Mommy Missed the Big Popcorn Flick Audition

popcorn-1CDAN – It is not quite up to the same level as Coke Mom, but I definitely think this mom is headed in that direction. The reason I say it isn’t as bad as Coke Mom is because this divorced C+/B- movie and television actress who has had some very meaty roles doesn’t actually use coke in front of her child as far as I know. I mean she might but her child is a little older than Coke Mom’s child so would probably remember it. Our actress has always had a very solid career. If you saw her you would know her instantly even if you didn’t know her name. The problem is that her coke use has got so out of hand that she missed three straight auditions for what would have been her biggest role to date. She would have been the lead in a popcorn flick but instead it went to someone else and so now our actress is stuck in a movie no one is going to see, playing essentially the same character she always plays.

Oh, and since you read this far, if you see a picture of Coke Mom lately she has the crazy eyes. Those big huge how the hell do pupils get that big kind of look. Oh, and forget trying to talk to her. She can’t stand in one place for longer than about 30 seconds.

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55 comments to Mommy Missed the Big Popcorn Flick Audition

  • Sundaeg1rl

    I hope this isn’t Jennifer Coolidge. I love her! I don’t know if she’s got a kid or whatever, but that’s my semi-edumacated guess.

  • hmmmm

    Anne Heche? Isn’t she going to be in that Ashton Kutcher movie?

  • Sandra

    i’m thinking locklear

      • hmmmm....

        “You’d know her instantly even if you didn’t know her name?” Who doesn’t know Locklear’s name? And Heche’s kid is too young to understand; he’s 4ish. Sounds like the kid is over 10-12 years.

  • jaariel

    Kate Hudson!!!

  • hoodratstuff

    Locklear came to mind immediately! the pupil reference brings to mind her recent mugshot!

    • hmmmm....

      Read the last paragraph of the blind carefully: It says if you’ve read this far … “Coke Mom’s got the crazy eyes” not the subject of this BI.

  • JoeSez

    Locklear – no ’cause she’s DOB’61, seems too old to be lead in a popcorn flick. Like which one?

    She has great name recognition, “Heather be thy name”

    Has well documented problems, not sure she’s flyinh under the radar to land a great role with her well publicized problems.

  • AA

    Wouldn’t everyone know Locklear’s name instantly? It says you would recognize her face even if you didnt know her name. I think HL’s name is pretty much known to everyone unless you are very young maybe?

  • Leigh

    Debra Messing

    • Leigh

      Just reread the blind. Of course it’s not her. Son is too young…not divorced, etc. Here’s an idea: Virginia Madsen. She was born in 1961, divorced Billy Campbell, and has a son with Antonio Sabato Jr. who was born in 1994.
      What do you think?

      • AA

        Love the Virginia Madsen guess. She is not currently married. She is definitely someone who people may not know her name right off. This one has my vote.

    • maybe...

      i think she is still married…

    • Alex

      Isn’t she the main suspect for the “Coke Mom” blinds, either her or Angie Harmon

  • Leigh

    Valerie Bertinelli?
    Marg Helgenberger?

  • Yea

    Kate Beckinsale? She instantly popped into my mind and her daughter is around 9 or 10 years old. Her and her director divorced very secretly also

    • i suck at blind items

      where did you see that they divorced? i wasn’t able to find anything about that. I knew they were having trouble a while back.

      • Catiebug

        Divorce rumors haven’t been confirmed or denied. It would serve her right though after what she did to Michael Sheen… karma will always find ya.

  • Yea

    Also while filming Underworld she and her real life bf/baby’s father Michael Sheen (the guy who played Lucian) split. She left him for the director of Underworld and now they are divorced. Maybe this is her.

  • Gitano

    But does Beckinsale qualify as a TV actress? She’s only movies, I think. At least she hasn’t done any notable TV in America, I don’t think. Maybe in Britain. I’m still not convinced, though.

    • Gitano

      Can’t help but think that “meaty” is a clue. But having looked over all the movies due to be released between now and December, I can’t figure it out. Maybe the movie is coming later, or just now being filmed.

  • Eric Shinn

    Marcia Gay Hardon

  • been there done that

    what makes a “popcorn flick”?

  • Phil

    Marcia Gay Harden’s married, lives in NY and is still doing Gods of Carnage.

  • Jillylicious


  • iLoveMichaelK

    not related but who is “Coke Mom”

  • plum

    sherylin fen ,the brunette of “twin peaks” who looked alike young Elizabeth taylor?

  • Achebe

    I know this is a longshot but for some reason I can only think of Denise Richards. She was a Bond girl… and always seems to play the same type of roles

    • Corinna_Bella

      Ah she is the first person who came to mind with me also, except that she has two girls and they are quite young.

  • Gitano

    Kim Basinger is in a movie, The Burning Plain, coming out soon along with Charlize Theron. Theron doesn’t meet the requirements of the blind, but Basinger does. Famously divorced, 14-year old daughter (only child), solid but not stellar career. The only thing is it seems her name is fairly well-known. But she is certainly only B-C list, so . . .

    That’s the best I can come up with right now. Wonder what the “popcorn” flick this person missed out on is? Something for next summer I assume.

  • stephy

    coke mom is kate moss. her daughter’s name is ella, but I’m not sure how old she is.

    • AA

      Coke mom is married with more than one child. Kate Moss’s daughter’s name is Lila. Not arguing that she is not a coke mom but not THE coke mom.

      • maurav

        I just said the same thing above! Great minds…
        (Stephy, I thought KM was CM also.)

      • maurav

        AA – above it says Coke Mom has one child. (“her child is a little older than Coke Mom’s child.”) Where’d you get the idea that Coke Mom is married and has more than one child?

  • Shona

    Oh God when you said Crazy Eyes I think BRITNEY is coke mom! This just CANT be!

  • Jessie

    Stephy, Kate Moss’s daughter’s name is Lila, not Ella.

  • A Fellow Mick

    “Meaty” = “Hung”

  • hmmm

    I think Crazy Eyes is Denise Richards.