TV Girl Can Huff and Puff Simultaneously

woman-smoking-3BlindGossip – We were out hiking on a remote section of popular hiking trail last week when we turned a corner and ran into the female star of a well-known TV drama. Having had some business dealings in the past, we stopped to exchange a few words. While we were standing there chatting, the celeb lit up a cigarette. My friend asked her if she usually smoked while exercising. Without hesitation, she responded that if smoking was bad for her heart and walking was good for her heart, she figured that if she did the two simultaneously that they would cancel each other out and she would be healthy. It’s tough to argue with that kind of logic.

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38 comments to TV Girl Can Huff and Puff Simultaneously

  • GuyIncognito

    Katherine Heigl

  • eleian

    HAG-el is that delusional…

  • Song

    Oh the stupidity that must reside in a person to make such a comment. *sigh*

  • Rococo

    Kat Heigel …. so damn full of herself

  • Christina

    Wow how do people that stupid make it past high school without some tragic accident happening…this is when natural selection needs to kick in!

  • ll

    Any smoker, ever. Before I quit, I would walk out of the gym and immediately light up. Smoking = awesomely addictive, and addicts will tell themselves a lot of things.

  • ladymarmalade

    Yeah, probably Heigel.

    But the most interesting part of this blind is that BG says they have had business dealings with her in the past. Hmmm….

  • Kitty

    Question: I’m not familiar with Heigel, but the gossip sites’ readers don’t think much of her. Why?

    • Christina

      She says some really stupid and quite stuck up things, like she bashed Knocked Up which actual gave her a start in film and away from TV and she said and I quote “I don’t feel that the writting I was given this year was worthy of an Emmy nomination” Both insulting her show (Grey’s Anatomy) and its writers…and sounding like a complete self entitled d* bag…I think that may be some of the reason :)

    • Kiki

      She’s really bratty and wanted to leave Grey’s but then didn’t want to. She’s fickle and bratty and unprofessional.

      • Kitty

        Thanks! I really had no idea why.

      • Ruma

        Because you actually know her, right? Please. You know what you read on gossip sites. And we all know how reliable THOSE can be. No offense, BG. You’re reliable. Ha ha.

  • been there done that

    when i was younger, and entertained much more dangerous thinking, i used to think that people who thought stuff like this were like extras in the movie of life. somehow born unto this world without that certain essence that makes humans destined for greatness, intellectually albe or worthy of success. jebus how naive i was, hollywood’s full of them

    • Christina

      Wow that is a great way of looking at it…and yes it is full of them isn’t it, but maybe because the world is full of them, so if they are more attractive it seems to make the world of morons think they are special…that is my grown up theory!!

  • Leslie

    Hayden Panettiere

  • P

    Eh, I think she was joking.

  • Miranda

    I agree she was kidding…oh and Heigel sounds like a good guess. By the way, whats up with the scientology ads?

    • Nik

      Yeah, this. Isn’t BG pretty much founded on ripping on Scientologists (not that I have a problem with this…)?

      • Miranda

        Ya, big thumbs down to the creepy Scientology ads…has our beloved BG been infiltrated…gulp?

      • JustMe

        Not infiltrated, just happy to take the Scientologists’ advertising dollars, I imagine.
        Think about it: The Scientologists are helping to fund our addiction to this site that we love, so that we may enjoy it free of charge, and laugh at their followers.

        It’s so beautiful I am getting weepy!

  • miss dixie

    I actually think that’s a pretty decent joke in response to a fairly rude question.

    • word.

      100% agree.

    • MollySue

      Seconded. Given the dry sarcastic answer, I’d guess Heigl too. And unless your friend knows her personally as well, I hope she learned her lesson about lecturing complete strangers who are outdoors (unless of course it’s been exceptionally dry where you are and there is a fire hazard; then fire away 😉 )

      • Catiebug

        Agreed Molly Sue, anyone smoking on hiking trails in So Cal (if that’s where it is, cuz Heigl lives in LA), deserves a citation. Let’s ask all those people who lose their homes in human-instigated wildfires each year what they would say.

    • Celeste

      Me three but maybe BG’s friend was trying to be funny so she got a humorous answer in reply?

  • NYC

    I think KH was trying to be snarky. But to be snarky you have to be smart. KH does not strike me so much as smart but lucky & DNA to have the career she has today.

  • K

    christina applegate

  • OC

    Jessica Biel

  • lolzer

    ….business dealings? *gulp*

  • Isabella

    Hopefully she was joking. Wouldn’t that put strain on her heart?? I know plenty of ppl smoke after a workout (still bad) but during exercise???

  • Gossip Fanatic

    i think it was katherine heigel…and i think she was joking as well…

    on a side note….my friend waited on her at a restaurant and she could not believe how many cigs she smoked throughout the course of the meal…most she has EVER seen

  • Memo

    Kate Walsh. She is stupid enough.