Footballer Meets Big Brother Contestant

big-brother-uk-davidDailyMirror – A Premiership footballer took which ex-Big Brother contestant to the toilets of the Hammersmith Apollo at a gig where, he told friends afterwards, he did her up the arse?

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  1. GuyIncognito says

    Everybody who does Big Brother, US & UK, is probably willing to have sex in a toilet with anybody

    • Inquiring Mind says

      Sorry Miz but that is mean. Ok, she wasn’t the brightest peanut but please let her rest in peace.

      • Heck says

        Oh please, nobody owes Jade Goody an apology. Stop trying to turn a woman you didn’t know who’d probably punch you in th face if you looked at her, into a saint.

    • Heck says

      Cristiano Ronaldo is probably more likely interested in guys than girls imo and not every footballing BI is going to be CR, just because he’s the only one you can think of. He’s not even IN London anymore. Probably more likely to be Lampard or one of the Chelsea *.

  2. Sundaeg1rl says

    The BB ‘star’ will probably be Charley, Nikki or possibly Aisleyne (but, dare I say it, I think Aisleyne’s got more class!)

    I can’t think any more on it, I need the mindbleach!