Egotistical Actor Threw His Wife Under the Bus

bus-1CDAN – This foreign born, married B-/C+ movie and television actor just missed out on what would have been his big break. A lead on a great television show that was canceled. He has always been thisclose to moving up a notch on the list. Well, his actress wife is also a B-/C+ but she is on the downswing of her career and older than her husband. Anyway, the husband has got the role of a lifetime he is about to begin shooting and his wife saw a role in the movie as a chance to try and resurrect her once promising career. In public the husband was all for it, but in private he worked behind the scenes to make sure her part went to another actress because he wants the focus to be all about him and not about a husband and wife on the same movie. His wife still doesn’t understand how she went from having the part one day to it being offered to another actress the next.

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23 comments to Egotistical Actor Threw His Wife Under the Bus

  • love.bug

    Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

    • MizFabulous

      I like this guess but I’m not so sure I would say that, at one time, Antonio Banderas wasn’t higher than B-/C+. At one time, I’d say he was at least an A-.

    • Jojo

      But what cancelled show was he a lead on?

  • j

    I almost (sadly) said Rufus Sewell, since Eleventh Hour was canceled, but I see that he’s divorced, so that makes me feel better.

  • i suck at blind items

    i second Antonio & Melanie

  • El Predicto

    Actor Damian Lewis…show just canceled Life ( still sad about that dumb NBC move). Wife Helen McCrory…known primarily for Harry Potter movies. She plays Narcissa Malfoy.
    She is three years older than he…both British. Please send my ice cream certificate ASAP!!!

    • Gabby

      i think when people are B-/C+ celebs people have actually heard of them…

      • A.nonny.mouse

        A lot of people know Damien in the UK, and I think a lot would recognise Helen. But her career is on the up anyway, mainly thanks to The Queen and Harry Potter.
        Also, I hope it’s not them. I used to see them in Camden all the time, usually in the supermarket, always looking cute and in luurve.

  • iLoveMichaelK

    ashton and demi

  • maybe...

    jason o’mara – life on mars – wife is page turco who was on a soap and is older than him?

  • sinamin

    was antonio ever considered a television actor? I thought of him and melanie, too, but not sure about tv work.

  • Daniela

    nooo, he has never been consider a tv actor

  • Clearly

    Ernie and Bert

  • goldfish swirling

    Goran V. from ER?

  • goldfish swirling

    Benjamen Bratt perhaps

  • Eric Shinn

    Guy and Madonna

  • Gitano

    I was going to go with Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace has been cancelled). He’s Australian, as is his wife, Gia Carides. She hasn’t had a spectacular career, but did have a couple of high-profile gigs in Austin Powers and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. However, I just realized that he’s older than her (if the birth date listed for her is correct). So, back to Google.

  • Gitano

    Looking into Damian Lewis, I think it’s possible. He was born in 1971, his wife in 1968. She has done largely costume dramas, period pieces, or roles where she plays Cherie Blair (Tony’s wife). So it would make sense that she might want a role in his next movie called “Your Highness.” Even though she’s not a terribly well-known name, she could be considered B-/C list because she’s high high-profile parts in the Queen and the Harry Potter series. However, as someone else said, it would seem her career is on the upswing, not the other way around. Hmmmm . . . . still not sure we’ve nailed it.

  • Glucklich

    Jason O’Mara? To call either him or April ONeal “C list” would be generous, though.