and respects her too) and she’s always supporting other women; whether it’s Leona Lewis or Rihanna. She never hates on other people. She’s one of the sweetest people. Everybody that’s close to her always says that. And she doesn’t even hang with the Kardashians like that… they pretty much tag along her, borrowing her clothes and whatnot.

  • Jazmine

    I don’t think its Ciara. Ciara has had hits and her new singles are doing great overseas. I don’t know but, I doubt it’s Ciara even if she has changed a bit. Ciara is waay to sweet to even think like that. Ciara is actually mixed, her mom is part indian and caucasian. So Ciara is mixed with indian and caucasian. It can’t be Ciara because the thing says, she is disliked by her fans. You can’t say anything about Ciara without having a stan come at you! I don’t know about the cars. Who could it be?

  • Jazmine

    You know what maybe the person who wrote this is the same person who made up that story about T-boz from TLC and Ciara. Look it up, it turned out to be 100% FAKE. T-boz confirmed it herself that they not only talked but, even hugged. This is probably another CRAZY, DELUSIONAL, Ciara hater! Again, grow up and get a life buddy!

  • Regina

    kanye west. he’s so jealous. sit down sweetie ‘fore u sweat out your perm…

  • kris

    I think its Rihanna!
    According to Wiki:
    “Her mother, a native of Guyana, is Afro-Guyanese and her father is Barbadian and Irish.”
    Which I believe is not true! Rihanna looked dark skin before but! When she had Good girl gone bad she look different, completely different! Different face, different skin and different body its as almost as if the title of album should have been Black girl gone white!

    • Jalisa

      Yeah…She has gotten lighter. But I believe her dad is mixed. Also she has green eyes. So she has to be mix wih something more than black.

    • jen

      rihanna is mixxed no doubt and she has no reason to lie, most caribbean people are mixed.

  • stepheni

    i think it is keyshia because she clingy and needy

  • trelleoftears

    bet its mariah carey fits her to a t

    • Jalisa

      Mariah Carey is a diva in her own right. Everyone knows her name and she was the ishh back in the day…Before her mental breakdown in all…Than everything went down hill.

  • Im dat chick

    It not keyshia she has a man.(today’s mediatakeout)…not riri no money problems there……not keri although she did TRY…it’s ciara she hangs with the whordashians and lala who get paid to show up at spots and 50 put their non relationship on BLAST!!!!

  • It's Ciara

    She also used to hang out with Missy Elliot (was her protege after Aaliyah) who ‘discovered’ her and Ciara dropped her to become more ‘edgier’ like Rihanna/Beyonce.

  • jayoncestalker

    OMG! it’s definitely Ciara… smh! That’s a * shame, she should grow the * up. She ain’t nothing but a fake * German/Creole mixed, Lambo-leasing, trying to be the fourth Kardashian * skeezer! Ok?. Ci, I felt ya baby I really did, but BEY is my main *, * with her is like * with me. And ‘homie don’t play that’. *thumbs down*

  • G. Willacres

    I don’t care who it is, as long as B gets dislodged.
    Seriously, I vote for anyone who can get rid of that no talent, no personality hack. I have to give Daddy some props though. He is a divine marketer! Unfortunately, with the machine behind her I don’t see B going anywhere.
    I sure wish she would!

  • Christina

    It’s Ciara…

  • Westindianchick

    This is not Rihanna since she is from Barbados so she’s not American/Black(African-American).Rihanna didn’t do anything to her skin.In the Caribbean it’s sunny all year round,which means that one have a tan all year round.I supposed since she is no longer living there full time,she has lost some of her tan.People in the Caribbean are heavily mixed with different races/ethnic group.People in the Caribbean were not as segregated as it was in the U.S.,so people were always mixing.I have natural Blue eyes and slightly darker than Rihanna and I’m Afro-Caribbean.My family last name is also Irish. The Irish were sent to the Caribbean to worked as Slaves/’indentured servants’ by the English but mostly in Barbados where Rihanna is from.There was actually a breeding process that went on between African men and Irish women to produced stronger slaves.There was still some Caribbean Blacks who spoke Gaelic in the early 1900’s. Rihanna last name is Irish so it’s not a mystery she has Irish ancestry.Some of the Irish stayed in the Caribbean even after slavery was over.The Caribbean culture is very mixed and we are very proud of who we are.So please stop saying Rihanna did something to her skin,she didn’t.To the person who made that comment you are obviously has an issue with skin complexion.

  • Westindianchick

    Oh yeah my guess is Ciara and Rihanna never made the comment about being mixed with German.I know she did comment about being teased for being light skinned when she was younger.I think that happened in the U.S. as well.I wish we all can just stop focusing on skin complexions.

  • Lola

    What about Cassie?

  • Blaqueen

    Alicia Keyes it is

  • MsGQ01

    Mixed race? The only ones who come to mind are Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis but they are both known to be nice girls. How about Alexandra Burke?