Movie Star Has Surgery Before Her Comeback

CDAN – This C- list actress with B list name recognition used to be a B or B+ movie star. She then got into drugs and basically withered away her career. It happens. She had begun making a comeback last year but had to drop out of a movie because she needed surgery. What kind of surgery? Because of her past nose candy use, her entire nose had to be reconstructed and then had to have surgery on both of her cheeks as well. After taking almost an entire year off to recover she is back working and is in a big fall movie.

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      • maybe... says

        i dont think anything she is in would count as a big fall movie. poor girl. oh and it doesnt say lips. did anyone see those pics of her lips a few months back? horror!

    • Lola says

      She’s in a movie coming out this year, but the biggest star in the movie is Dean Cain. I don’t think it’s her.

  1. Hmmm... says

    Rose McGowan? She hasn’t done anything acting-wise in a while, and her changing face of late is well documented…? Thoughts?

  2. Ravana says

    well I have narrowed it down to Juliette Lewis, Kate Beckinsale, Cameron Diaz (but she is almost too famous to be less than a B-), Maria Conchita Alonzo? maybe… Catherine Zeta Jones.. who knows!

    • Nart says

      Cameron Diaz and Kate Beckinsale have either been in movies or seen around. Same with CZJ. Juliette Lewis is a possibility

    • Celeste says

      The first 3 people you mention have not been in hiding and have been photographed throughout the year. Can’t vouch for Catherine Zeta Jones but I definitely wouldn’t say Maria Conchita Alonso because she has been working through the last few years steadily according to IMDB

  3. onesizefitsmost says

    wow. didn’t know that could be the result of too much candy. how much would one have to snort to cause that much damage to the nose??????

    in a way i hope it’s not brittany murphy, mainly bc i do wish to see her in another movie. or tv movies either. or anything!

    • MizFabulous says

      Linda Ronstadt and Stevie Nicks both basically dissolved their septums with the nose candy.

  4. LooLoo says

    Juliette Lewis is in a band that tours all the time and she’s photographed constantly. Rose McGowan sounds like a great guess. Something is definitely wrong with her face.

  5. Lizzard says

    I totally think this is Meg Ryan! She had that awful plastic surgery years back. Last year she was in a couple of movies including The Women which could have been a slight comeback.

    The big fall movie could be “serious Moonlight” which is due out early December 2009 (still considered fallaccording to the calanders right?) The movie also stars Kristen Bell and Justin Long just to name a few.

    Of course, I know the source is CDAN and people say that nothing relevant comes from them so who knows if this is even true.

  6. yaya says

    Upcoming movies/actresses:
    Extract – Mila Kunis
    Carriers – Piper Perabo

    Mila Kunis is looking “new” lately….

  7. Tease says

    I was thinking Laura Flynn Boyle but forget it, I don’t think she has a movie coming out soon.

    but its obvious she is on something and her nose is messed up!

    Brittany Murphy (maybe?)

    • MizFabulous says

      Laura Flynn Boyle DOES look absolutely HIDEOUS! Seems like I read somewhere that she’s taking some kind of medication (steroids, maybe?) for a medical condition which has caused her face to bloat up like that. (Or did I just make that up?)

  8. elf says

    I am with the Brittany Murphay guessers. “withered” away her career makes me think of how she when went from rounded in Clueless to small and skinny in her last few films.

  9. Ravana says

    I was just forming my opinions based on the upcoming fall movie schedule. I know that most of these ladies have been photographed, So this is a toughie because all of the woman’s names I have looked up are not screwed up looking or anything, so I don’t know! And as far a Rose McGowan goes, she had plastic surgery along time ago, not recently, she screwed herself up right after the 1st Scream movie, unless this is old news…

  10. cokate says

    Rose McGowan was in a car crash a few years back and that’s why she’s had so much plastic surgery. A shard of glass sliced through her eye, that’s pretty hard to fix by itself…cut her a break.

  11. lolzer says

    Mila does look different. But it’s not her- She was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall(April) and Max Payne last year, and her fall film began shooting in August 2008. So there isn’t a year’s difference there, even if Sarah Marshall began filming in 07. But she does look different.

    Anyway, not Rose, haven’t seen anything on Brittany either. tough- ha, if it’s even a real BI!

  12. says

    Brittany Murphy is fired :-( Brittany Murphy was said to be having a habit on being difficult on set and the crews of the movie were all tired of her nonsense. Right after Brittany Murphy was out, Twilight

  13. Lourdes Valera says

    No doubt is Maria Conchita Alonso. She has confessed to Anorexia, and stopped working on anything worth mentioning years ago. She was looking dumpy, frumpy and plain old and now she is popping up everywhere after FINALLY, getting a well deserved face lift!!!!!