Celebrity Couple Dissed by Everyone

nicky-hilton-2BuzzFoto – At a party last night, this Celebrity couple was completely ignored by everyone at the party. They sat at a table by themselves, and no one chatted them up or gave them a second look. The celebs ignored them the most, but even the wait staff and fans weren’t interested in talking to them. Funny, because this couple is all about attention. Not Nicky Hilton.

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  1. iLoveMichaelK says

    Nicky isnt usually about attention right? I’d guess her opposite- Penis, i mean Paris

  2. LaPerla says

    Who seeks attention more than Spencer and Heidi? How about tori and Dean? Paris and Doug Is a good guess also…

  3. snickers says

    It’s so Paris and Doug. First, the Nicky Hilton picture and the “second look” callout refers to the “couple” getting back together after their breakup.

  4. Inspector Clouseau says

    “Celebrity Couple” = no-talent reality show attention seekers, which means Spencer/Heidi or Paris/Doug (who’s Doug???).

  5. Kiki says

    This is clearly about Speidi and it’s about damn time.
    I’m about to quote the Simpsons but it really fits.
    To stop those monsters 1-2-3,
    Here’s a fresh new way that’s trouble-free,
    It’s got Paul Anka’s guarantee…
    Guarantee void in Tennessee.
    All: Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
    Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
    Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
    For the love of all that is BG stop looking at the two of them. They need to go away. Just away. If we stop looking maybe they will fall over the edge. An edge, any edge will do just begone evil doers.

    • MizFabulous says

      HERE HERE!!! Well said, Kiki!

      Fortunately, I have noticed a SHARP decline in Speidi’s media exposure as of late. Thank goodness said media have realized that their money is ill-spent on coverage of those two no-talent fame w*.

  6. Cocoa says


    I truly don’t know how these people still get invited to events and shows. I wouldn’t hate them so much if they had SOMETHING going for them. Heck, I’ll take a crappy perfume at this point. Why the heck are they still relevant? How were they EVER relevant? And spare me the ‘Hills’ excuse. I’ve crapped out things that have kept my attention longer than that show about NOTHING. Truly. It irks me that they haven’t had to work a day in their lives and make more money than I do busting my hump doing REAL work.


  7. annie says

    I think it’s Speidi – wasn’t their show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”? Explains why celebrity is capitalized in the BI.

  8. ss says

    Nicky Hilton dates that guy who used to date one of the Olsen twins…and the Olsen twins went to high school with Spencer. Too far of a connection?

  9. Helena says

    Have a question…

    Do we have a definition for what constitutes a “celebrity?”
    Like “A” list, “B” list for actors?

    It seems to me Speidi would be considered reality show actors…

    Am casting my vote for Paris/Doug.

    I kinda have to admire Paris…she’s an “uber-celebrity” and somewhat of a genius at self promtion. She’s slapped her mug and name on everything from TV shows to perfume to shoes to party hosting to books to albums and even if she’s had limited or no success with some of her ventures, others have done quite well, like her show w/Nicole “The Simple Life.”

  10. Not Here says

    I can’t see where this is Paris, because she’s wealthy and in a different “class” than Speidi. She seems to have lots of friends, and people would probably talk to her anyway because of her pedigree. (BTW, a friend of mine was at a small party with her and said Paris was actually really nice.) Paris may like lots of attention, but she doesn’t NEED lots of attention to make money like Speidi does. So my money is on Speidi for this blind…

    • Aquaboogy says

      I didn’t know Paris’ publicist read BIs, much less posted on them. It’s definitely Speidi, but Paris “Coke Head, Tampon Smoking, Sex Tape Making” Hilton is not in a higher class than them.