He Must Choose Between Lust and Baby

baby 4JanetCharlton – This openly gay actor has been in a committed relationship for YEARS, but he’s been having a secret affair for several months with a toy boy half his age. It’s his personal trainer. To complicate matters, this actor and his partner decided to adopt a baby, and now the partner is pushing to hurry things up. The trainer is freaking out because he hoped the actor would leave the partner for HIM! What will our gay actor DO?

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69 comments to He Must Choose Between Lust and Baby

  • Tabitha

    That guy from star trek? George Takei?

  • Ottiescarsh

    It’s Neil Patrick Harris

  • GaGa'sBiggestFan

    Why are years, him and do capitalized?

  • Mango

    Say it ain’t so! I like Harris and don’t want to think of him cheating on his partner with an 18 year old. Bleh. Here’s Harris and his partner:


    • AA

      Well the good news for all NPH fans is that link is very recent and it says no plans for a baby so it could not be him. The bad news means this blind is still not figured out LOL.

  • biqabee

    oh wait, just checked, married with a kid.

  • Tabitha

    Well does anyone have a picture of his trainer?

  • MollySue

    Not the lovely John Barrowman surely? :(

    • Tarn

      God, he’s so busy I don’t know when he’d find the time! 😉
      Besides, he admits he’s not working out much lately (even showed off his ‘muffin top’).

  • Leo

    I would be very surprised if it was NPH. I just read an interview he did for New York Magazine and it made my heart melt
    the way he talked about his relationship with David. Although, I can’t think who else it could be…

  • somethingoriginal

    hasn’t elton john been talking adoption and denying and talking again?

    • AA

      Elton John works out?

      • CindyB

        I have no idea; but, I do know Elton John works out and hires personal trainers. I have seen him in the small private gym in the hotel near where I live (in the US, he was here on tour). But it’s been a couple of years.

      • Bertha

        Elton was the first person I thought of until I went back to read that it says actor. I wouldn’t consider him an actor. Entertainer definitely, but not an actor.

  • somethingoriginal

    oh wait, the capital HIM could be how i met …

  • Leo

    If it is true, and if it is NPH, I hope his partner dumps him. Please don’t bring a baby into this relationship.

  • stinkweed

    John Barrowman

  • Kit

    PLEASE don’t be NPH!!!!!!!

  • Yikes

    Its totally NPH.
    David lives in NYC, and Neil lives in LA. Neil flies back and forth to see David, but my guess is he is having a little on the side in LA.
    Also when that baby news was released a couple months ago, it had to come from SOMEWHERE – I figured it was true all along and they quickly squashed the rumors.
    NPH is a very private guy and wouldn’t want to announce he and David adopted until it was complete and baby was in their hands.

    On that note – sign me up to be their surrogate – I love NPH!

    • Leo

      OK, it probably is NPH. I just find it hard to believe he would say such great things about David, and how wonderful he is, in
      interviews, yet be cheating on him like that. It makes me sad that he would be like that-I thought better of him. Again, if it is true.

    • SA

      David Burtka moved to LA quite a while ago, and he just recently finished taking classes in Pasadena to become a chef. They have both talked about that fact in interviews. Also, while he is private, he’s been pretty open about the fact that he would like to start a family, but probably not until after HIMYM is over.

      I really don’t think this refers to him at all. He says really sweet things about DB in interviews all of the time, and even ignoring that, the age of the trainer doesn’t fit at all.

  • Milo

    I have a hard time believing NPH’s partner would be hurrying the baby along if they’re having trouble.
    He had kids with his last partner before things went south, so you’d think he’d have the sense now that if things aren’t going well to just leave children out of the picture.

  • Crunch

    If it is NPH, he must be a real douche in real life.
    In so many interviews he’s promoted monogamy, gushed how much better his partner has made his life and talked about the rings they wear. If he’s been cheating on him all along… dude.

    • toby

      I will really think poorly of NPH if it does turn out to be him. Why bother being so sweet about David in interviews, and then doing something like this? I really don’t think it is Neil though…wishful thinking..I feel sorry for David if it is true.

    • Sammy

      Here’s a thought. NPH’s boyfriend would be considered an openly gay actor too. (broadway, a few TV shows) It could be NPH and DB, except Neil’s boyfriend is cheating on him! .

  • Woo

    FYI, Harris’ trainer is about the same age as him.

  • miss snape

    GUYS, chill. There is not only one gay celeb with longtime partner in Hollywood -_-! This doesn’t sound like NPH at all. They adore each other, plus Neil is only 36. As for the baby rumor, some rumor comes from “somewhere”, yes, like the tabloids? Anyway, this gossip would make more sense for a much older celeb.

  • josie

    I’m going with TR Knight:
    He’s been with his boyfriend for about 2 years now. And he obviously doesn’t mind dating younger guys.
    Plus, he’s good friends with Heigl – which doesn’t say much about his character or judgment.

  • CadieBelle

    Please please please please DON’T let this NPH . . .I love that guy – BUT – if he was cheating, I’d have to move him to the dbag list

  • cherie

    toyboy half his age…..
    im guessing the trainer is in his mid twenties?
    means the actor is abt 50 on..

    ahh ok im trying hard to think of opening gay actors who are in a long term rs in the age range

  • if I had to go with an old gay actor. I’d have to say Tom Cruise for 300 hundred points please. *What you not buying?

  • MaryMary

    I just read on Perez that T.R. Knight is considering adoption… is he considering adoption or is his partner pressing for it? Plus, T.R.’s partner is half his age. That’s what he’s into apparently…

  • jon

    How about Nathan Fillion from Castle?

  • trinelise

    It must be Neil Patrick Harris – who else could it be…..
    David is working in NY now , he resentlig got a job at bobbo http://www.pridesource.com/article.html?article=37202

    I`m very disappointed. He has constantly said that both he and david’is relationship types- see howars stern interview and Out interview.on howars Stern Show He also said that being in a relationship means that at periods its going very well and at other times it is difficult.
    and he thinks it’s very wrong that gay think they can have sex with other gays because the relationship is not going so good.

    I also believe that it is difficult for both when nph gets so much attention, that makes it difficult for David to resume his acting career,
    for he is always seen as nph boyfriend.

    if it turns out to be neil, then he has acted contrary to what he says and believes. And will they breiking up , i hope not

    • kit

      Wow! everyone has Neil tried and convicted already. Seriously, it could be a multitude of other couple. If the story didn’t come out earlier this year that
      NPH and DB were interested in babies, no one would even suspect these two. (both have said the story was not true)
      As far as I could tell, David is just doing an internship in N.Y. He was willing to change his career to be a chef, so I don’t think the acting thing is that big of a deal. Neil has said a few times in the past couple of months that he would eventually like to move back to N.Y.. Let’s wait and see…the entire story could be just a story…
      If it is true, I will be very disappointed in Neil’s behavior..but it just doesn’t seem like he would do something like that..it certainly won’t help his career-and will hurt what people think of him

    • SA

      I’m sorry, but I do not see why you’re just assuming it is NPH just because he’s the popular gay celeb at the moment. According to Woo (and others elsewhere), NPH doesn’t even have a personal trainer half of his age, he has one in his thirties. The wording certainly makes it sound as if it is a celeb old enough to have a personal trainer that could be half his age and still old enough to be a professional. There is also no proof that he has been planning to adopt anytime soon, and I don’t see why DB would insist on speeding up the process when he already has kids of his own. Those two things should debunk this as being about NPH without even considering how much he seems to adore DB in interviews.

      Besides, when has he supposedly had time to have this affair? He spent all summer either getting ready for the Tonys in NYC and then working on films in Philly, NYC, and Canada. DB was even with him some of that time. Also, as for DB working in NYC, the article says that it is a short internship, so he could be finished by now for all we know. So really, if you’re an NPH fan I wouldn’t worry. There isn’t any proof that actually connects him to this blind item (and that’s assuming it isn’t just made up), and there is even some that supports it NOT being him.

      • kit

        My thoughts exactly. Neil has always made it very well known what his feelings are for David. I just don’t think this is true, about them, at all. That guy is in love. period.

  • Elisa

    What about T R Knight from Grey’s? He and his boyfriend just called it quits and on Ellen he said he wanted to adopt. Plus, he is 16 years older than his now ex, Mark. Hmmmm…

  • isuckatblinditems

    is this now solved?

    T.R. Knight.