Mommy Missed the Big Popcorn Flick Audition

popcorn-1CDAN – It is not quite up to the same level as Coke Mom, but I definitely think this mom is headed in that direction. The reason I say it isn’t as bad as Coke Mom is because this divorced C+/B- movie and television actress who has had some very meaty roles doesn’t actually use coke in front of her child as far as I know. I mean she might but her child is a little older than Coke Mom’s child so would probably remember it. Our actress has always had a very solid career. If you saw her you would know her instantly even if you didn’t know her name. The problem is that her coke use has got so out of hand that she missed three straight auditions for what would have been her biggest role to date. She would have been the lead in a popcorn flick but instead it went to someone else and so now our actress is stuck in a movie no one is going to see, playing essentially the same character she always plays.

Oh, and since you read this far, if you see a picture of Coke Mom lately she has the crazy eyes. Those big huge how the hell do pupils get that big kind of look. Oh, and forget trying to talk to her. She can’t stand in one place for longer than about 30 seconds.

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