A Man and His Dog Meet a Man and His Dog

man walking dogCDAN – This C list actor used to be a B lister. A very solid B lister. He was on two of the funnier shows ever on television. Since his last hit show ended, he has gone from job to job but has never repeated his earlier success. Our actor is married with child/ren but he has a place he runs to in LA to get away from his family and which he uses as a base for his activities with other men. A couple of weeks ago our actor was walking his dog when he ran into a a guy on the street. The guy on the street was also walking a dog and the two started chatting and then before you knew it our actor asked the other man out. The man on the street stated he already had a boyfriend, so no. Soon after our actor walked away. Several other times the man on the street has seen our actor with his dog and with other men, but never his wife or child/ren. The funny thing about this is that our actor was on a show which had a large number of gay actors so you would think he would feel comfortable coming out.

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82 comments to A Man and His Dog Meet a Man and His Dog

  • shellbelle

    Kelsey Grammer

  • iLoveMichaelK

    someone from seinfeld? funniest show eva

  • Kevin

    Kelsey Grammar??

    He played Fraser Crane on Cheers and Fraser, and hasn’t managed to get another show off the ground.

  • Shelly

    Jason Bateman? Was on Arrested Development and Silver Spoons. Married with a kid.

    • LemonDrop

      hm, the hot cops. tobias although he didnt know it lol who else, sometimes gob. it better not be bateman :(

      • Nowaynohow

        Have not heard anything about Bateman being gay…ever, which is a friggin miracle if you are a male actor in LA

  • luckysiu

    he moved over to producing shows on UPN like Girlfriends and The Game but I could definitely see this being him. He’s also a Republican and may prefer to stay in the closet.

  • Clearly

    Hmmm. Could “married with child/ren” be a clue???

  • EEM

    Eric McCormack?

    • Barry

      Bingo! Lots of rumors on that one.
      I am not in the Frasier camp, though Bulldog? or Mad dog or whatever was gay and so was Niles. he had a scandal with an underaged girl in NJ but beat the rap.
      Could be either. This town is nuts.

  • elf

    Paul Reiser??? Mad About You and My Two Dads.

  • Shelly

    Jason Bateman? Was on Arrested Development (with Portia) and Silver Spoons. Married with a kid.

    • Lola

      He’s in the #1 movie right now. I would argue that he’s never been more successful than he currently is. Def not him!!

      • AA

        Thank you Lola because I REFUSE to give Jason to the gay community. I have had a crush on him since Silver Spoons and it just can’t be him!


        Me too! I had a crush on Jason Bateman when he was on Silver Spoons and It’s Your Move too. Also, I did a movie with him and he just doesn’t ping on the gaydar to me so I too REFUSE to believe that he could be gay.

      • AA

        You’ve met him? I hate you!! Not really but I am quite envious.

      • Beans

        Dude is a *way* nice guy in real life.


        Yes he is incredibly nice and he socializes with the crew which most stuck up actors don’t do.

    • Joe M

      LOL! I think Arrested Development is/was pure genius but I hardly think anyone would consider Silver Spoon one of the “funnier shows ever on television”.

  • GuyIncognito

    Jeffrey Tambor of Larry Sanders Show and Arrested Development fame.

  • vTONIc

    Looks like GuyIncognito saved me from my first guess of Kelsey Grammer. I don’t want it to be him, not because I care if he’s gay, but I don’t want to think of him as a bearded, cheating douche. I can sacrifice Jeffrey Tambor.

  • Betsy Paige

    If it were Jerry Seinfeld, that would be hilarious.

  • i want in

    fraiser is not one of the 2 funniest shows ever..neither is mad about u? seriously!?!?!

  • lizano

    Fraiser won like 5 consistent Emmy’s for best comedy. Whether you found it funny or not, that would certainly qualify the show as one of the funniest shows.

  • inmyownopinion

    ….actor was on a show which had a large number of gay actors so you would think he would feel comfortable coming out.”
    Cmon, guys. Think of a show with many gay actors!
    Will & Grace
    I dunno about Kelsey Grammer…How many gay actors were in Cheers or even Frasier (except David Hyde Pierce)?

    • Gitano

      David Hyde Pierce is gay as was the actor who played Bulldog on the show (don’t remember his name). He played a lascivious ladies’ man on the show, quite against type. And then, the guy who played the food critic–was he gay? I don’t know but I have no doubt this is Grammar. Everything fits.

      • metoo

        The guy who played Frasier’s dad was also gay (or is he Bulldog that you mentioned? — I didn’t watch the show much)

      • anonymous

        Yes, John Mahoney played Frasier’s dad and is gay! So there’s Dad, Bulldog, David H.P. AND Eddie the dog! Since ‘dog’ is mentioned, and several actors are gay – Kelsey Grammer! Solved IMO.

      • MizFabulous

        I had NO idea John Mahoney was gay! Go figure!

  • Pegasian

    Tony Danza of TAXI and WHO’S THE BOSS???????

  • me

    Matt LaBlanc, Joey from Friends?

    • Gitano

      He’s only had the one successful show. His second attempt–“Joey”–was mercifully short-lived and certainly couldn’t be described as one of the funniest shows ever.

  • Boo!

    Holy sh*t! My first roommate in college used to always say that Kelsey Grammer totally pinged his dar. My response was always, “dude, your drunk!” Maybe I owe him an apology…

  • jbarinsd

    I was going to say Jeffery Tambor because 2 of the funniest shows EVER were AD and Larry Sanders. That said, Kelsey Grammar sounds closer to the clues. Could this be yet another closeted GOPer?

  • Catiebug

    I have a hard time believing Kelsey Grammar wasn’t at least A-list at some point. Come on, between Cheers and Frasier, he was a heavy part of an ensemble or the lead actor on a successful comedy series for TWO decades. Pretty sure he was the highest paid comedy actor on television at some point in Frasier’s run. Sounds pretty A-list to me.

    • ahorsenamedbill

      Thank you Catiebug!!!!!!

      • Beans

        *This.* I was on the Kelsey Grammar train until you pointed out this most obvious fact. This criteria would also eliminate Tony Danza as he was at least A- at one point. However, Jeffrey Tambor is not nor has ever been a “very solid B-lister.” Kiddos, we may not have this one yet.

        (Also, and this is on the hush hush so no telling anyone kiddies but our Mr. Kelsey has a thing for strippers. Busty, blonde, and *female* strippers.)

      • Lola

        I wouldn’t doubt that Kelsey Grammar would cheat, but I agree that he’s 100% into women!

  • Who, me?

    How about Ted McGinley from “Happy Days” & “Married with Children”?

  • yeah

    Clarification: jason bateman was never on silver spoon… That ws rick shroeder… Jason B was on ‘hogans family’

  • cmh

    Jason bateman was on Silver Spoons

  • Raindrop

    Yep – Jason Bateman was on Silver Spoons.


  • ms d

    Jason Bateman was Derek on SIlver Spoons and David Hogan on the show “Valerie” which was the new name of The Hogan Family.

  • ms d

    OMG I forgot about Peter Pan Sandy Duncan!! Poor Val has she worked since?

  • boredwithwork

    I always thought KG was gay. I think it’s him.

  • I dont usually reply to posts but in this case. WoW!!

  • Daniel

    I’d say I was in another relationship too if it were KG propositioning me! Still, he fits. But Bateman and McGinnley have always set off my gaydar. Note, it says “one of the funnier shows on television” not the funniest. Is that a clue?

  • Bubbles

    I am going for Ted McGinley on this one. He is married? To a woman?

  • Pfeffer

    David Faustino? The boy in the picture sort of looks like Bud Bundy and the dog a bit like Buck.

  • do tell

    I would say Jason Alexander but gay boy (he is) has not had a hit show after Seinfeld.

  • stan

    kelsey is a great guess but you have to remember that IDIOT is a republican

  • stan

    Jason Alexander is a great guess but he has only been on Seinfeld. If there else he tried too do has stunk. Jason Alexander stillthinks his funny. George was funny. Jason is not.

  • stan

    The show was called Valerie then Valerie’s Family then once and for all The Hogan Family

  • It’s definitely kelsey Grammer

    Grammer has been married since August 1997 to Camille Donatacci, a former Playboy model. They have a daughter, Mason Olivia (born October 24, 2001), and a son, Jude Gordon (born August 28, 2004), both born via surrogate mother.

    Also the show with a gay cast they are referring to is Frasier, the actors playing Niles, Bull dog and Gil (the food critic) are openly gay.

  • Don't Know For Sure

    Well if it is Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) then it proves my theory correct that if a man is born and raised in America but has a British accent he is more than likely gay , see David Hyde Pierce, David Ogden Steirs, Paul Winfield, the guy from Living Single. All this time I thought they were just into Shakespearan acting.

  • Moa

    I wouldn’t say that Kelsey Grammer’s and David Hyde Pierce’s accents are -“British” by any means. I think it’s just a way to make their characters sound as sophisticated as they’re supposed to be.

    Also, I agree with a previous poster regarding Kelsey’s status in Hollywood. He WAS the highest paid TV-star for quite some time, making £1.1 million PER EPISODE. He was the highest paid actor on television EVER! That CERTAINLY makes you A-list and not solid B, even if his name might be that recognizable to most people.

  • Moa

    *Might not be recognizable, sorry about that!