Talented Actress Adopts An Extreme Diet

woman-eating-fruitBlindGossip – Which actress has resorted to extreme dieting to drop some extra weight? She may have gotten a little depressed after her last film didn’t do well, because she stopped exercising and started eating foods that would normally never pass her lips. Her diet plan now consists of less than 1000 calories a day of organic fruits and vegetables and a special soy drink. She is also exercising several hours a day in an extremely hot environment. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to us.

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63 comments to Talented Actress Adopts An Extreme Diet

  • Karmen

    Reese Witherspoon..

  • been there done that


    • Beans

      Gwynnie’s last movie Two Lovers didn’t go so well, even though the showed her boobies in the film. She was unsure about her boobs and had to be assured by others, especially James Gray (Director) that her boobs we’re public-view-worthy. Film bombs. Depression sets in. Eating commences. Clothes get a bit tight. Now it’s “cleanse” time! Mostly liquid diet, sweating out toxins in heat/humidity while exercising. After all is said and done it becomes fodder for her vapid website. Nourish the inner aspect, my ass.

      • been there done that

        shockingly she admitted to “enjoying life” for a good month recently and now she’s BACK ON THE CLEANSE!!! good for her (stfu, gwYn. i bet her real name is khriystylle dawnh)
        plus she’s married to that utter turd, martin and she’s friends with madonna….that’d make anyone depressed.

        also she got ditched by pitt and martin won’t let it go. POORPOORGOOPY

  • Leonie

    Was going to say Hayden Pantyliner, but she isn’t talented so it can’t be her.

  • Me

    Maybe I’m jaded, but that diet hardly sounds extreme? Anyway, I’m going with Jennifer Aniston, I read she’s into bikram yoga. Movie that didn’t do well was ‘He’s just not that into you’.

  • cojo

    Catherine Zeta-Jones? I thought she’s looked a little more heavy lately and is “recipe for disaster” a hint for her last movie (No Reservations) she played a chef?

  • plum

    Christian Bale is a talented actress(LOL),Terminator isn’t a success,Public Enemies is great(but not a good success),he’s very thin and not healthy this day

    • Christina

      yeah that is for a role he is playing…very funny by the way, not the role the guess…but he is playing a crack head…and we all know how method he is, so once again he has starved himself to death.

  • Frog2

    Kirsten Dunst. Not that she does yet look that plump but…and she hides these days.

  • Christina

    I am going with Gwen Paltrow, too, because she seems like she may get obsessesd with diet and exercise…although what movie was it that didn’t do well?

    • KimiD

      Two Lovers, or whatever the name of the film she did with Joaquin???

      • Christina

        Wow i never have even heard of it…that is bad!!! Just cause I am a movie and film nut so I usually keep up on what is being released…did it go straigh to DVD?

      • plum

        “Two lovers “is a very good movie about a guy fallen in love with 2 women.if you like a sad love story,this movie is for you.And Paltrow is good in this movie

  • Yan

    Nicole Kidman = talented actress, Australia BOMBED in North America, there’s been pics of her lately exercising like a mad woman

  • Yan

    This also sort of sounds like Angelina Jolie ‘adopts new diet’ — adopts being a clue and ‘food that would never pass her lips’ — lips being the clue? Hmmmmm…. Last movie, um the Changling? Although, I must say I personally loved that movie.

    • SJ

      I think it was Wanted.

    • My2cents

      Yan, I think you are right about “adopts” being a hint but AJ has been getting flak for being too thin lately so I don’t think it’s her…are there any other actresses known for adopting?

    • Christina

      Wait that is a good guess and I think I am with you on this one, Changeling was a disappointment and she is looking skinny and wearing a lot of baggy dresses, which is a sure sign of bad body image…I hope she gets over it…but it tells you no matter who you are the person voted the most beautiful in the world or the chick down the hall…we all have body issues.

      • luvd80s2

        Changeling was not a disapointment, It got alot of awards and she got an Oscar nod, plus It was filmed in my little city of San Dimas! plus Wanted made alot of money, If you look at pics of her when she was younger she looks the same, so Im gonna go with Goopy Girl, since she’s adopted the vegan lifestyle ever since she got preggers with Apple!

  • GuyIncognito

    Julia Roberts

  • Bigmama

    ooooh, I like the Nicole Kidman guess. Where is she filming, it said “hot environment”.

  • Lassie

    So the answer to bad box office is to starve and exercise yourself to a skeleton? Is looking like a concentration camp victim going to draw the crowds to your crappy movies????

    Here’s the solution – turn yourselves into Daniel Radcliffe, or a Transformer.

    I’ll go with Paltrow. I can just see her fretting and thinking, yeah, start a new diet, that’s the ticket. After all, she doesn’t have much else to do.

  • Ms. Davis to you

    Also Fishy Paltrow was in the ‘talented’ mr. ripley

  • SJ

    Angelina Jolie wore her hair short like the photo in Girl Interrupted, she is widely considered talented (love her or hate her) and she is certainly known for extremes. A person with her history of drug use and cutting would probably be likely to have food issues, as well, and we all know how scary skinny she has been in the past. She looked heavier to me at Cannes this year. How did her last movie (Wanted?) do at the box office?

    • SJ

      my bad, I think her hair was super short in Hackers, not Girl Interrupted.

      • Christina

        Wanted did really well it was also not just her movie with Morgan Freeman and James Macavoy and the other guy…what was his name??, but Changeling bombed.

    • anjasmomma

      I agree she looked heavier to me at Cannes as well.

      • luvd80s2

        She looked the same to me, Changeling did not make alot of money but got great reviews from crittics and the press. It’s not her it’s Fishy sticks paltrow, Iron Man 2 she shares the screen with ScarJo who plays the Black Widow and looks HOT! Me thinks It’s Fishy!

  • KatieC

    What about Renee Zellweger? Her last film about going to Minnesota didn’t do so well.

  • LadyE

    What about Katie Holmes? She has adopted kids with Tom, the girl in the pic has her hair, and her last movie certainly didn’t do well.

  • Ally

    Wanted and Changeling were both successful. Changeling got her an oscar nomination, and Wanted made over 300 million worldwide. Last year the news said Jolie made box office gold bc her 3 movies grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide. I’m pretty sure this isn’t her.

    Probably Gwen, I’m sick of her

    • Christina

      Changeling was not a box office sucess and it got terrible reviews, and although I am a huge fan of hers, the movie was slow moving and her acting was missing something it usually has…edge. I loved Wanted, but when someone known for their actual talent who is terribly insecure and has had past serious drug and cutting issues fails at something they usually excel at, they may react in a dramatic and unhealthy way by thinking that if they were better looking, skinnier or something that they would be more successful and we all know how brutal hollywood is. It isn’t a stretch to think it is her, especially with how skinny she can get.

  • jassica

    Doubt this is Fishsticks, she’s pregnant again so I doubt she’s dieting and exercising several times a day.

  • Evelyn

    Totally Gwen! “recipe for disaster” = Pepper Potts reference?
    and the fact that in the picture the laydee is surrounded by fruit, and her daughter is called Apple (God help her)

  • Nan

    Gwyn has looked more or less the same all the time. No signs of eating more and exercising less.

    Could it be Hilary Duff? She has been looking a bit heavier lately and perhaps has now started to do something about it.

  • blankety blank

    5’4″ and 110 pounds is a little underweight. And most people would need some 1500-2000 calories to be sufficient for the day.

  • The food intake is great, though there are too least of calories. And the exercise is too much overwhelming.

  • LC

    This is definitely without a doubt Gwyneth. I had heard that she was exercising a ridiculous amount everyday…and was spending 3 hours or more in the gym. THey were saying it was too much, and friends were getting worried. Then on her Goop website, she talked about how she was eating anything she wanted and was gaining weight for “living it up”, but was now ready to get back on track with her cleansing. The cleansing program was lots of liquids and all this stuff most people have never heard of. No dairy…but tofu and soy instead. Hey…I can’t stand Gwyn, but she is human and everyone has there ups and downs in life. There are times when we take care of ourselves, and there are times when we fall off track.

  • 1000 calories a day with lots of hot exercise, ouch! She wont last long on that regime!

  • recipe for disaster for sure
    burn out coming up.

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