Golden Globe Guy Seeks Fast Food Gig

hamburger-2CDAN – What former Golden Globe Best Actor nominee has fallen so far down the acting ladder that earlier this week he was forced to audition against 50 other actors for a fast food commercial?


It’s Tom Hulce. Source: CDAN

tom hulce 2tom hulce 1Tom Hulce was certainly bound for superstardom after playing Mozart in Amadeus. In addition to his Golden Globe nomination, he has also been nominated for an Oscar and a Tony. He now lives a quiet life up in Seattle. We  would love to see Tom Hulce in some meaty (but non-hamburger), high-profile roles again, and would personally volunteer to give him a makeover. Hey, a shave, a box of Just for Men, and a couple hours in the weight room, and BG will have him Oscar-ready in no time!

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