It Girl Cares About Lineage and Lines

coc1StyleList – Which it girl with a prominent lineage, famous for her friendship with a gay designer, is infamous for sitting down with that designer and three friends and being offered first dibs on five lines of cocaine? After sucking up all five lines, she threw back her head and announced: “Momma’s here!”

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  1. RocketQueen says

    If it were a Brit (the two answers above), wouldn’t it be “Mummy’s here!”? 😉

  2. G G says

    Lydia Hearst models and has designed for Heatherette and is friends with Richie Rich. She is heir to the Hearst publishing fortune and Patty Hearst’s daughter. And she is known for being a wild party girl.

  3. Sundaeg1rl says

    Lily Allen. She’s been slagging it up on a boat with Kate Moss this week. I’m sure it’s been chazbaps all round!

  4. MizFabulous says

    Folks, when you see the words “prominent lineage”, 99 times out of 100 it does NOT refer to the child of an actor/actress or celebrity athlete. It refers to the child of a well-known wealthy family, famous for its business pursuits, or many generations of family wealth. It does not usually refer to the nouveaux riche in entertainment circles. They are seldom considered “prominent” or even desirable lineage.

  5. ALLisFAIR says

    brooke shields? her imdb mentions some wealthy as well as royal family members, plus there’s that whole scandal with keifer sutherland and the gay designer.

  6. Cat says

    Sofia or Lydia….just can’t figure out which one…but I am leaning towards Sofia because of the momma thing

  7. HelloGoodbye says

    Peaches Geldof is best friend with Jeremy scott, and that’s something she would definitely do