BG12345: Thursday Ice Cream Social

hot-fudge-sundaeDear BlindGossipers,

You have been so patient during our upgrade! To say thank you, we’ve got TWO rewards for you!

First of all, would you like a BG12345 on Thursday? To vote YES, answer this question: If you could go to Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, or Ghirardelli, 1) Which one would you go to AND 2) What would you order?

Second, we’re going to pick our favorite comment of the day on Thursday, and send that person a $20 gift certificate/ gift card for ICE CREAM! You’ll have your choice of Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, or Ghirardelli. (BTW, although it’s still OK to be Anonymous for comments, please make sure you use a REAL email address so that we can notify you of your win!)

Gossip and Ice cream. Mmmmmm! Love, BG

UPDATE: It’s a go! We’ll be reading all comments submitted for any of today’s posts to determine a winner.  Our “favorite” post might be funny, insightful, controversial or creative. We’ll announce the winner on Friday. Go for it!

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121 comments to BG12345: Thursday Ice Cream Social

  • Philly Girl

    Cold Stone–Birthday Cake!!!!

  • Mike Rotch

    Baskin Robbins!!! I would order a double scoop of pralines n cream and mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone. Mmmm now you got my mouth watering! Thanx BG!

  • meggers

    Cold Stone, definitely! I love sweet cream ice cream with coconut mixed in. simple but delicious :-)

  • mirah

    baskin robbins<33
    a sundae with jamoca almond fudge ice cream, hot fudge, almonds, bananas and whip cream! yumyum

  • Beleive it

    Choclate peanut bitter with colored sprinkles and marshmellow sauce in a cup , Ghiarselli would be a cone either sugar or waffle with milk chocolate ice cream again with colored sprinkles, and the best for last cold stone… B I r t h d a y. C a k e. Gotta have it , just one spoon and with colored spinkles naturally . Mmm hey bg I’m gonna go grab all 3 and you can just reimburse me when you can. Keep up the good work!!

  • mickey

    cold stone – chocolate with hot fudge sauce.

  • vlvtjones

    Cold Stone – chocolate ice cream with caramel and reese’s cups.

  • LaPerla

    Yes for BG12345! Can’t be unfaithful to Carvel: Vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles… (Are they still around)?

  • ED

    Cold Stone! Chocolate with peanut butter cups and chocolate chips! Woohoo!

  • T.

    Baskin Robbins! Mint Chocolate Chip.

  • lolita

    baskin robbins- cookie dough with chocolate fudge

  • G G

    Cold Stone all the way – sweet cream and chocolate with brownie bits, fudge sauce, almonds, strawberries and whipped cream!
    I’m eating for 2 and you know how the preggos love icecream!!

  • MARY

    BG now i’m going to have to go to baskin robbins for lunch! peanut butter cup it is!

  • My2Cents

    Since we have none of those places mentioned where I live, I hope my answer will still count. Braum’s Candy Bar Sundae

  • somebody

    pralines n cream from BR. OMG I would die!

  • Hope so

    Baskin Robbins- rocky road!! 😀

  • Brunette Ambition

    Coldstone Creamery. A waffle cup with sweet cream ice cream with slivered almonds and rainbow sprinkles.

  • JaundiceMachine

    Coldstone – Cake batter icecream, with graham crackers and gummi bears.

  • Yea

    YES!!! Cold Stone Creamery!!! Certainly. A chocolate fudge sundae with a scoop of butter pecan on top and some M&M’s to top it off. And maybe a cookies and cream shake. Woo Hoo! BG Rocksz!!!

  • leek

    Dairy Queen and a twisty cone. Low budget ice cream for a low budget girl.

  • JenJen

    MMMM – Baskin Robbins!! I can’t like Cold Stone b/c they are competition for Marble Slab which is my fave….

  • AA

    Cold Stone Cake n’ Shake milkshake. To die for!

  • JenJen

    Oops – forgot to say what I would get. I would have a big ol peanut butter and chocolate sundae w/hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts & a cherry

  • Aquaboogy

    Yes – and I would get a chocolate milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery. 1000 calories of heaven!

  • Megley

    Baskin Robbins. One of everything.
    Roll me out the door when I’m done.

  • Cojo

    Pralines n cream from Baskin Robbins, my all time fave.

  • Nina

    BG can’t decide.
    Cold Stone – cheesecake ice cream with fresh strawberries on a fresh made waffle cone. Yum, I’m drooling hungry now.
    Baskin Robbins – large shake (choc or strawberry depends on my mood)
    Ghiradelli – earthquake sundae (thats the name right?) 8 scoops ice cream, 4 toppings?? It’s been a while since the family ate one.

    Gross story – took my 5 year old to Cold Stone one day, she wanted cheesecake ice cream with peppermint patties and peanut butter cups mixed in. I thought the attendant was going to throw up just making it. She ate it all. Weird child.

  • GuyIncognito

    Well I don’t have either of those 3 near me. I go to the supermarket and eat butterscotch ripple

  • hd

    Cold Stone Creamery. Hands down. Cake flavored ice cream mixed in with gummi bears, Reese’s cups and strawberries, with sprinkles on top. Because you’re never too old to order like a four year old.

  • dotdotdot

    I was wondering about a 12345 or some extra juice BI’s since the upgrade made me experience the first signs of detox. Today I almost fell asleep with boredom. Looking forward to the treats tomorrow! I love you for rewarding your loyal readers. Unfortunately I am one of those alien creatures that does not like to eat ice cream –> sensitive teeth… :(

    • Hi Dot – We’re lucky to have such loyal readers! If it helps, you didn’t miss any gossip. It’s slow in July and Aug compared to the rest of the year. Love, BG

  • Mpaige

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sugar free/ fat free sweet cream from Coldstone!!! add some coconut and banana and I am a happy lady!!!

  • dc gossip girl xoxo

    Ghiardelli, and I would order 2 chocolate covered strawberries, one for me and one for whoever fixed the BG page!!! Missed you BG–xoxoxo…

  • AK

    Cold Stone creeps me out. If I want some ice cream mixed up, I’ll do it myself, Pee Wee Herman style (that’s not something dirty–there was an ice cream soup episode). So, it’s a Baskin Robbins sundae with cookies & cream and cookie dough, hot fudge, no nuts.

  • Aninha

    Crap, I’m on a diet :(
    I want to be as hot as Jillian Michales!

  • LoveBlindGossip

    BK…chocolate and pb ice cream. What is better than chocolate that melts in your mouth with pb swirl? Nada!

  • repeat offender

    Baskin Robbins!!! Gimme a Banana Royal with Strawberry, Pistachio Almond and Vanilla. And don’t forget the hot fudge whip cream and a Cherry!!!!

  • repeat offender

    oh and yes!!!

  • MB

    Wow, your ice cream places sound sooo good! I don’t think I’ve ever had anything more exotic than a banana split :(

  • SheShe

    Definately Baskin Robbins because we don’t have the other two by us (that I know of). I’d get the mint chocolate chip.

  • Inquiring Mind

    COWS!!! (on PEI, in Canada)
    I’d get the New York Cheese Cake Ice Cream on a chocolate and nuts covered waffle cone!

  • whoknows

    Baskin Robbins, Rocky Road!! thanks BG :)

  • annie

    Cold Stone and I’d order the Mud Pie Mojo. Yum!

  • Danielle

    Um… you guys totally forgot to put pinkberry as an option! I’d choice them over anything :) The pomegranate with mangos and blackberries?! To die for :):):):)

  • Candice

    I love you, BG!!!
    Baskin Robbins chocolate fudge :)

  • The Ween

    Cold Stone – I’ve been very, very good (lately:) ) I’d give my left arm for some “legal” sweet cream ice cream – yummy!!

  • JJ

    Cold Stone – Cake batter + sprinkles + yellow cake + strawberries! YUM!!

  • Lisa

    Coldstone creamery….anything would be good, I’m dieting…..mmmm ice cream…lol

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Well, I’ve only ever heard of Baskin’ Robbins, and I’m not impressed with them. I’d rather go to Ben & Jerrys because I’m pretty sure their ice cream is laced with crack (not dissimilar to Pringles…grrrr!)

    Anyway, ice cream just gives me bellyache so probably best if I don’t go! Can I have a sackful of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups instead?

  • db

    Anything chocolate

  • clementine

    Baskin Robbins – hot fudge brownie sundae. I ate one every day for a week when I was in college and alone in the dorm right after graduation. I out on 5lbs in a week! LOL

  • anonymous

    Cold Stone! Sweet Cream ice cream with toasted pecans mixed in! (anything goes with it, really, but I am a nut!)

  • Crizzle

    Ghirardelli and one of everything on the menu!! I scream, you scream, we all scream for iceee creammmm.

  • Funbag

    Cold Stone Creamery – Coffee Lovers

  • Scribe

    Right about now I would love some Baskin Robbins chocolate peanut butter ice cream, dripping with some hot sweet fudge, topped with delictable whipped cream to lick sprinkled with walnuts to much and a big ole sweet cherry.

    i think imminna to fall back and dream of eating all that! mmmmmmmmm

  • deadindetroit

    nothing say a good time like “apple pie a la coldstone” and a fat girl………

  • Violet Beauregard

    I would proudly order the PB&C milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery in the “Gotta Have It” size. It’s a divine chocolate & peanut butter concoction and supposedly has 2010 calories. Who cares — it’s heaven on earth!

  • NAY

    Cold Stone- ‘Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some’ with some scandalous gossip sprinkled on top! Thanks BG!

  • Mmmmmm…..Let’s see..maybe I can pull on your heart strings, my dear BG…My little one is starting kindergarten in two weeks, and if I won that gift certificate, I would pick him up after his first day at school, drive over to Cold Stone Creamery, and actually allow him to get that god awful flavor known as Bubble Gum…he would add gumballs and gummy bears to it, and probably anything else that screams “artificial flavors and colorings.” I, lactose intolerance and all, would sit across from him, eagerly awaiting details about his first day of school while devouring a cup of their “German Chocolate Cake” ice cream. For those of you not fortunate enough to have experienced that flavor yet- well, let’s just say that it is a perfectly acceptable substitute for sex. Rich chocolate ice cream, chunks of chocolate cake, a caramel swirl laced with coconut AND pecans. DEFINITELY worth the next 24 hrs I’m sure to be racing to the bathroom!

  • Cuddlebutt

    Coldstone. The cheesecake flavor with the graham cracker crust with strawberries and blueberries!


    Ahhh, tough choice. I could go for a cake batter ice cream topped with strawberries, bananas and nuts from Coldstone. Yummmmmm!
    Can I just thank you for asking me what *I* want, BG? I’m a married mother of a toddler and honestly, by the time I get around to ordering for myself, I have a gallon and pint sized mess behind me. pun very much intended :)

  • Karla

    I would go to Baskin Robbins and get a banana split with german chocolate cake, pistachio almond, and very strawberry with hot fudge and a cherry on top. (Honestly, I would go to all three stores and pig out on the first thing I saw, but I am PMS’ing, so there you go. )

  • loveleephilly

    Hey BG Im usually a silent reader but I had to answer this.
    I have non of those above since I live on the Island of Jamaica but I would love to have a Devon House Icecream with a scoop of cookies and cream and a scoop of Devon Stout on a sugar waffle cone. hmmmm now Im hungry.

  • DC Reader

    Ghiradelli, because that would mean I was in Disney World. The only Ghiradelli I am aware of is at the Downtown Disney stores. I would order the chocolate peanut butter delight.

  • Donna

    Wow, BG, what a treat. I am a HUGE Carvel fan. My favorite is a vanilla brown bonnet in a sugar cone. I too have very sensitive teeth, but they hurt so good when I eat this confection. I also like Baskin and the vanilla milkshake does it for me. I know vanilla is boring but I LOVE it.

    • Hi Donna – Since you’re a Carvel fan, perhaps you could help us. Could you please tell us if Fudgie the Whale still has multiple personality disorder? Just how many characters does he turn in to? Love, BG

  • stinkweed

    Cold Stone. GermanChocolateCake style, “Love It” sized in the freaking awesome chocolate-covered-waffle-cone-of-death. The one with the graham crackers pressed into the chocolate.



  • NYCRepublican

    Baskin Robbins provided they promise to take their commercials off the air where they just scream “ice cream and cake” repeatedly for 30 seconds…that commercial makes me want to rip my fingernails off

    • NYCRepublican

      and i would order $20 worth of mint chocolate chip in ice cream cones, all for myself and no one else

    • NYC – LOL. We get up and dance every time that Baskin Robbins commercial is on! “Ice cream and cakey cake! Ice cream and cakey cake!” Love, BG

    • maurav

      Just heard that commercial for the first time today, and I still can’t get the damn chant out of my head!!!

  • OC

    Baskin Robbins- Daquiri Ice :-)

  • GERI

    So want to try Cold Stone Creamery. My kids say it is the best. I haven’t met a flavor I didn’t love or grow to love with enough spoonfuls.

  • Donna

    Most specialty cakes are a derivative of one of our favorites, FTW. Easter Bunnies, football cakes, valentine hearts, all victims of the multiple personality disorder you speak of. I can still hear the late great Tom Carvel in his gravely voice touting FTW. Brings back fond memories of the good ole days.

  • ladylove

    coldstone!~ chocolate waffle bowl with peanuts, aaaand, rocky road ice cream with cashews, gummy bears, and pistachios!!

  • Bex

    BASKIN ROBBINS – Cappucino Blast. Ask for extra capp mix, churned vanilla ice cream (lower fat content ;P), whipped cream, and cinnamon! MmmmmHmmm!

  • iLoveMichaelK

    I love Dairy Queen….does that count? A turtle pecan waffle cone

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Ghiradelli – Cookie Bottom Sundae – They should make a special line of jeans called Cookie Bottom Sundae with ample room for the fat * I’ll have after eating one!

  • lolzer

    I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! <3 Aww!

    I would go to Coldstone, and order a Strawberry Blonde…*sigh* the only girl who ever really loved me. Hahaha! I’d also ask them to sing my favorite Coldstone jingle (to the tune of Hollaback Girl): Few times you’ve been around Coldstone, ’cause they put my ice cream in a waffle cone, and I don’t like Baskin Robbins, I don’t like Baskin Robbins! 😀

  • Ms_x

    Oh gawd, just thinking of Banana Ice cream with walnuts and chucks of milk chocolate mixed makes my naughty parts tingle!
    Stone cold for Cold Stone!

  • Donna

    OMG, BG, almost forgot the iconic Cookiepus, another FTW biproduct…how could I?

  • Lizzard

    Cold Stone Creamery is the most amazing place I have ever been in my life. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be their Cake Batter Ice Cream with carmel sauce, M&Ms,Kit Kat’s, and Snickers. I think I just died and went to heaven, my mouth is watering so bad right now I could possibly drown.

    I’ve been on a diet however and have lost 55 pounds since Feb and I have a slight intolerance to milk and usually get sick after eating any full fat ice cream, but it would SO be worth it! I’ll take that cheat day with open arms!

  • Sundaeg1rl

    By the way, I know it’s lame to be SundaeG1rl and get the bellyaches from sundaes…but the name came before the affliction!

    Anyway, you won’t pick me because I’m not Amerkin and can’t redeem for icecream from across the pond! (even though you should…hehe…)

    P.S. I’ve used that sundae pic as my avatar in the past!

  • Dina

    Coldstone by far! I would order a strawberry banana rendezvous with extra berries (straw and blue). I’d ask for it to be $20 BIG!! Ahhh I’m already picturing myself with ice cream whiskers!!

  • d

    i’ll take coldstone birthday cake flavor with hot fudge gossip on top

  • A

    Yes for BG12345!

    Coldstone! I either get the Cookie Minster or the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip. I recommend them both.

  • Cocoa

    I’d go to Baskin Robbins and get their gold medal ribbon 3 scoops. Mmmm……divine!

  • Candi

    Coldstone FTW!! Cake batter ice cream with chocolate syrup–yum!!

  • Nick

    This thread is kind of evil. I’m just imagining all those starving celebrities reading you lot go on and on about so many sinful, calorie-loaded pleasures… I bet at least two of them have passed out and a dozen are shaking their heads in contempt at you bunch of unrestrained savages.

  • BootsieGee

    I would have to go for ColdStone – Strawberry Blonde Man – I mean sundae with a cherry on top (hehe I said top).

  • Bigmama

    I would drive all the way to Coldstone (it is 45 min away) and get the death by chocolate or whatever is close to that! ( I am newly pregnant again, so I ALWAYS want icecream) Thanks for putting it in my head BG….:)

  • AJ

    Looking forward to the BG12345, but is it just me or is the site loading very slowly? Don’t tell me the new server has had a gossip overload already?! Light-weight!!!!

  • mgt

    New to the site–what is a BG12345?

  • BunBunny

    Yes please to the BG12345!! Thanks for the rewards BG!!!

    A big vote to Coldstone from me!! I am from Canada, and we don’t have it here. On my honeymoon in Hawaii last year, my new hubby and I had a Coldstone at the bottom of our hotel and we fell in love…with the ice cream!! My fave: of course in a waffle bowl (chocolate covered, no less!) was the cookie dough mixed with Reese Peanut Butter cups! They had $1 donations to the United Way posted on the wall, so we would donate and read all the messages from people all over the world who had visted and also donated. Can’t wait to make another trip to the USA and find myself another ColdStone! :o)
    Love ya BG!! You make the workday so much more bearable!!

    • Thanks for your nice note, Bun! Love, BG

    • bertie22

      BunBunny, you are in luck. I work at Tim Hortons and we have just started a campaign with Coldstone. They have changed a few tim hortons locations to include a Coldstone Creamery counter and it is A. MAZ. ING.
      my fave is the cake batter with cookie dough

  • Penny_lane

    RITE AID ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mint and chip!!!! I know it is not an option but I must be true to my RITE AID ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracie

    Yes! Cold Stone is the only one of the three around these parts – and it’s delish!! Thanks for serving up the sweets with your sugar!

  • Laurie

    Baskin Robbins – 2 scoop sundae with mint chip ice cream

  • IHeartBG

    It has to be Stone Cold with a BIG BG scoop of birthday cake with a chewie brownie mixed in.
    Darn it! My mouth is watering. :o)

  • Kiki

    Of course we want a 12345!
    I’ve only been to Baskin Robbins once I was 7. We don’t have any of those places around here. BOO CANADA BOO.
    So… I would get a mint oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

  • Beleive it

    hello bg, thank god these temptations aren’t weekly and during the summer months? Oh the horror I’m about to strech my target bathing suit out- have mercy! Anyway I really really hope I can score this giftcard so then I score a date and then I can tell u all about it! Over icecream! The ultimate girltalk equalizer!! Fingers crossed. Ps I’m lonely so hook it up! Pps. I’m hungry again..

  • d

    today was so gossip filled, it was like bg12345678910437648326487328482!

  • maurav

    BG, I’d take that Original Ghiradelli sundae in your pic! But I’d request the dark chocolate hot fudge sauce.

    It is so sinfully delectable that (although I’ve sworn it off during May-August) I would stand in the gawd-awful summer line to get into that cramped little shop, right there in the heart of SF’s greatest tourist trap. Dutifully, I would sit in the overly warm dining room between the screaming kids and overzealous travelers who unknowingly elbow one another while scampering for a table for four, to seat their family of twelve. And amid the chaos, as I took that first amazing spoonful of Ghiradelli decadence, I’d toast you and your delicious gossip.

  • lize

    Ghirardelli’s Butterscotch Sundae, hands down the best sundae I’ve ever had.