1. stinkweed says

    Because if Perez says it, it’s got to be true!

    Ummmm, no.

    Though in reading it, the better question might be “Which Oscar winner was NOT looking to buy coke this weekend.” It would be harder to figure out.

    • AA says

      Stinkweed, I honestly didnt see your comment when I posted down below. I guess we are thinking alike…sorry!!

      • stinkweed says

        It was being moderated, so it might not have been there yet when you posted!

        Great minds think alike!

  2. NoEnvyNoFear says

    And Perez knows this because? He probably sold it to him!

    HAHA…sorry! I am not a Perez fan :X Love BG though!

  3. HollyG. says

    Does Perez Hilton use “actor” to refer to women?

    If not, I also guess S. Penn. Unless he was literally in Santa Barbara, it may be a ref to the soap opera that Robin Wright Penn used to be on.

  4. I'veseenitall says

    Guys guys guys! It’s Tom Hanks—of course!

    (Why TH? ‘Cause he’s getting stoked to do Dan Brown’s next oeuvre du merde.)

  5. wubbzy says

    I stopped reading Perez when he had *insider* info on Fidel Castro being dead. He’s a turd, but I still love BG!

    • obsesssed says

      that’s when i started reading it. it wasn’t later that i finally gave up looking at his site and remembered how incorrect he is.