Black Comedian's Antics in Las Vegas

man black woman whitePanacheReport – Las Vegas. A married black comedian was in the corner surrounded by blondes. He could be overheard telling them how fine and sexy they were and he tried to get one of them to do a drug run for him. Rumors indicate that he’s also a functional alcoholic and despite being black and being married to a black woman, he’s not too black friendly.  Who’s the black comic?

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43 comments to Black Comedian’s Antics in Las Vegas

  • Gerard

    chris rock?

  • Plastic

    D.L. Hughley?

  • MzTee

    Pic reminds me of Nick Cannon …

  • raychelle

    this is easy, tracy morgan.

    • Lola

      Didn’t Tracy just get divorced? He’s definitely a Grade-A tool, but I don’t think this is him.

      • raychelle

        lola you are right, i was thinking that maybe his divorced wasn’t finalized yet but i do believe it was not too long ago.

  • lolzer

    Ok. Married black comedians:

    Dave Chappelle
    D.L. Hughley
    Tracy Morgan(well just divorced, but this BI could be older)
    Chris Rock
    Steve Harvey
    Katt Williams
    Mike Epps
    Paul Mooney(pretty sure he is, but I could use a confirm/deny here.)

  • Bubbles

    Bill Cosby!

  • Tabby

    If I remember correctly, Dave Chappelle isn’t married to a black woman. She’s asian.

  • lautre femme

    Chris Rocks wife didn’t want him doing “Race” on Broadway because she was afraid he’d hook up with Kerry Washington, trouble is, KW prefers white guys from what I hear and one got her the role no doubt because of their way too abbreviated for his ‘taste’ time together on a series, so if it IS CR – wouldn’t his wife know he prefers white girls over black?

  • babyfirefly

    How about any of the Wayans bros?

  • Celeste

    I know I hope who it isn’t and that’s Cedric The Entertainer. I love him!!!

  • ladyguitarstar

    Is Tyler Perry married? I try to know as little as possible about the box office hitter.. Those movies are sooo lame

  • Catiebug

    I feel like if it were one of the Wayans brothers, the blind would have tried to work in the phrase “white chicks”, as a hint to their movie from a few years ago. That’s just too easy of a hint not to drop. Maybe not though, I’m not that familiar with Panache Report.

    I’ll go with DL Hughley.

  • jen

    this blind item is from mediatakeout, so i am guessing this is chris rock, he was suppose to marry a famous clebrity who is white but he couldn’t fearing backlash from his fans. Tyler perry is suppose to be gay.

  • jen

    cant be nick cannon because mariah dont consider herself black or mixed.

    • Clearly

      Where do you get this information? Mariah clearly considers herself as a black woman and clearly states so when asked.

      • Ironman

        I thought Mariah considered herself white when she was looking to get famous with her great voice that was so unusual for a white chick and then once she became rich and famous she went back to being black. Opportunistic divas come in all colors.

      • Catiebug

        Or ya know, a mix-raced person’s identity could be a very complicated thing to try and explain in sound bites and out-of-context quotes. Just sayin.

      • jen

        ironman your right, this is what i was trying to explain to the poster.

      • hellie

        where do you get yours? mariah carey is only 25% black & CLEARLY states so when she explains that her mother was white & her father was 1/2 venezuelan & 1/2 black.

      • lolzer

        how can you be 25% something though? that’s a little weird, son’t you think? it’s like some twisted version of the one drop rule. if she says she’s black, then there you go.

      • jen

        yes she does, but if you have read some of the panache blind items and reveals from way back when, then you would have known that about mariah. she only use i’m mixed or black when its convenient.

      • hellie

        Really? I watched her documentary First Vison from 1991 only about 500 times & she clearly stated back in 1991 that she was mixed – white mother, 1/2 black & 1/2 venezuelan father. I haven’t been a huge fan of Mariah’s since the 90’s but I always remember her stating she was mixed & that was back before anybody knew who she was.

      • jen

        hellie yes, but the recording business is different when it comes to image. beyonce is doing the same thing now, she trying to win over the white audience, and therefore is becoming more and more fake.

      • jen

        tiger woods is the same way

  • Megley

    Actually, the blind is from the Panache Report, not MTO. According to that website (PR), it happened fairly recently, when a boxing match was happening. Eddie Murphy and D.L. Hughley were in town that weekend, and since divorced Eddie was with his “friend” Johnny Gill, I’m going with D.L. Hughley.

    • jen

      yes panache report that was a typo, ive been reading too much stories on

    • jen

      megley you could be right, because remember when don imus said those things about the rutgers ladies basketball team, dl hughley agreed with him.

  • Kinky

    there was a post on theybf…about some black comedienne up on some white girls…i think it was mike epps, it was there last week. can’t find it now, but check it out….

  • Whyne brady….I saw him .

  • Dreamyvelvet

    That pic is a dead ringer for Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm…JB Smoove, a comedian, who is married per his myspace..not sure if she is black…”I hit it..then I quit it !!”

  • Pickle Me This

    Wayne Brady – is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a *?