Publicist Will Help Musician Out of The Closet

out of the closetJanetCharlton – Publicist Howard Bragman may not realize what a firestorm of speculation he caused with an offhand comment he made. Howard is a highly respected Hollywood publicist best known for helping celebrities come out of the closet gracefully. (Chaz Bono is one of his clients.) He made a remark that was published in LA Weekly among other places, that has everybody guessing. Howard said that he was “currently working with a famous musician who is still closeted from the public, but who will come out next year.”

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116 comments to Publicist Will Help Musician Out of The Closet

  • gotta luvit

    Chris Martin

  • ladymarmalade

    Gay fish Kanye

  • Nikki from Down Under

    John Mayer?

  • sinamin

    John Mayer – I’ve heard this rumor about him before

    • Jane Doe

      What? Where. No way, he’s been with way too many girls…who still pine for him, btw.

      • c

        yes and im sure there have been no gay man in history who charmed and left girls pining for them

        John Mayer apparently has a photo of a penis as his wallpaper (laptop)

      • ladyguitarstar

        If this is actually true, (penis wallpaper) It may be a joke. Think House’s ringtone- Mmmbop.

      • ladymarmalade

        That guy has such a huge ego that it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a picture of his own penis.

      • db

        My husband had a friend in High School who slept with a TON of girls. Apparently he was also sleeping with anything with 2 legs. He ended up going gay all the way and gave up girls.

      • h00bydice

        Well, that’s sort of a tip-off, in such cases where methinks thou doth protest too much. Some of these guys bed lots of women and/or have a passel of kids – a la Mr. Murphy and Mr. Duggar – as a reaction formation.

    • Jalisa

      Perez Hilton has always said he was gay.

  • Plush

    J.C. Chazez? I don’t think Lance Bass is the only ex-boy bander that’s gay. My second guess is Ne-Yo.

  • Jalisa

    Yeah John Mayer. Perez said last week that John Mayer was kissing some guy out at a club and I heard rumors about him when he first came out.

  • Jalisa

    Change that. I read on another site it is Barry Manilow. I thought everyone knew Barry Manilow was gay though. So to me this isn’t a big deal. Also Barry Manilow is one of his clients. But John Mayer is also one of his clients.

  • Sari9

    I’ve been waiting for Ricky Martin to admit.

  • auntmidgee

    I’ll say Ne-Yo too.

  • DreamyEyes

    I’m leaning towards Neyo or Ricky Martin.

    • hmmmm....

      OMG. How do we pick just one??? Martin, West, Chasez, Ne Yo, Chesney. Seriously, they need to have a big coming out party all together. Blunt the individual trauma and spread it around.

      I just had a mental image of all the rags spinning in circles not knowing which way to run first!

      • G. Willacres

        blunt trauma for sure-
        the thought of dozens of high profile folk screaming out into the open at once is fabulous! I scream, you scream, we all scream for screen Queens!

        2010 – the year hollyhood came out
        2012 – doomsday fulfilled

  • GuyIncognito

    Kenny Chesney

    • ibiubu

      Whoaaaa…can he really do that w/o impinging on the “ex” Mrs. Chesney?

    • h00bydice

      Guy, I’m usually on board with many of your guesses, but this time, I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s Chesney. I think that coming out would completely torpedo his career.

      Contrary to some of the other music genres, Country Music fans tend to be a very conservative lot; and with an industry already teetering on very shaky ground, I just see it as too big of risk to sustain a career…

      …unless, of course, he’s decided to go the way of Garth Brooks and is planning on an early retirement.

      • sneezy

        Agreed – about Chesney, there’s no way he’d come out of the closet.

        There was the other singer who was found wanting to do his business in the woods on crystal meth with another guy. He ended up going on radio stations to apologize!

        I said this the last time someone answered John Mayer on this blog – didn’t we agree he reads it? Want to give BG a HUGE scoop Mr. Mayer?

      • MyBlueWorld

        Garth just announced his retirement is over, darn it. That fake blob of phoniness hasn’t been gone long enough. Pity, that.

  • ladyguitarstar

    We all knew Ricky M. was gay, didn’t we?
    Also, hes a singer, not musician.


    • Gitano

      I thought Prince was androgynous.

      • ladyguitarstar

        I guess he is, maybe thats why he changed his name to that symbol thing.
        He’s an awesome guitarist.

      • MizFabulous

        Actually, he changed his name to that symbol for contract law reasons. I can’t remember the exact circumstances, but it had to do with the fact that he was still under contract with one record label, and they, in effect “owned” any recordings by “Prince”. So, he changed his name to the symbol, which created a loophole…which, yep, you guessed it, allowed him to record for another label. Most people thought it was a publicity stunt…and it may have been, to some degree, but the real reason was what I just said. Who knew???

      • Dirk

        If so, Maytee (sp?) gets my vote for best beard ever.

  • IamThinking

    Susan Boyle!!!

  • charshank redemption

    Kelly Clarkson?

  • Catiebug

    I’m seconding Kenny Chesney. That would be a huge freakin’ deal, since he’s hid it from the public for so long and it would rock the ultra-conservative country music industry pretty hard. I can see why it would take a year to formulate a game plan.

  • RocketQueen

    John Legend

  • isuckatblinditems

    Elton John

  • mook

    Ne-Yo, Ricky Martin, and Manilow are semi-closeted (one foot out is better than nothing). didn’t Kanye admit to being bi in an interview?

    guess: John Mayer

  • skanketa

    Jessica Simpson
    wouldn’t that just be hilarious?

  • skanketa


    • Jalisa

      I’ve heard him and dr. dre had something going on. That’s how he got discovered. But that is just hearsay.

    • Sean

      I’ve met Em a few times. Always had a hot girl with him. Not that coke-head ex(who I have had to deal with a few times at my old job). The last time, he and the current girlfriend seemed to be quite happy and caring towards each other. There was no one else around but them, the bodyguard, and the store ownder. And me. No reason to think they were acting.

  • stan

    Well “Terrence Trent D’Arby” or “Lenny Kravtiz”

  • Mark

    How about Usher?

  • Energica

    I say John Mayer, and I think Perez Hilton made out with him. He very emphatically claims he did anyway, in a way that makes it sound believable.

  • Scarlett

    Hmm, looks like whoever this blind item was about has been pulled from Janet Charlton’s site as of about two hours ago. Sounds like Mr. Bragman has some splaining to do to somebody.

  • Scarlett

    Correction, that should read whoever this blind item was about has had it pulled from Janet Charlton’s site and might I add good for them.

  • gypsy

    Im going with Ricky Martin

    • Jalisa

      He already said he was gay last year or whenever he’s twins were born. He even revealed his partner. It didn’t really make headlines….Cause he haven’t had a hit in a long time..So therefore wasn’t current.

  • tits mcgee

    i think it’s Queen Latifha

  • anonymous

    So Kenny Chesney coming out of the closet would make rednecks’ heads explode? SUPER! Do it, Kenny, do it!

    Is the ‘country music industry’ really on shaky ground? (evesn better!) I thought it was chugging along like a great big old train down the track….

    • h00bydice

      Hey anony…I get that you were being facetious; however, my point was that the entire music industry is on shaky ground, with revenues falling off of the cliff because of internet downloading. If/when they find a cash cow, they ain’t about to let it slip through the cracks because of some personal wail of woe. It’s a tough business, you suck it up and get on with it. Otherwise, if your needs supercede that career, then you simply choose another.

      I don’t know from rednecks’ heads exploding, I do know that country music fans do tend to be conservative. They threw a hissy fit when Shania showed her navel; consequently, I don’t think they’d cotton kindly to someone sticking a steel toed boot out of his gilded closet.


      • lall

        Country music is very conservative. If artists are politically correct, (Country Music style) they’ll be rewarded with nominations, and/or wins for their many awards shows.

        However, there was hardly a peep from them when Willie Nelson recorded “Cowboys Are Sometimes Fond of Each Other”.
        I think that’s the title.

        Willie Nelson, himself, claimed publicly that there’s a double standard in the country music community. He mentioned the uproar over the Dixie Chicks, re: their public rejection of the Bush administration. He further wondered publicly why there wasn’t any when he too came out against Bush’s policies.

  • Boo!

    Ricky Martin has DEFINITELY never officially, or unofficially, come out. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar w/ Hispanic media, but this would have been everywhere…for months! The headlines would have been, “Escandalo! Ricky Martin es GAY!!!” Trust me on this one kiddos. I think this particular blind is Ne-Yo, but all of the above guesses have merit for sure…

  • stan

    RIcky Martin (so over)
    John Mayer(maybe)
    Chris Brown (no never )
    Usher (if you see the movie the Faculty he walks like a queen)

  • missymissmiss

    mm Im def thinking Ne-yo for this one…
    I really wish people would just get over it…if your gay your gay so what?

    • n

      i’m with you, except i don’t think it’s Ne-yo. I think either Mayer or Chesney. Chesney being gay would explain why Renee filed divorce claiming ‘fraud’. Chris Martin i highly doubt, i don’t think he’s gay

  • mook

    J. Timberlake?

    • Jalisa

      I believe Justin Timberlake is straight…But come to think about it , it seems all the people he have dated or been linked too is a lesbian/bi.

      Britney…At least bi
      Janet Jackson….She is a full fledge lesbian,Always be in them lesbo clubs in LA
      Cameron Diaz…I believe her and Drew had something going on. And didn’t she date Matt Dillon..Who everyone think is gay.
      Jessica Biel…Lesbo
      Rihanna…Some is saying she is bisexual goes out with this black chick.

  • ahorsenamedbill

    Kenny Chesney is such a good guess for the “scandal factor” of it all. However, country music fans (IMO) would drop him like a hot potato, and his career is still strong = touring/awards. He should remove his “hat” literally and figuratively, he’s kidding noone.
    Why isn’t anyone guessing a female musician? Queen is a singer/actress, doesn’t play an instrument. I don’t buy the “voice is an instrument” theory in BI’s.
    John Mayer is just making everyone talk about him (constantly), so not him.
    I’ll guess Kanye because his behavior seems to be building up to some sort of explosion in the future.

    • h00bydice

      I don’t buy the “voice is an instrument” theory

      How come? You hear voice coaches tell that to singers all the time, that they have to protect their instrument.

      • Ahorsenamedbill

        I’m referring to “blind speak”
        The guesses seem to match up with the clues
        Seems like the common thread is “singer” = singer and “musician” = playing instrument

  • Tabitha

    I know that people say that the picture is never a clue. I still can’t help, but think that it’s a little “Jazzy Feeling”. Don’t ya’ think?

  • Oh My

    Here is an article from the National Enquirer which asks the question, is John Mayer is flirting with being gay. It also refers to the New Years Eve kiss with Perez Hilto.

    • Oh My

      oops…… ‘Perez Hilton.’ The ‘n’ got deleted before hitting submit!!!!!!

    • OMG! If Mayer swapped spit with that pig Perez, that makes him (Mayer) tainted, soiled, sucio, nasty, infected, an oozing boil of pus.

      Undesirable (but rich). I’d have to let him swallow, but not much else.

  • Rafael

    If the musician needs a special publicist to come out “gracefully”, then I don’t really think it is anyone very obvious. Think about the persons fanbase, here. Would you REALLY be all that shocked if Ricky Martin, John Mayer, Barry Manilow, J.C. Chasez or Queen Latifa came out? Not really. They would make such a little blip on the controversy radar that no one would really notice. People almost expect them to be gay, so I doubt they would need to PAY SOMEONE to help them come out. Just call up a magazine, and there you go.

    I think the Kenny Chesney, NeYo, Usher and John Legend guesses are much more realistic. Their fanbases would crap a house if any of them came out.

    • Boo!

      This response makes a lot of sense to me (and probably a lot of people around here), BUT, I wonder if we might just be in an enlightened bubble? I remember randomly watching an Oprah episode where she hosted the cast of “The Secret Life of Bees”, which included Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys. Oprah kept on and on with these two about what type of guys they like and if they were dating any special men and blah blah blah! The audience seemed into it to too, while I just kept thinking WHAAAAAAAT?! Both Latifah and Keys fed into all of the “oh, I like my guys like so and so” stuff too. I was thoroughly confused to say the least. Maybe what we see as an “open secret” isn’t just so obvious to others?! 😉

      • ahorsenamedbill

        Boo, your point is worth emphasizing = . . . “enlightened bubble”
        I agree, most people (where I live/midwest) can’t wrap their heads around Tom Cruise being gay, they think suggesting Hugh Jackman is gay is just plain lies/ridiculous nonsense . . .
        Raphael, . . . “crap a house” – I’m borrowing that, lol x’s a million

  • ohyeah

    Kelly Clarkson.

  • stan

    Well Queen Latifa would be huge (no pun intended). I can not think of another openly gay black singer. Wanda doesn’t sing.

  • ricky

    John Mayer is not gay. He’s EVERYTHING SEXUAL. He’ll have sex with anything that moves and has a hole.

  • Neely O'Hara

    I originally heard it would be Manilow, and that would be fun because of all the middle-aged housefrau Fanilow who not only believe he’s straight, they SWEAR that he’s a droolworthy megasexgod but a secretly married one with a slew of secret kids. However, because of Barry’s advanced years, I don’t think it would be newsie enough. That’s why I like Rafael’s list.

  • ivyleaguer

    I am going out on a limb and saying barry Manilow…he’s been rumored to be itching to come out publically for years…even though he’s hollywood’s worse kept gay secret.