Coronation Street Star Needs New Linens

coronation street 2HolyMoly – Which Corrie star is nicknamed ‘the skidmark kid’ because of the state of the bedsheets which are hung to dry in the garden?

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26 comments to Coronation Street Star Needs New Linens

  • Mama Wendy

    what? what is coronation street? why are sheets being hung in the garden?

  • I had to Google it myself…

    Coronation Street seems to be a British soap opera on ITV.

    That’s all I have, I have no answer whatsoever. :)

  • IthinkIknow

    The guy who plays Tyrone!!

  • Chuck Deez

    Have we run out of American Stars running amok with sex, drugs, mommy/daddy issues, famewh@!&ing, latchkey parenting, mental/psychological problems and straight up murder? I don’t think that anyone of your readers can name one person on that brit soap opera. Speaking of brits, hopefully Britney Spears loses her mind again. We need a car wreck to rubberneck and gawk at. Lindsey’s getting boring with her shtick.

    • i want in

      i dont want to sound cold but we have taylor, hayden, miley (though she seems seasoned), the willis kids, alli,zoe kravitz, now mistress blake and the mexican chick off gg, the 90210 crew, and many more breakdowns to look forward to… be patient my dear …

  • Fifi lamore

    Ahem! Sad to say I watch coro from little ole new zealand…but have to agree american goss is juicier!

  • Dreamyvelvet

    This is starting to feel like poopapalooza! Could be a really old person on the show or a kid ( nothing good can come from that visual..things you can’t unsee lol) I will take “who is Jack Shepherd for $300, Alex” 😉

  • Sundaeg1rl

    To all you moaners: I spend every day having to hear blinds about nomarks I’ve never heard of, all your Pratts and Montags and Crawfords. Now it’s our turn to feel the Blind love, so quit your bellyaching! Whiners are wieners! (or something)

    And I’d say it was something to do with David Platt…

    • hmmmm....

      I do love my brits, Mum and Grandma are proper English ladies. However, are you lot still pinning sheets up in the garden to dry? Honestly, even Grandma had a dryer. Couldn’t we assume someone on the telly would have the means to buy a dryer?

      • Sundaeg1rl

        Not everyone is so eco-unfriendly! The fact that Mancunians hang out their washing is a testament to our optimism, i.e. the possibility that the rain might stop just long enough for our smalls to dry before next spring!

        I don’t have a dryer. No-one I know has a dryer. They are money-eating, energy-wasting, fibre-destroying machines! And Corrie’s all about the gritty reality, even if that means having to do the washing without a dryer! Be thankful they’re not all still using a dolly & mangle!

        *climbs off soapbox*

      • Evelyn

        I also live in Manc. . . and don’t have a dryer! Although to think that there is a long enough break in the rain to hang sheets outside to dry is a bit optimistic!

  • Victoria

    OK lets talk about it! What’s on the sheets and why are they hung in the back yard to dry? Is this a brown or red issue? OR is it just GIZ?

  • MollySue

    Be fair, there’s a fair proportion of us regulars who wouldn’t know Days of Our Lives, All My Children, The Young And THe Restless and that, or the actors in them, from a hole in the wall.

    As for the blind – no clue.

  • Not Here

    Though I’m from the U.S., I know that Coronation Street is a long-running Brit soap (although I have no idea who the actors are). Blind Gossip has readers from all over the world and, IMO, have a right to hear their gossip occasionally too.

    • Catiebug

      Agreed! I’m an American who’s heard of Coronation Street too, I’m surprised more people haven’t… it’s been on like 50 years!

  • onesizefitsmost

    ew this story reminds me of the time when i went down on one of my exes and he didn’t wipe his poopie hole completely. ick ick.